An Annotated Catalogue of the Library Of Edmund Burke








Canones et Decreta ... Concilii Tridentini, etc., ed. J. B. Bozola (Antverpiae: Ex officina G. Silvii, 1564)      [86] 8º

Corpus Juris Canonici emendatum et notis illustratum: Gregorii XIII. jussu editum (Lugduni, 1591)               [146] 4º

Chronicon ex chronicis ab initio mundi ad annum Domini 1118 deductum, auctore Florentio Wigorniensi monacho. Accessit etiam continuatio ad annum Christi 1141, per quendam ejusdem c¦nobii eruditum. Nunquam antehac in lucem editum, ed. William Howard, Lord (Londini, 1592)       [147] 4º

Recopilacion de las leyes destos reynos: hecha por mandado de la Magestad Catolica del Rey Don Felipe Segundo... con las leyes que despues de la ultima impression se han publicado, por la Magestad Catolica del Rey Don Felipe Quarto el Grande nuestro señor., 3 vols. (Madrid: Barrio y Angulo, 1640)          [607] 2º

Fleta seu Commentarius juris anglicani sic nuncupatus, sub Edwardo rege primo seu circa annos abhinc CCCXL. ab anonymo conscriptus, atque è codice veteri, autore ipso aliquantulùm recentiori, nunc primùm typis editus. Accedit tractatulus vetus de agendi excipiendique formulis gallicanus, fet assavoir dictus. Subjungitur etiam Joannis Seldeni ad Fletam dissertatio historica (Londini, 1647)           [565] 4º

A collection of acts and ordinances of general use, made in the Parliament begun and held at Westminster the third day of November, anno 1640 and since, unto the adjournment of the Parliament begun and holden the 17th of September, anno 1656. and formerly published in print, which are here printed at large with marginal notes, or abbreviated: being a continuation of that vvork from the end of Mr Pulton¹s collection, ed. Henry Scobell (London, 1658)               [627] 2º

Poetæ minores Græci. Hesiodus, Theocritus, Moschus, Bion Smyrn. Simmias Rhod. Musæus, Theognis, Phocylides, Pythagoras, Solon, Tyrtæus, Simónides, Rhiânus, Naumachius, Panyasis, Orpheus, Mimnermus, Linus, Callimachus, Evenus Par. Eratosthenes, Menecrates, Posidippus, Metrodôrus [with] Observationes & lectiones ejuisdem, in Hesiodi operum & dierum, ed. Ralph Winterton (Cantabrigiæ, 1667)           [459] 8

Miscellanea curiosa, sive, Ephemeridum medico-physicarum Germanicarum Academiae Naturae Curiosarum, 15 vols. (Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1684) [368] 4

Ireland - A List of Payments to be made for Civil Affairs, to begin from the first day of Aprill, 1684, 2 vols. (1684)           [445, Manuscript] –

State tracts. In two parts. The first part being a collection of several treatises relating to the government, privately printed in the reign of King Charles II. The second consisting of a farther collection of several choice treatises relating to the government, from the year 1660. to 1689. Now published in a body, to shew the necessity, and clear the legality of the late revolution, and our present happy settlement under the auspicious reign of Their Majesties King William and Queen Mary... [together with] A collection of state tracts, publish¹d on occasion of the late revolution in 1688. And during the reign of King William III. ... To which is prefix¹d, the history of the Dutch war in 1672. Translated from the French copy printed at Paris in 1682. which was supprest at the Instance of the English Embassador, because of the Discoveries it made of the League betwixt the Kings of France and England for enslaving Europe, and introducing the Popish Religion into These Kingdoms, and the United Provinces, 5 vol. in 4 vols. (London, 1693-1707)    [625] 2º

Recueil des traitez de paix, de trêve, de neutralité, de suspension d'armes, de confédération, d'alliance, de commerce, de garantie, et d'autres actes publics, ed. Jacques Bernard, 4 vols. (Amsterdam: Henry et la veuve de T. Boom, 1700)                 [612, 'vol. 1 [only]'] 2º

The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments... together with the Psalter (Oxford, 1701)                [193, 'ruled, in blue morocco, gilt leaves'] 2

Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis: Sixti V. et Clementis VIII. Pont. Max. auctoritate recognita, versiculis distincta, una cum selectis annotationibus quibusque interpretibus excerptis, prolegomenis, novis tabulis chronologicis, historicis & geographicis illustrata, indiceque Epistolarum & Evangeliorum acta, ed. Jean-Baptiste Du Hamel (Parisiis: Apud Joannem Mariette, 1706)          [192] 2

Orders of the House of Lords (1710)           [445, 'Manuscript, in old red morocco, gilt leaves'] 8º

The tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, before the House of Peers, for high crimes and misdemeanors; upon an impeachment... begun in Westminster-Hall the 27th day of February, 1709/10, and from thence continued by several adjournmetns until the 23d day of March following. Published by order of the House of Peers (London, 1710)          [646] 2º

The tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, before the House of Peers, for high crimes and misdemeanors; upon an impeachment by the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses in Parliament Assembled, in the Name of themselves, and of all the Commons of Great Britain: begun in Westminster-Hall the 27th day of February, 1709/10, and from thence continued by several adjournments until the 23d day of March following. Published by order of the House of Peers (London, 1710)             [647, '2 vol.'] 2º

Carmina quadragesimalia ab Ædis Christi Oxon. alumnis composita et ab ejusdem ædis Baccalaureis determinantibus in schola naturalis philosophiæ publice recitata., eds Charles Este (vol. 1) and Antony Parsons (vol. 2), 2 vols. (Oxonii, 1723)        [85] 8º

The tryal of Thomas Earl of Macclesfield, in the House of Peers, for high crimes and misdemeanors; upon an impeachment by The Knights Citizens and Burgesses in Parliament assembled, in the Name of themselves and of all the Commons of Great-Britain. Begun the 6th Day of May 1725, and from thence continued by several Adjournments until the 27th Day of the same Month. Published by order of the House of Peers (London, 1725)                  [647] 2º

Tēs Kainēs Diathēkēs hapanta. Novum Testamentum (Londini, 1728)           [509, 'Tonson'] 8

Museum florentinum exhibens insigniora vetustatis monumenta quae Florentiae sunt, 12 vols. (Florentiae Nestenus et Moücke, 1731)            [582, 'in Museo Magni Ducis Etruriae, 7 vol. in 6, containing Ancient Gems, with the Observations on them, 3 vol. Statues, 1 vol. Ancient Coins, 3 vol. in 2, numerous plates'] 2º

Memoirs of affairs of state: containing letters, written by ministers employed in foreign negotiations, from the Year 1697, to the latter End of 1708. With Treaties, Memorials, and other Transactions, mentioned in the said Letters, ed. Christian Cole (London, 1733)                [205] 2

The koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed, translated into English immediately from the original Arabic; with explanatory notes, taken from the most approved commentators. To which is prefixed a preliminary discourse, trans. George Sale (London, 1734) [354] 4

Reports of cases taken and adjudged in the Court of Chancery, in the reign of King Charles I. Charles II. James II. William III. and Queen Anne, 3 vols. (London, 1736)       [215, 'Reports on Chancery Office Fees, 2 vol. manuscript'] 2

A complete collection of protests from the year M.DC.XLI. to the present year M.DCC.XXXVII. (London, 1737)           [65] 8º

The old whig: or, the consistent Protestant, ed. Benjamin Avery, 2 vols. (London, 1739)                [326] 8

An universal history, from the earliest account of time to the present: compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, chronological and other tables, 23 in 25 vols. (London, 1740-1764)               [655, 'with the additions'] 2º

Carmina quadragesimalia ab Ædis Christi Oxon. alumnis composita et ab ejusdem ædis baccalaureis determinantibus in schola naturalis philosophiæ publice recitata., ed. Charles Este (Londini, 1741)          [86, 'and various others'] 12º

Caribbeana. Containing letters and dissertations, together with poetical essays ... chiefly wrote by several hands in the West-Indies, etc., ed. Samuel Keimer, 2 vols. (London, 1741)      [148] 4º

The Catechism or Christian Doctrine by way of question and answer, trans. Andrew Donlevy (Paris, 1742)   [79] 12º

The history and proceedings of the House of Lords, from the Restoration in 1660, to the present time, ed. Ebeneezer Timberland, 8 vols. (London, 1742)                [462, 'vol. 1 to 3'] 8

A complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours; from the reign of King Richard II. to the reign of King George II, ed. S. Emlyn, 6 vols. (Third edition, with additions; London, 1742)           [626, 'vol. 3'] 2º

A select collection of old plays, ed. Robert Dodsley, 12 vols. (London, 1744)                [96, '12 vol. wanting vol. 7'] 12º

The constitution and government of the Germanic body. Shewing how this state has subsisted for three hundred years past, under the Emperors of the House of Austria. With an Account of I. The Dignity, Rights, Prerogatives, and Qualifications of the Emperor and the Electors. II. The Election and Coronation of the Emperor; and the Articles he is obliged to swear to. III. The Election of the King of the Romans. IV. The Ban of the Empire, and the Manner of deposing an Emperor. V. The Vicars of the Empire; the Circles, Dyets, Tribunals, and Councils. VI. The Evangelic Body; and it¹s Right to protect all those of the Empire, who suffer for the Protestant Cause. Compiled from the fundamental laws of Germany; the histories of the Empire, and the best authorities. Translated from the original (London, 1745)       [71] 8º

A collection of scarce and valuable tracts, on the most interesting and entertaining subjects: but chiefly such as relate to the history and constitution of these kingdoms. Selected from an infinite number in Print and Manuscript, in the Royal, Cotton, Sion, and other publick, as well as private libraries; particularly that of the late Lord Sommers. Revised by eminent hands, 4 vols. (London, 1748)                [559] 4º

A collection of poems in four volumes. By several hands., ed. Robert Dodsley, 4 vols. (London, 1755)           [97, 'vol. 2 to 6'] 8º

Carmina quadragesimalia, ab Ædis Christi Oxon. alumnis composita, et ab ejusdem ædis baccalaureis determinantibus in schola naturalis philosophiæ publice recitata, 2 vols. (Glasguæ [i.e. Oxford] Impensis A. et J. Henderson [i.e. William Jackson], 1757)     [87] 12º

The annual register, or a view of the history, politics, and literature for the year, ed. Edmund Burke, 26 vols. (London, 1759-1790)                 [17&19, 'Annual Register for various Years, between 1758 and 1790, 26 vol. and 1 vol. of Index, in all 27 vol.'] 8º

The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, ... together with the Psalter, ... (Baskerville's first edition; Cambridge, 1760)             [79] 8º

The world. By Adam Fitz-Adam, 4 vols. (Third edition; London: Dodsley, 1761)            [522, '3 vol.'] 8º

A collection of poems in six volumes. By several hands., ed. Robert Dodsley, 6 vols. (London, 1763)             [101] 8º

The statutes at large, from the thirteenth year of the reign of King George the third to the sixteenth year of the reign of King George the third, inclusive. To which is prefixed, A table of the titles of all the Publick and Private Statutes during that Time. With a copious index, ed. Owen Ruffhead, 12 vols. (London, 1763-1776)                  [558, '12 vol. and a duplicate of vol. 11, in all 13 vol.'] 4º

Museum rusticum et commerciale: or, Select papers on agriculture, commerce, arts, and manufactures., 4 vols. (London, 1764)  [316] 8

Fugitive pieces, On Various Subjects. By several authors. Vol. I. Containing I. Crito: or a dialogue on beauty. II. An account of the Emperor of China¹s gardens, near Pekin. III. Deformity. By William Hay, Esq. IV. Lucina sine concubitu. Addressed to the Royal Society. V. A Modest Defence of Gaming. VI. The Pretty Gentleman. Vii. The Polite Philosopher. Viii. Plan of an Essay on Delicacy., ed. Robert Dodsley, 2 vols. (London, 1765)                [101] 8º

Manuscript State Papers – Tripoli, Italy, Switzerland, &c. Drafts of Dispatches from the British Government to the English Ministers at Tripoli, in Various States of Italy, Switzerland, &c. in 1765 and 1766 (1765-1766) [633, This Volume contains some Letters from Gen. Conway to Sir Horace Man, Dutens, &c.'] 2º

Manuscript State Papers – England, Russia and Prussia. Drafts and Precis of Dispatches from the British Government to the English Ministers at Berlin, Sir G. Macartney and Sir A. Mitchell, from June 20th, to Dec. 19th, 1766, 2 vols. (1766)             [628, 'On the margins of many of the Drafts the passages are marked, which were to be written in Cypher, but which are here given at full length. These volumes contain some very curious historical information, amongst other things in a Letter addressed "To Sir G. Macartney, Most Secret," "His Majesty has long wished to see a League formed in the North to counterbalance the combinations of the Great Powers of the South. – The King of Prussia has been sounded, but has expressed a total Disinclination towards it." See also a curious hint relative to the intentions of Russia and Prussia towards Poland.'] 2º

Manuscript State Papers – Sweden. Drafts of Dispatches from the British Government to Sir J. Goodricke the English Minister at Stockholm, with Precis of his Correspondence, from June 3rd to Dec. 21st 1766 (1766)                 [629, 'The Dispatches are marked "Secret;" "Most Secret;" parts "in Cypher;" others "all in Cypher;" but here given at full length'] 2º

Manuscript State Papers – Denmark. Draft of Dispatches from the British Government to the English Minister in Denmark, with Precis of his Correspondence, from June 13th to Dec. 1766 (1766)                [630, 'Some of these are directed to be written in Cypher'] 2º

Manuscript State Papers – Poland and Dresden. Drafts of Dispatches from the British Government to the English Ministers in Poland and at Dresden, and Precis of Answers, from August to Dec. 1766 (1766)               [631, 'The first Letter strongly recommends the state of the Protestants to the notice of the King of Poland; some of the Letters are directed to be written in Cypher, but are here at full length.'] 2º

Manuscript State Papers – Hamburg and Cologne. Drafts of Dispatches from the British Government to the English Ministers at Hamburg and Cologne, and Precis of Answers, in 1766 2vols. (1766)              [632, 'Some parts are directed to be written in Cypher, but are here given at full length'] 2º

Manuscript Papers. Various Manuscript Papers in a Portfolio, about 1766; one, the Draft of a Dispatch from the Duke of Grafton censuring Sir G. Macartney for concluding a Treaty of Commerce with Russia without consulting his Court. An interesting 'Sketch of the State of the Correspondence of the Northern Secretary of State,' &c., &c. (1766)                [634, 'Lord Macartney's Commercial Treaty with Russia was afterwards universally allowed to be highly beneficial to Great Britain. – See Prior's Life of Burke, and Barrow's Life of Macartney'] 2º

Philosophical transactions. Giving some account of the present undertakings, studies and labours of the ingenious, in many considerable parts of the world. ... 6 vols. (London, 1767-1770, 1773)   [548] 4

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments (London: Mark Baskett, 1768)                 [116] 4º

A collection of all the treaties of peace, alliance, and commerce, between Great-Britain and other powers, from the revolution in 1688, to the present time., ed. John Almon, 2 vols. (London, 1772)                [60] 8º

Baratariana : A select collection of fugitive political pieces, published during the administration of Lord Townshend in Ireland (The second edition, corrected and enlarged; Dublin, 1773)              [41*] 12º

The proceedings at large in a cause on an action brought by Anthony Fabrigas, gent. against Lieutenant General John Mostyn... in the court of Common-Pleas, in Guildhall, London, on the 13th of July, 1773 (London, 1773)       [646] 2º

Minutes of the proceedings before the Lords committees for privileges, upon the several claims to the titles of Viscount Valentia, &c. Printed and Published by Leave of the House of Lords in Ireland (Dublin, 1773)      [657, 'red morocco'] 2º

Dictionnaire de l'Académie francaise, 2 vols. (Nouvelle ed.; Lyon, 1776)    [161] 4º

Choix des mémoires de l¹Academie Royale des Inscriptions, 3 vols. (Londres, 1777)   [366] 4

A general index to, or digest of seventeen volumes of the Journals of the Honourable House of Commons; from vol. XVIII. to XXXIV. inclusive; containing the period from the first year of King George the First, 1714, to the fourteenth year of King George the Third, ending with the dissolution of the Parliament, anno 1774 (London, 1778)          [68, 'Digest of Volume 1 of the Journals of the House of Commons'] 2º

A complete collection of all the marine treaties subsisting between Great-Britain and France, Spain, Portugal...&c. commencing in the year 1546, and including the definitive treaty of 1763. With an introductory discourse, explaining the Force and Meaning of the principal Articles, ed. William Harris (London, 1779)                  [60] 8º

Reports of the committees appointed by the General Court of the East-India Company, 7 vols. (London, 1781, &c.)       [605] 2º

