For publically funded science, we adhere to the MRC’s requirement for timely data sharing, with the understanding that we expect to publish the majority of the data in peer-reviewed journals that demand that the data has not been published elsewhere. Following this period of exclusivity we will take all reasonable steps to share our data subject to any conditions imposed the sponsor (MRC and Oxford University). We are happy to communicate our research findings to wide range of audiences including, professional organisations, peer researchers, policy makers and the community. Unless prevented from doing so my IP issues we accept to be interviewed by the media, and to participate in discussion forums. All such activities will be considered and supported where possible. In discussing the outcomes of our research projects, expect us to take special care to explain the status of the project to minimise misunderstanding about research outcomes.

University policies and laws relating to ownership of copyright and other intellectual property apply to data that is used and created as part of research at the University of Oxford. The University policies relating to intellectual property may be found here:

In general, the University of Oxford owns intellectual property rights, including copyright, in research data originated by academic staff in the experimental neuropathology laboratory.

We will require that a data-sharing agreement is issued and signed by appropriate authorities before data are released or analyses are performed on behalf of the requester. Our data-sharing agreement will prohibit any attempt to (a) identify study participants from the released data or otherwise breach confidentiality, (b) make unapproved contact with study participants in accordance with MRC guidelines, which can be found at:

On a day-to-day basis, the head of the experimental neuropathology laboratory will make the decision on whether to supply research data to a potential new user. In cases where the data has been lodged in open access repositories, and where the investigators have decided to relinquish control we simply ask for the source of the data to be acknowledged. No personal details, or data where individual could be identified from our data will be made available. Where adjudication is required, requests for data will be considered by the Pharmacology Management Committee.

Please refer to the following pages for Institutional Information Policy, Data Security Policy, FOI and data protection:

Data Security Policy 

Institutional Information Policy


Data Protection: