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Biology is the search for the Chemistry that Works. --- Prof. R. J. P. Williams


In general, I am interested in Systems Biology, Bifurcation Analysis and Stochastic Processes. Specifically, I am involved in mathematical modeling (deterministic/stochastic) of signal transduction and transcriptional gene regulatory networks. Currently, I am trying to understand how photosynthetic bacteria sense light and oxygen signals. Further, how they integrate both signals and respond adequatly to changes in light and oxygen levels.


Since Jan 2013 PostDoc Department of Biochemistry/Oxford Cnetre for Integrative Systems Biology,University of Oxford, in group of   Prof. Judy Armitage  
Sep-Dec 2012 PostDoc Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany in group of   Prof. Kai Sundmacher
2012 PhD Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg / International Max Planck Research School, Magdeburg, Germany. Supervisor:   Prof. Marcus Hauser   Mentor:   Dr. Ronny Straube . Group:  Prof. Ernst Dieter Gilles   and   Dr. Steffen Klamt.
2008 M Tech Computational and Systems Biology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

Doctoral Thesis

Modeling the AppA/PpsR Signal Transduction System of Rhodobacter sphaeroides.


1. EMBO FellowsNet

2. Marie Curie Fellows Association "Researchers without frontiers"


1. EMBO Long Term PostDoctoral Fellowship 2012

2. Max Planck Society Fellowship during PhD

3. From Department of Biotechnology, Government of India during M. Tech.


3. An extended model for the repression of photosynthesis genes by the AppA/PpsR system in Rhodobacter sphaeroides
R. Pandey , D. Flockerzi, M. J. B Hauser and R. Straube (2012), FEBS J. 279, 3449-3461. [PDF]

2.Modeling the Light- and Redox-Dependent Interaction of PpsR/AppA in Rhodobacter sphaeroides
R. Pandey, D. Flockerzi, M. J. B Hauser and R. Straube (2011), Biophys. J. 100(10), 2347-2355. [PDF]

1. Synchronization of coupled repressilators via quorum sensing .
V. Singh, A . Mer, R . Pandey , A . Nandi, and R . Ramaswamy; International Workshop on Physics In Biology: A Synergy; Eds. P Lakshmi and V. Srivastava (Allied Publishers, Hyderabad, 2009) pp 117-125

Contact Details

Dr. Rakesh Pandey
Oxford Centre of Integrative Systems Biology
New Department of Biochemistry
South Parks Road, Oxford OX13QU, GB
Ph No:+441865 613 315
Email Id: rakesh.pandey@bioch.ox.ac.uk, drakeshpandey@gmail.com
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