Debates in the House of Commons, from Monday the 12th to Friday the 16th of January, 1784; ... containing, ... the very interesting debates upon ... Mr. Pitt¹s bill for regulating the territorial concerns of the East India Company: together with a correct copy of the bill. (London, 1784)             [105] 8º

Narrative of all the proceedings and debates in both Houses of Parliament on East-India affairs, in the present session; and particularly on the bill of the Right Hon. William Pitt, for the Better Regulation and Management of the Affairs of the East-India Company, and of the British Possessions in India; and for establishing a Court of Judicature for the more speedy and effectual Trial of Persons accused of Offences committed in the East Indies. To which is added a correct copy of the bill (London, 1784)     [228, 'and 7 odd volumes'] 8

The Parliamentary register: or, history of the proceedings and debates of the House of Commons of Ireland, the first session of the fourth Parliament in the reign of his present Majesty; which met the 14th of October, 1783, and ended the 14th of May, 1784, 10 vols. (Dublin, 1784)   [462, '6 vol.–vol. 1 wants a tiitle'] 8

The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, ... together with the Psalter ... (Cambridge: John Archdeacon, 1785)        [80] 12º

Mémoires pour le clergé de France, dans l'affaire des foi et hommages, et réponses de l'inspecteur du domaine (Paris: Desprez, 1785)         [431] 2

Original papers relative to the rights and pretensions of the Nabob of Arcot, and the Rajah of Tanjore, and to the demands of British subjects on the Nabob of Arcot (London, 1785)         [511, 'with some Manuscript Notes by Burke, 1785, and other Tracts in the Volume'] 8

Transactions in India, from the commencement of the French War in seventeen hundred and fifty-six, to the Conclusion Of The Late peace, in seventeen hundred and eighty-three. Containing a history of the British interests in Indostan, During A Period Of Near Thirty Years; Distinguished BY Two Wars With France, Several Revolutions And Treaties Of Alliance, The Acquisition Of AN Extensive Territory, And The Administration Of Governor Hastings, ed. John Moir (London, 1786)    [505] 8

Archaeologia: or, miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. Volume VIII (London, 1787)                  [112, 'The rare volume'] 4º

An authentic copy of the correspondence in India, between the country powers and the honourable the East India Company¹s servants; ... Together with the minutes of the Supreme Council at Calcutta. The whole forming a collection of the most interesting India-papers, which were laid before Parliament in ... 1786, 6 vols. (London, 1787)          [275, 'vol. 1, 2, 3, and 5, vol. 3 imperfect, with a few MS notes by Burke'] 8

The hĕĕtōpădēs of Vĕĕshnŏŏ-Sărmā, in a series of connected fables, interspersed with moral, prudential, and political maxims; translated from an ancient manuscript in the Sanskreet language. With explanatory notes, ed. Charles Wilkins (Bath, 1787)               [530] 8

The British chronologist : comprehending every material occurrence, ecclesiastical, civil, or military, relative to England and Wales, from the invasion of the Romans, 3 vols. (2nd edition; London, 1789)    [26] 8º

Transactions of the Society, instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (London, 1790)    [505, 'Transactions of the Society of Arts for 1790'] 8

Proceedings of the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa. (London, 1790)  [545] 4

The political state of Europe, for the year... Containing, an authentic and impartial narrative of every military operation of the present belligerent powers; and a correct copy of every state paper, declaration, manifesto, 4 vols. (London, 1792-1793)  [452, '4 vol. [first four of a series of ten?] and a duplicate of vol. 2, vol.2 and 3 have a few Ms. marginal references by Burke'] 8

A comparative display of the different opinions of the most distinguished British writers on the subject of the French revolution., 2 vols. (London: Debrett, 1793)     [61] 8º

Philanthropy repelling Delusion (1793)      [455, this volume untraced] 

A collection of state papers, relative to the war against France now carrying on by Great-Britain and the several other European powers, containing authentic copies of treaties, conventions, proclamations, manifestoes, declarations, memorials, ... 11 vols. (London: Debrett, 1794)  [58, 59, Item 59 sold separately: 'vol. 1, 2. and 3. Part II some passages underlined by Mr. Burke'] 8º

The Parliamentary register; or, history of the proceedings and debates of the House of Commons [together with] The Remembrancer, or Impartial repository of public events, ed. John Almon, -- vols. (London, --)       [462, '11 odd vol., in all 20 vol.'] 8

Stella's designs (--, --)                [616, 'plates, heightened by an Artist, and laid down in 1 vol.'] 2º

Manuscript Papers. Bazee Zemeen, Proceedings relative thereto, from May 31st 1782, to Jan. 31st 1791, 2 vol. Manuscript, and to Moorshedabad, from 1772 to 1774, Manuscript, in all 3 vol., 3 vols. (--)    [635] 2º

Manuscript Papers Relating to India. Proceedings of the Governor-General and Council in consequence of the Insurrection at Rungpore, 6 vols. (--)   [636] 2º

Manuscript Papers. Draft of a Letter drawn up by Burke for Lord Shelburne to send to Sir H. Man recommending Barry, the Painter, to his protection. Two Drafts of Letters of thanks to the Merchants and Town Clerk of Liverpool for the Freedom of that town. (--)              [637] 2º

Ordonnances, edits, declarations, arrests et lettres patentes, concernant l'autorité et al jurisdiction de la Chambre des comptes de Paris, 3 vols. (Paris, –)               [108, undated] 4º

¹ALI, SHARAF AL-DĪN, YAZDĪ. Histoire de Timur-Bec, connu sous le nom du grand Tamerlan; empereur des Mogols & Tartares... Ecrite en Persan par Cherefeddin Ali... traduite en François par... Petis de la Croix, trans. François Pétis de la Croix, 4 vols. (Paris, 1722)       [292] 12º

ADAMS, GEORGE, THE ELDER, A Treatise describing and explaining the Construction and Use of New Celestial and Terrestrial Globes, etc [with a preface by Samuel Johnson] (London, 1766)               [11] 8º

ADAMS, JAMES, Euphonologia linguae Anglicanae (London, 1794)          [9, 'with an Inscription "Honorabili viro, facundo et diserto Angl. Linguae Oratori Edm. Burke."'] 8

ADDISON, JOSEPH, Miscellaneous Works in verse and prose... With some account of the life and writtings of the author by Mr. Tickell, 3 vols. (London, 1736)   [7] 12º

---, Remarks on Several Parts of Italy (Ffth edition; London, 1745)              [14] 12

ADDISON, JOSEPH, ET AL., The Spectator, 8 vols. (London, 1757)            [475, 'Tonson', bound uniformly with Tatler and Guardian in 14 vols.] 8

ADDISON, JOSEPH, The Spectator (--)    [499, 'vol. 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7, Tonson, and Various Odd Volumes'] 

AESCHINES, The orations of Aeschines and Demosthenes, concerning the crown, translated into English from the Greek, and illustrated with notes historical, geographical, and critical, trans. Hugh Boutler, et al. (Dublin, 1732)                 [16] 8

AESCHYLUS, Aischylou Prometheus desmotes, Hepta epi Thebais, Persai, Agamemnon, Eumenides, Hiketides (Parisiis: Adrien Turnèbe, 1552)         [16, 'with a few Ms. corrections'] 8º

---, Æschyli Trag¦diæ VII. Quæ cum omnes multo quam ante castigatiores eduntur, tum vero una (Agamemnon) quæ mutila & decurtata prius erat, integra nunc profertur, ed. Petri Victorii (Geneva: Henrici Stephani, 1557)      [113] 4

AGRIPPA VON NETTESHEIM, HEINRICH CORNELIUS, The commendation of matrimony, made by Cornelius Agrippa, & translated into englishe, trans. David Clapham (London, 1545)       [515 'Curious Old Tracts', [rare]] 8

AGüEROS, PEDRO GONZáLEZ DE Descripcion historial de la provincia y archipielago de Chilóe, en el reyno de Chile, y óbispado de la Concepcion (Madrid: B. Cano, 1791)          [114, 'in red morocco, gilt leaves,'] 4

AHERON, JOHN, A general treatise of architecture. In five books (Dublin, 1754)       [173] 2

AINSWORTH, ROBERT, Thesaurus linguæ Latinæ compendiarius; or, a compendious dictionary of the Latin tongue, ed. Samuel Patrick, 2 vols. (The second edition, with additions and improvements; London, 1746)                  [107] 4º

---, Thesaurus linguae latinae compendiarius: or, a compendious dictionary of the Latin tongue: designed chiefly for the use of the British nations, 2 vols. (fourth edition, with additions and improvements; London, 1752)              [170] 2

ALEMAN, MATEO, The Life of Guzman de Alfarache: or, the Spanish Rogue. To which is added, the celebrated Tragi-Comedy, Celestina ... Done into English from the new French version, and compar'd with the original. By several hands, etc., trans. John Savage, 2 vols. (London, 1708)    [5] 8º

ALEMANDE, LOUIS AUGUSTIN, Histoire monastique d¹Irlande, etc. (Paris: Lucas, 1690)      [273, 'and five more'] 12º

ALER, PAUL, Gradus ad Parnassum; sive novus synonymorum, epithetorum, phrasium poeticarum, ac versuum thesaurus, Smetium, Januam Musarum, Delectum Epithetorum, Parnassum Poëticum, Elegantias Poëticas, Thesaurum Virgilii, aliasque omnes id genus Libros ad Poësin necessarios complectens (Londini, 1773)                  [245] 8

ALGAROTTI, FRANCESCO, Sir Isaac Newton¹s theory of light and colours, and his principle of attraction, made familiar to the ladies in several Entertainments, trans. Elizabeth Carter, 2 vols. (London, 1742)           [325] 12

ALISON, ARCHIBALD, Essays on the nature and principles of taste (Edinburgh, 1790)              [110] 4

ALLESTREE, RICHARD, The works of the learned and pious author of The whole duty of man (Oxford, 1695)             [661] 2º

ALTIERI, FERDINANDO, Dizionario italiano ed inglese (Venice: J.B. Pasquali, 1751)               [106] 4

ANDERSON, ADAM, An historical and chronological deduction of the origin of commerce, from the earliest accounts to the present time. Containing, an history of the great commercial interests of the British Empire, 2 vols. (London, 1764)             [1771] 2

---, Anderson's historical and chronological deduction of the origin of commerce, from the earliest accounts, 6 vols. (Carefully revised, corrected, and continued to the year 1789, by Mr. Coombe; Dublin, 1790)         [3] 8º

ANSON, GEORGE ANSON, BARON, A voyage round the world, in the years MDCCXL-IV, ed. Richard Walter (Ffth edition; London, 1749)              [111] 4, lage paper

ARBUTHNOT, JOHN, Tables of ancient coins, weights and measures, explain¹d and exemplify¹d in several dissertations (London, 1727)    [109] 4

---, An Essay concerning the Nature of Aliments, and the choice of them, according to the different constitutions of human bodies, etc, 2 vols. (London, 1731)        [12, 'gilt leaves'] 8º

---, An Essay concerning the Effects of Air on Human Bodies (London, 1733)               [12] 8º

ARGENS, JEAN-BAPTISTE DE BOYER, MARQUIS D¹, The Jewish spy: being a philosophical, historical and critical correspondence, by letters which lately pass¹d between certain Jews in Turkey, Italy, France, &c. Translated from the originals into French... and now done into English., 5 vols. (London, 1739)                  [281] 12⁰

ARIOSTO, LODOVICO, Opere di Lodovico Ariosto nobile Ferrarese, in versi, e in prosa, italiane e latine: con dichiarazioni, indice delle sentenze, ed altre novelle aggiunte, 4 vols. (Venezia: nella Stamperia Remondini, 1760)                [13] 12º

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---, Aristophanis Comoediæ undecim græcè et latinè, ed. Josephi Scaligeri, 2 vols. (Amstelædami: Ravesteinium, 1670)                  [16] 12º

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---, Aristotle's Art of poetry: Translated from the original Greek, according to Mr. Theodore Goulston's edition, ed. André D'Acier (London, 1709)       [15] 8⁰

---, Aristotelis ethicorum Nicomacheorum libri decem, ed. William Wilkinson (Oxonii, 1716)       [15] 8º

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---, Aristotelous technēs rhētorikēs biblia tria, ed. G. Holwell (Oxonii, 1759)                [15] 8º

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---, Treatise on government, trans. William Ellis (London, 1778)                  [115] 4⁰

AUGUSTINE, SAINT, Saint Augustine of the Citie of God: with the learned comments of J. L. Vives, trans. J. Healey (Second edition; London, 1620)  [176] 2⁰

AURELIUS, MARCUS, Marci Antonini de rebus suis... libri XII, eds Thomas Gataker and Meric Casaubon (Trajecti ad Rhenum F. Halmam, 1697)     [113] 4⁰

---, Markou Antōninou autokratoros tōn eis heauton biblia 12: Marci Antōnini imperatoris eorum quae ad seipsum libri XII, eds Thomas Gataker and Richard Ibbetson (Glasguæ: Foulis, 1744)     [16] 8º

BACON, FRANCIS, Letters, memoirs, parliamentary affairs, state papers, &c. With some curious pieces in law and philosophy. Publish¹d from the originals of the Lord Chancellor Bacon... With an account of the life of Lord Bacon, ed. Robert Stephens (London, 1736)     [133] 4⁰

---, The works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor of England. To which is prefixed, a life of the author, by Mr. Mallet, 3 vols. (London, 1753)        [186, 'portrait by Vertue'] 2º

BACON, MATTHEW A new abridgment of the law, 5 vols. (Dublin, 1786) [21] 8⁰

BACON, NATHANIEL, An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England, from the first times to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. With a vindication of the antient way of Parliaments in England. Collected from some manuscript notes of John Selden Esq (The fourth edition: corrected and improved by a gentleman of the Middle-Temple; London, 1739)                  [187] 2º, large paper

BADDAM, BENJAMIN, Memoirs of the Royal Society : being a new abridgment of the Philosophical transactions: giving an account of the undertakings, studies, and labours of the learned and ingenious in many considerable parts of the world; from the first institution of the illustrious society in the year 1665 to 1735 inclusive, 10 vols. (London, 1738-1741)     [27] 8º

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BAILLET, ADRIEN, Jugemens des sçavans sur les principaux ouvrages des auteurs, 9 vols. (Paris, 1685)  [303, "vol. 2 to 9"] 12⁰

BANIER, ANTOINE, The mythology and fables of the ancients, explain'd from history, 4 vols. (London, 1739)             [25] 8º

BARCLAY, ROBERT THE ELDER, An Apology for the True Christian Divintiy, as the same is held forth... by the people, called... Quakers; being a full explanation of their principles and doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scriptur and right reason (Fifth edition; London, 1703)     [36] 8º

BARETTI, GIUSEPPE MARC' ANTONIO, An Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy : with observations on the mistakes of some travellers, with regard to that country, 2 vols. (The second edition, corrected, with notes and an appendix added, in answer to Samuel Sharp.; London, 1769)             [31] 8º

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---, Dissertations moral and critical. On memory and imagination. On dreaming. The theory of language. On fable and romance. On the attachments of kindred. Illustrations on sublimity (London, 1783)      [125, bound with Essays, 1776] 4º

BEAUFORT, DANIEL AUGUSTUS, Memoir of a map of Ireland; illustrating the topography of that Kingdom, and containing a short account of its present state, civil and ecclesiastical; with a complete index to the map (London, 1792)  [133, 'with a Manuscript Note by Burke'] 4º

BELL, JOHN and LANGE, LORENZ, Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia, to diverse parts of Asia: Containing, I. A journey to Ispahan in Persia, in the years 1715, 1716, 1717, and 1718. II. A journey to Pekin in China, through Siberia, in the years 1719, 1720, 1721. With a map of the author's two routes between Mosco and Pekin: to which is added, a translation of the Journal of Mr. de Lange, Resident of Russia at the court of Pekin, in the years 1721 and 1722. III. A journey from Mosco to Derbent in Persia, in the year 1722. IV. A journey from St. Petersburg to Constantinople, in the years 1737 and 1738, 2 vols. (London [i.e. Edinburgh], 1764)     [34] 8º

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BLACKBURNE, FRANCIS, The confessional: or, a full and free inquiry into the right, utility, edification, and success, of establishing systematical confessions of faith and doctrine in protestant churches (Third edition, enlarged; London, 1770)          [79] 8º

---, Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, Esq. F.R. and A.S.S., 2 vols. (London, 1780)                  [338] 4⁰

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BLACKWELL, THOMAS, An enquiry into the life and writings of Homer (London, 1735)           [32, 'Blackwell's Life of Homer, 1757.' Since there is no record of a 1757 edition of the book, I have entered the 1735 first edition. There were subsequent editions in London in 1736, and Glasgow in 1761.] 8º

---, Letters concerning mythology (London, 1748)      [32] 8⁰

---, Memoirs of the court of Augustus, 2 vols. (Edinburgh, 1753)  [126] 4º

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BLIGH, WILLIAM, A narrative of the mutiny, on board His Majesty¹s ship Bounty; and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew, in the ship¹s boat, From Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, To Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies (London, 1790)       [133] 4º

BLUNDEVILLE, THOMAS, The true order and methode of wryting and reading hystories, according to the precepts of Francisco Patricio, and Accontio Tridentino, two Italian writers, no lesse plainly than briefly, set forth in our vulgar speach, to the great profite and commoditye of all those tha delight in hystories (London, 1574)        [515 'Curious Old Tracts', [rare]] 8⁰

BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, Il Decameron... riscontrato in Firenze con testi antichi et alla sua vera lettione ridotto dal Caualier Lionardo Saluiati... Ultima impressione, etc., 2 vols. (Amsterdamo [Geneva?], 1679)    [44, '...and various others.'] 12º.

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BOSCHINI, MARCO and ZANETTI, ANTONIO MARIA, Descrizione di tutte le pubbliche pitture della citta de Venezia : E Isole circonvicine: ... delle Ricche Minere Di Marco Boschini, colla aggiunta di tutte le opere, che uscirono dal 1674. sino al presente 1733. Con un compendio delle vite, ... All illustrissimo Signore Antonio Maria Zanetti (Venezia: Presso Pietro Bassaglia, 1733)  [47] 8º

BOSWELL, JOHN, A method of study: or, an useful library. In two parts. Part I. Containing short directions and a catalogue of books for the study of several valuable parts of learning, viz. geography, chronology, history, classical learning, natural philosophy, &c. Part II. Containing som directions for the study of divinity, and prescribing proper Books for that Purpose. , 2 vols. (London, 1738-1743)    [37, 'Imperfect'] 8º

BOURGOGNE, LOUIS, DUC DE, Elemens de geometrie de Monseigneur le Duc de Bourgogne. (Nouv. éd. rev., corr. et augm. d'un traité des logarithmes par M. de Malezieu.; Paris: Ganeau, 1722)        [131] 4º

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BOYSE, JOSEPH, A Vindication of the True Deity of Our Blessed Saviour, in answer to a late pamphlet [by Thomas Emlyn] entituled, An humble enquiry into the Scripture account of Jesus Christ, &c. (Third edition, corrected; London, 1719)           [36] 8º

BRACTON, HENRY DE, Henrici de Bracton de legibus et consuetudinibus angliæ, libri quinque: in varios tractatus distincti, ad diversorum & vetustissimorum codicum collationem, ingenti cura denuò typis vulgati., ed. T.N. (London: Typis Milonis Flesher & Roberti Young, Assign: Johannis More Armig, 1640) [119] 4º

BRADY, ROBERT, A complete history of England, from the first entrance of the Romans under the conduct of Julius Cæsar, unto the end of the reign of King Henry III. Comprehending the Roman, Saxon, Danish and Norman affairs and transactions in this nation during that time. Wherein is shewed the original of our English laws, the differences and disagreements between the secular and ecclesiastic powers, the true rise and grounds of the contentions and wars between the barons and our antient kings. And likewise an account of our foreign wars with France, the conquest of Ireland, and the actions between the English, Scots and Welsh, during the same time. All delivered in plain matter of fact, without any reflections or remarques. (London, 1685)                 [190] 2⁰

BRANTOME, PIERRE DE BOURDEILLES, SEIGNEUR DE, Oeuvres Completes. Nouvelle édition, considérablement augmentée, et accompagnée de remarques historiques et critiques, 15 vols. (La Haye, 1740)   [56, 'vols 5-14, and various odd volumes'] 12º

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BROWN, JOHN An Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times. By the author of Essays on the Characteristics, &c., 2 vols. (London, 1757)   [33] 8º

BROWN, JOSIAH, Reports of cases, upon appeals and writs of error, in the High Court of Parliament : from the year 1701, to the year 1779. With tables, notes and references, 7 vols. (Dublin, 1784)           [22] 8º

BROWNE, THOMAS, SIR, Pseudodoxia epidemica: or, Enquiries into very many received tenents and commonly presumed truths, together with the Religio medici (The sixth and last edition, corrected and enlarged by the author, with many explanations, additions and alterations throughout; London, 1672)       [134] 4º

---, The works of the learned Sr Thomas Brown, Kt. Doctor of Physick, late of Norwich. Containing I. Enquiries into vulgar and common errors. II. Religio medici: with annotations and observations upon it. III. Hydriotaphia; or, Urn-Burial: together with the garden of Cyrus. IV. Certain miscellany tracts. With alphabetical tables. (London, 1686)                [191, 'portrait'] 2⁰

BRUMOY, PIERRE, Le theatre des Grecs, 6 vols. (Paris: C. J. B. Bauche fils et L. d'Houry fils, 1749)          [43] 8º

BRYDSON, THOMAS, A Summary View of Heraldry, in reference to the usages of chivalry and the general economy of the feudal system. With an appendix respecting such distinctions of rank as have place in the British Constitution (Edinburgh, 1795)          [35] 8º

BUCHANAN, GEORGE, Rerum Scoticarum historia, auctore Georgio Buchanano... ad Jacobum VI. Scotorum Regem; accessit De jure regni apud Scotos dialogus, eodem... auctore (Amsterodami, Edimburgi: apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, ad exemplar Alexandri Arbuthneti editum, 1643) [47] 8º

BUFFON, GEORGES LOUIS LECLERC, COMTE DE, Oeuvres complètes de M. le c[om]te de Buffon, Histoire des animaux quadrupèdes., 13 vols. (Paris, 1775)                [23, 'plates'] 8º

BULKLEY, CHARLES, Notes on the philosophical writings of Lord Bolingbroke. In three parts (London, 1755)            [41*] 8º

BULLER, FRANCIS, An introduction to the law relative to trials at nisi prius (The third edition, corrected; London, 1781)             [119, [dated 1782 in catalogue]] 4º

---, An introduction to the law relative to trials at nisi prius (The fourth edition, corrected; London, 1785)     [120] 4º

BULLER, SIR FRANCIS, An introduction to the law relative to trials at nisi prius (6th edition; London, 1793)                 [45, 'and four more'] 8º

BULLINGBROOKE, EDWARD and BELCHER, JONATHAN, An abridgement of the statutes of Ireland, from the first session of parliament in the third year of the reign of King Edward the Second, to the end of the twenty fifth year of the reign of... King George the Second (Dublin, 1754)    [117] 4º

BURGH, WILLIAM, An Inquiry into the Belief of the Christians of the First Three Centuries respecting the One Godhead of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Being a sequel to A Scriptural Confutation of the Rev. Mr. [Theophilus] Lindsey's late Apology [on resigning the Vicarage of Catterick, Yorkshire] (York, 1778)                  [37] 8º

BURKE, EDMUND, Recherches philosophiques sur l¹origine des idées que nous avons du beau & du sublime, précédées d¹une dissertation sur le goût., trans. Abbé  Des François, 2 vols. vols. (Paris: Hocheveau, 1765)            [52] 8º

---, A philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful (Eighth edition; London, 1776)        [52] 8º

---, The political tracts and speeches of Edmund Burke, Esq. Member of Parliament for the city of Bristol (Dublin: =, 1777)           [54, Burke.--Tracts and Speeches by Burke, in 3 vol. [no date]] 8º

---, Betrachtungen über die französische Revolution, trans. Friedrich Gentz, 2 vols. (Berlin, 1793)                [52, '...fine paper...'] 8º

---, Betrachtungen über die französische Revolution., trans. Friedrich Gentz, 2 vols. vols. (Berlin, 1794)       [53] 8º

---, Three memorials on French affairs. : Written in the years 1791, 1792 and 1793 (London, 1797)              [53] 8º

BURKE, EDMUND and BURKE, WILLIAM, An account of the European settlements in America : in six parts : I. A short history of the discovery of that part of the world. II. The manners and customs of the original inhabitants. III. Of the Spanish settlements. IV. Of the Portuguese. V. Of the French, Dutch, and Danish. VI. Of the English (Third edition, with improvements.; London, 1760)                [51] 8º

---, An account of the European settlements in America : In six parts. I. A short history of the discovery of that part of the world. II. The manners and customs of the original inhabitants. III. Of the Spanish settlements. IV. Of the Portuguese. V. Of the French, Dutch and Danish. VI. Of the English, 2 vols. (Fifth edition, with improvements.; London, 1770)   [50] 8º

BURNET, GILBERT, History of my own time, 2 vols. (London, 1724-1734)                 [189] 2º

BURNEY, CHARLES, A general history of music, from the earliest ages to the present period. To which is prefixed, A dissertation on the music of the ancients, 4 vols. (London, 1776-9)                [121, '2 vol. bound, vol. 3. and 4 in boards,'] 4º

---, An account of the musical performances in Westminster-Abbey, and the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 29th; and June the 3d, and 5th, 1784. In commemoration of Handel (London, 1785)           [122] 4º

---, Memoirs of the life and writings of the Abate Metastasio : In which are incorporated, translations of his principal letters, 3 vols. (London, 1796)       [29, 'from the Author'] 8º

BURNEY, FRANCES, Camilla: or, a Picture of youth. By the author of Evelina and Cecilia 5vols. (London, 1796)       [41] 12º

BURRISH, ONSLOW, Batavia illustrata : or, a view of the policy, and commerce, of the United Provinces: particularly of Holland. With an enquiry into the alliances of the States General, ... In three parts, 2 vols. (London, 1728)              [31] 8º

BURROWES, ROBERT, A Sermon preached before the Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Practice of Virtue and Religion, etc (Dublin, 1795)          [37] 8º

BUTLER, SAMUEL, Hudibras. In three parts. Corrected, with several additions and annotations. (London, 1709)        [38] 8º

BUTT, GEORGE, Poems, 2 vols. (Kidderminster, 1793)             [38, 'from the Author'] 8º

CAESAR, CAIUS JULIUS, C. Julii Cæsaris de bellis Gallico et civili Pompejano. Cum integris notis Dionysii Vossii, Joannis Davisii et Samuelis Clarkii. Cura et studio Francisci Oudendorpii, qui suas animadversiones, ac varias lectiones adjecit. (Dissertatio Henrici Dodwelli de lib. oct. B. Gall. & Alex. Afric. atque Hisp. auctore.), ed. Franciscus van. Oudendorp, 2 vols. (Rotterodami: Lugd. Bat., 1737)       [145] 4º

CAESAR, JULIUS, C. Iulii Cæsaris quæ extant (Lugduni Batavorum: Ex off. Elzeviriana, 1635)  [87] 12º

CAESAR, JULIUS and DUNCAN, WILLIAM, The commentaries of Cæsar, translated into English. To which is prefixed A discourse concerning the Roman art of war (London, 1753)                  [209] 2⁰

CALMET, AUGUSTIN, An historical, critical, geographical, chronological, and etymological dictionary of the Holy Bible, in three volumes... To which is annexed, Bibliotheca sacra, or a copious catalogue of the best editions and versions of the Bible, trans. Samuel D¹Oyly and John Colson (London, 1732)         [194, 'plates, damaged'] 2⁰

CALVINUS, JOHANNES, Lexicon juridicum juris Caesarei simul, et canonici, feudalis item, civilis (unknown edition; [unknown], n.d.)       [197, 'wants the title'] 2⁰

CAMBERS, WILLIAM, SIR, A dissertation on oriental gardening (London, 1784)       [143] 4º

CAMDEN, WILLIAM and GOUGH, RICHARD, Britannia: or, a chorographical description of the flourishing kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the islands adjacent; from the earliest antiquity... Translated from the edition published by the author in MDCVII. Enlarged by the latest discoveries, 3 vols. (London, 1789)        [203] 2⁰

CAMöES, LUIZ DE, The Lusiad; or, the Discovery of India. An epic poem. Translated from the original Portuguese, trans. William Julius Mickle (Oxford, 1776)                  [149] 4º

CAMPBELL, JOHN, The present state of Europe. Explaining the interests, connections, political and commercial views of its several powers, Comprehending Also, A Clear and Concise History of each Country, so far as is necessary to shew the Nature of their Present Constitutions (London, 1750)         [63] 8º

---, A political survey of Britain: being a series of reflections on the situation, lands, inhabitants, revenues, colonies, and commerce of this island. Intended to Shew That we have not as yet approached near the Summit of Improvement, but that it will afford Employment to many Generations before they push to their utmost Extent the natural Advantages of Great Britain, 2 vols. (London, 1774)        [137] 4º

---, Lives of the British admirals: containing a new and accurate naval history, from the earliest periods... With a continuation down to the year 1779, 4 vols. (London, 1781) [57] 8º

CAMPBELL, THOMAS, A philosophical survey of the south of Ireland, in a series of letters to John Watkinson, M.D. (Dublin, 1778)            [528] 8⁰

---, Strictures on the ecclesiastical and literary history of Ireland: from the most ancient times till the Introduction of the Roman Ritual, and the Establishment of Papal Supremacy, by Henry II. King of England. Also, an historical sketch of the constitution and government of Ireland, from the most early authenticated period down to the year 1783. (Dublin, 1789)        [62] 8º

CANTEMIR, DIMITRIE, VOIVODE OF MOLDAVIA, The history of the growth and decay of the Othman Empire. Part I. Containing The Growth of the Othman Empire From The Reign of Othman the Founder, To The Reign of Mahomet IV. That IS, From the Year 1300, to the Siege of Vienna, in 1683. Part II. Containing The History of the Decay of the Othman Empire, From The Reign of Mahomet IV. To The Reign of Ahmed III. Being The History of the Author¹s Own Times, trans. Nicholas Tindal (London, 1756)               [206] 2⁰

CAPPER, JAMES, Observations on the passage to India, through Egypt. Also by Vienna through Constantinople to Aleppo, and from thence by Bagdad, and directly across the great desert, to Bassora (London, 1785)                  [72] 8º

CARRACCI, ANNIBALE, Le arti di Bologna disegnate da Annibale Caracci ed intagliate da Simone Guilini coll' assistenza di Alessandro Algardi (Roma: Apresso Gregorio Roisecco,, 1740)      [213] 2⁰

CARTARI, VINCENZO, Seconda nouissima editione delle Imagini de gli dei delli antichi di Vicenzo Cartari reggiano: ridotte da capo a piedi alle loro reali, & non più per l'adietro osseruate simiglianze, ed. Lorenzo Pignoria, Tozzi vols. (Padoua, 1626)         [542] 4⁰

CARUS, TITUS LUCRETIOUS, T. Lucretii Cari de rerum natura libri sex, ad postremam O. Gifanii ... emendationem accuratissme restituti... Vita Lucretii Epitome... Epicuri de rerum natura... Thucydidis verba e libro II. historiarum, ed. Obertus Giphanius (Lugduni Batavorum, 1595)           [301] 8⁰

CASAUX, CHARLES DE, MARQUIS., Considérations sur les effets de l¹impôt dans les différens modes de taxation. Précédées de quelques notions essentielles, sur les époques les plus instructives de la société. (Londres, 1794)               [92, 'presentation copy to Burke'] 8º

CASSAN, JACQUES DE, La Recherche des droicts du roy et de la couronne de France, sur les royaumes, duchez, comtez, villes & païs occuppez par les princes estrangers, etc. (Paris, 1634)   [146] 4º

CASTIGLIONE, LUIGI GONZAGA, PRINCIPE DI, Il letterato buon cittadino discorso filosofico e politico, ed. Luigi Godard (Roma: Francesi, 1776)                 [329, 'The Volume is dedicated in a MS. Note "To the most Eloquent Orator of the British Senate from an Anti-American Author"'] 4º

CATULLUS, CAIUS VALERIUS., Catullus, Tibullus, et Propertius, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Grævii, cum notis integris Jos. Scaligeri, M. Ant. Mureti, Achill. Statii, Roberti Titii, Hieronymi Avantii, Jani Dousæ patris, & filii, Theodori Marcilii, nec non selectis aliorum. (Trajecti ad Rhenum: Ex officina R. à Zyll, 1680)                  [90] 8º

CENTLIVRE, SUSANNA, The works of the celebrated Mrs. Centlivre. In three volumes. Containing, Perjur¹d Husband. Beaux¹s Duel. Gamester. Basset Table. Love at a Venture. Love¹s Contrivance. Busy Body. Marplot in Lisbon. Platonic Lady. Perplex¹d Lovers. Cruel Gift. Wonder, a Woman keeps a Secret. Man¹s Bewitch¹d. Gotham Election. Wife well Managed. A Bickerstaff¹s Burying. Bold Stroke for a Wife. Artifice. Stolen Heiress. With a new account of her life., 3 vols. (London, 1761)          [76] 12º

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE, The history of the valorous and witty knight-errant, Don Quixote of the Mancha, trans. Thomas Shelton, 4 vols. (London, 1740)  [75] 12º

CHALMERS, GEORGE, Political annals of the present united colonies, from their settlement to the peace of 1763: compiled chiefly from records, and authorised often by the insertion of state-papers (London, 1780) [139] 4º

CHAMBERLAYNE, JOHN, Magnæ Britanniæ notitia: or, the present state of Great-Britain; With divers remarks upon The Ancient State thereof (London, 1718)                  [63] 8º

CHAMBERS, EPHRAIM, Cyclopaedia: or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences... The whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning, extracted from the best authors, dictionaries, journals, memoirs, transactions, ephemerides, &c. in several languages, 4 vols. (fourth edition, with the supplement; London, 1741-53)   [195] 2⁰

CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, SIR, Designs of Chinese buildings, furniture, dresses, machines, and utensils... To which is annexed, a description of their temples, houses, gardens, &c. (London, 1757)                 ['plates'] 2⁰

---, A treatise on civil architecture, in which the principles of that art are laid down, and illustrated by a great number of plates (London, 1759)              [210] 2⁰

CHANDLER, EDWARD, A defence of Christianity from the prophecies of the Old Testament; Wherein are considered All the objections against this kind of proof, Advanced in a Late discourse of the grounds and reasons of the Christian Religion ( The second edition, with a summary view of the whole argument and an index of the texts explain¹d; London, 1725)          ] 8⁰

CHANDLER, RICHARD, Travels in Asia Minor: or an account of a tour made at the expense of the Society of Dilettanti (Oxford, 1775)      [141] 4º

CHARRON, WILLIAM, A description of the freedom box, voted by the city of London, to the Hon. Augustus Keppel, Admiral of the Blue. To which is prefixed A succinct account of his public services. (London, 1779)                [160*] 4º

CHATTERTON, THOMAS, Poems, supposed to have been written at Bristol, by Thomas Rowley, and others, in the fifteenth century... to which is added an appendix, containing some observations upon the language of these poems; tending to prove, that they were written, written, not by any ancient author, but entirely by Thomas Chatterton. (Third edition (actually reissue of second); London, 1778)             [83] 8º

CHILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM, The works of William Chillingworth, M.A. Of the University of Oxford; containing his book, intituled, The religion of Protestants, a safe way to salvation. Together with his Nine sermons preached before the King, or upon eminent Occasions. His Letter to Mr. Lewgar, concerning the Church of Rome¹s being the Guide of Faith and Judge of Controversies. His Nine Additional Discourses. And an Answer to some Passages in Rushworth¹s Dialogues, concerning Traditions. (The tenth edition: with a preface, giving some account of the corrections and improvements made in this impression; London, 1742)                  [207] 2⁰

CIBBER, COLLEY, An apology for the life of Colley Cibber, comedian, and late patentee of the Theatre-Royal. With an historical view of the stage during his own time... With an account of the rise and progress of the English stage A dialogue on old plays, and old players: and A list of dramatic authors and their works., 2 vols. (Fourth edition; London, 1756)   [77] 12º

CICERO, MARCUS TULLIUS, The worthye booke of old age othervvyse entituled the elder Cato, contayning a learned defence and praise of age, and aged men: writen in latine by that father of eloquence Marcus Tullius Cicero, and now englished. VVherunto is annexed a recitall of diuerse men that liue long. With a declaracion of sundrye soortes of yeares, and the diuersitie betwene the yeres in the old time, and our yeares nowe adayes, trans. Thomas Newton (London, 1569)                [515 'Curious Old Tracts', [rare]] 8⁰

---, Philosophicorum, cum optimis ac postremis exemplaribus accuratè collatus., 2 vols. (Lugdunum Batavorum: Elzevir, 1642)   [87, '2 vol. in 1'] 12º

---, Epistolarum ad familiares Libri XVI. Ad optimas editiones collati ... (Amstelodami: Joannem Janssonium, 1657)       [87] 12º

---, Marci Tullii Ciceronis Opera quae extant omnia, ex MSS. codicibus emendata., 11 vols. (Lugduni Batavorum: Apud Petrum Vander Aa, 1692)       [88, 'Notis Gruteri et Gronovii'] 8º

---, Marci Tullii Ciceronii opera, quae supersunt, omnia, cum Asconio & scholiaste veteri; ac notis integris P. Victorii, J. Camerarii... & aliorum quam plurimorum, ed. Isaacus Verburgius, 4 vols. (Amstelaedami, 1724)              [135, 'in russia'] 4º

---, M. Tullii Ciceronis De natura deorum libri tres. Cum notis integris Paul. Manucii, Pet. Victorii, Jo. Camerarii. Dion. Lambini, Fulv. Ursini, Joan. Walkeri. Recensuit, suisque animadversionibus illustravit ac emaculavit Joannes Davisius, Coll. Regin. Cantab. Praeses. (Cantabrigiæ: Thurlbourn, 1744)                 [89] 8º

---, M. T. Ciceronis orationes quædam selectæ, cum interpretatione & notis quas in usum serenissimi Delphini edidit P. Carolus Merouille, S.J. Quibus præfigitur vita Ciceronis ... His adjiciuntur in tres orationes notæ ... ex Asconio, P. Manutio, ... Huic editioni accesserunt dialogi de senectute & de amicitia. (Londini, 1770)                  [89] 8º

CLAIRAC, DE LA MAMIE DE, Histoire des révolutions de Perse, depuis le commencement de ce siecle., 3 vols. (Paris: Jombert, 1750)    [70, '...and various others'] 12º

CLANRICARDE, ULICK DE BURGH, EARL OF, The memoirs and letters of Ulick, Marquiss of Clanricarde, and Earl of Saint Albans; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and Commander in Chief of the Forces of King Charles the First in that Kingdom, during the Rebellion, Governor of the County and Town of Galway, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Kent, and Privy Counsellor in England and Ireland. Printed from an authentic manuscript, and now first published by the present Earl of Clanricarde (London: Dodsley, 1757)      [204, 'A presentation copy from the Earl of Clanricarde'] 2⁰

CLARENDON, EDWARD HYDE, EARL OF, The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641. With the precedent Passages, and Actions, that contributed thereunto, and the happy End, and Conclusion thereof by the King¹s blessed Restoration, and Return upon the 29th of May, in the Year 1660, 2 vols. (Oxford, 1702-3)             [201, 'portrait, stained'] 2⁰

---, The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641 [with] The life of Edward Earl of Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of the University of Oxford. Containing. I. An Account of the Chancellor¹s Life from his Birth to the Restoration in 1660. II. A Continuation of the same, and of his History of the Grand Rebellion, from the Restoration to his Banishment in 1667, 4 vols. (Oxford, 1702-1759)                  [202, '4 vol. vol. 4, not uniform, portrait'] 2⁰

CLARKE, THOMAS BROOKE, A statistical view of Germany, in respect to the imperial and territorial constitutions, forms of government, legislation, Administration Of Justice, And Ecclesiastical State; With a sketch of the character and genius of the Germans, and a short inquiry into the state of their trade and commerce; And Also A distinct View of the Dominions, Extent, Number of Inhabitants to a Square Mile, Chief Towns, with their Size and Population, Revenues, Expences, Debts, and Military Strength of each State (London, 1790)                 [63] 8º

CLELAND, JOHN, The way to things by words, and To words by things; being a sketch of An Attempt at the Retrieval of The Antient Celtic, or, Primitive Language of Europe. To which is added, a succinct Account of the Sanscort, or Learned Language of the Bramins. Also two essays, the one On the Origin of the Musical Waits at Christmas. The other On the Real Secret of the Free Mansons (London, 1766)          [508] 8⁰

CLéRY, M., A journal of occurrences at the temple, during the confinement of Louis XVI, King of France. By M. Cléry, the King¹s Valet-de-Chambre (London, 1798)           [65] 8º

CLIVE, ROBERT CLIVE, BARON,, A letter to the proprietors of the East India stock, from Lord Clive. (London, 1764)                [92] 8º

COCHIN, CHARLES NICOLAS, Observations upon the antiquities of the town of Herculaneum: discovered at the foot of Mount Vesuvius... And a short Description of the Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of Naples by Mr. [Jérôme Charles] Bellicard (London, 1753)      [35] 8⁰

COKE, EDWARD, SIR, The third part of the Institutes of the laws of England: concerning high treason, and other pleas of the crown, and criminal causes [and] The fourth part of the Institutes of the laws of England: concerning the jurisdiction of courts (Sixth edition; London, 1680-1)             [214, 'in 1 vol. stained'] 2⁰

COKE, ROGER, A detection of the court and state of England during the four last reigns and the Inter-regnum. Consisting of private memoirs, &c. with observations and reflections. And an appendix, discovering the present state of the nation. Wherein are many secrets never before made publick: as also, a more impartial account of the civil wars in England, than has yet been given. (3rd edition very much corrected; London, 1697)            [71] 8º

COLDEN, CADWALLADER, The history of the five Indian nations of Canada, which are dependent on the province of New-York in America... To which are added, accounts of the several other nations of Indians (London, 1747)             [71] 8º

---, The history of the five Indian nations of Canada, which are the barrier between the English and French in that part of the world. With Particular Accounts of their Religion, Manners, Customs, Laws, and Government; their several Battles and Treaties with the European Nations; their Wars with the other Indians; And A true Account of the present State of our Trade with them (Second edition; London, 1750)     [72] 8º

COLLINS, ARTHUR, The peerage of England; containing a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of England, now existing, either by Tenure, Summons, or Creations: Their Descents and Collateral Lines: Their Births, Marriages, and Issues: Famous Actions both in War and Peace, Religious and Charitable Donations: Deaths, Places of Burial, Monuments, Epitaphs. And many valuable Memoirs never before printed, 5 vols. (Third edition, corrected and enlarged; London, 1756)                [74, '5 vol. in 6'] 8º

COLMAN, GEORGE, ET AL., The connoisseur. By Mr. Town, critic and censor-general, 3 vols. (London, 1755)          [487] 12⁰

COLUMELLA, LUCIUS JUNIUS MODERATUS., L. Iunii Moderati Columellæ de re rustica libri XII. Eiusdem de arboribu. (Parisijs: Ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1543)   [86] 8º

CONSTANTINI, GIUSEPPE ANTONIO, Lettere critiche, giocose, morali, scientifiche, ed erudite, alla moda, ed al gusto del secolo presente, del conte Agostino Santi Pupieni, o sia dell¹avvocato G. A. Costantini. Accresciute dall¹autore di molte aggiunte, ed illustrazioni inserite ad cadauna lettera, 7 vols. (Venezia, 1751)                  [287] 8º

CONSTANTINUS, ROBERTUS, Lexicon Græcolatinum Rob. Constantini. Secunda hac editione, partim ipsius authoris, partim Francisci Porti & aliorum additionibus plurimùm auctum, tum quanta fieri potuit diligentia recognitum, ita vt iam studiosis possit esse Græcæ linguæ thesaurus. ([Geneva]: Hæredes Eustathii Vignon & Iacobus Stær, 1592)   [198, 'best edition, stained'] 2⁰

COOK, JAMES and GORE, JOHN, A voyage to The Pacific Ocean. Undertaken, by the command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the northern hemisphere. ... Performed under the direction of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, 3 vols. (London, 1784)               [140, 'Cook's Third Voyage, 3 vol. plates'] 4º

COOK, WILLIAM, The elements of dramatic criticism. Containing an analysis of the stage, under the following Heads, Tragedy, Tragi-Comedy, Comedy, Pantomime, and Farce. With a Sketch of the Education Of the Greek and Roman Actors; concluding with some general instructions for succeeding in the art of acting (London, 1775)          [77] 8º

CORNEILLE, PIERRE ET THOMAS, Les chefs-d'oeuvres de Pierre et de Thomas Corneille., ed. Voltaire, 3 vols. (Paris, 1771)  [94] 8º

CORVINUS, JOANNES PETRUS., Ioan. Petri Corvini Romani De diatartari electuarij temperamento, qualitatibus, vsu, & dosi. dilucidatio. (Messanae: Typis hærd. Petri Breę, 1644)                 [93, 'and 6 more'] 8º

CORVINUS VAN BELDEREN, JOANNES ARNOLDUS (ED.), Institutiones Justiniani sacratissimi principis ...; accesserunt ex Digestis tituli de verborum significatione [et] regulis juris, 2 vols. (Amstelodami: Danielem Elzevirium, 1664)              [69] 8º

COWLEY, ABRAHAM, Abrahami Couleij Angli, poemata Latina. In quibus continentur, sex libri plantarum, viz. duo herbarum. Florum. Sylvarum. Et unus miscellaneorum. (London, 1668)        [84, 'portrait by Faithorne'] 8º

---, The works of Mr Abraham Cowley. Consisting of those which were formerly printed: and those which he design¹d for the press, now published out of the authors original copies., ed. Thomas Sprat (London, --)        [208, 'imperfect'] 2⁰

COWPER, HENRY, Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of King¹s Bench; from... 1774, to... 1778 (Dublin, 1784)     [68] 8º

---, Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of King¹s Bench; from... 1774, to... 1778 (Dublin, 1788)               [67, 'with the autograph of R. Burke'] 8º

COXE, TENCH, A view of the United States of America, in a series of papers, written at various times, between the years 1787 and 1794, by Tench Coxe, of Philadelphia; interspersed with authentic documents: the whole tending to exhibit the progress and present state of civil and religious liberty, population, agriculture, exports, imports, fisheries, navigation, ship-building, manufactures, and general improvement. (Philidelphia, 1794)       [71] 8º

COXE, WILLIAM, Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. Interspersed with historical relations and political inquiries, 4 vols. (Third edition; London, 1787)     [73] 8º

CRAUFURD, QUENTIN, Sketches chiefly relating to the history, religion, learning, and manners, of the Hindoos, 2 vols. (Second edition, enlarged; London, 1792)              [78, 'A presentation copy to Burke'] 8º

CUDWORTH, RALPH, The true intellectual system of the universe: the first part; wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted... With A discourse concerning the true notion of the Lord¹s supper, ed. Thomas Birch, 2 vols. (The second edition; in which are now first added references... and an account of the life of the author; London, 1743)                 [138] 4º

CUNNINGHAM, TIMOTHY, The practice of a justice of peace: containing the statutes which give jurisdiction to that magistrate. With a greater variety of precedents, 2 vols. (London, 1762)     [68] 8º

CURRY, JOHN, Historical memoirs of the Irish rebellion in the year, 1641; extracted from Parliamentary journals, State-Acts, and the most eminent Protestant historians, (together with an appendix, containing Several Authentic papers relating to this rebellion, not referred to in these memoirs.) In a letter to Walter Harris, Esq; occasioned by his answer to a late dialogue on the causes, motives, and mischiefs of this rebellion (London, 1758)                 [266] 8⁰

---, An historical and critical review of the civil wars in Ireland, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth, to the settlement under King William. Extracted from Parliamentary records, state acts, and other authentic materials. By J. C. M.D. Author of the Historical Memoirs of the Irish Rebellion in 1641. (Dublin, 1775)    [336] 4⁰

---, An historical and critical review of the civil wars in Ireland, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth, to the Settlement under King William. With the state of the Irish Catholics, 2 vols. (London, 1786)               [64] 8º

CURTIUS, QUINTUS, Q. Curtii Rufi Historiarum libri, ed. Daniel Heinsius (Lugd. Batavorum: Elzevir, 1633)              [460] 8°

D'ANVILLE, JEAN BAPTISTE, A general atlas, describing the whole universe. Being a compleat and new collection of the most approved maps extant, ed. Thomas Kitchin, 2 vols. ([unspecified edition]; London, –)                 [223] 2⁰

DA VINCI, LEONARDO, Trattato della pittvra di Lionardo da Vinci, nouamente dato in luce, con la vita dell'istesso autore, eds Leon Battista  Alberti and Raphael Trichet  du Fresne (Parigi: Appresso Giacomo Langlois, 1651)                [221, 'plates'] 2⁰

DACIER, ANDRé, The life of Pythagoras, with his symbols and golden verses. Together with the life of Hierocles, and his commentaries upon the verses. The golden verses translated from the Greek by N. Rowe, Esq. (London, 1707)        [104] 8º

DALE, W., Calculations deduced from first principles, in the most familiar manner, by plain arithmetic; for the use of the societies instituted for the benefit of old age: intended as an introduction to the study of the doctrine of annuities. By a member of one of the societies (London, 1772)         [103] 8º

DALRYMPLE, JOHN, An essay towards a general history of feudal property in Great Britain, under the following heads, I. History of the introduction of the feudal system into Great Britain. ... VIII. History of the constitution of Parliament (London, 1757)        [105] 8º

DANET, PIERRE, Magnum dictionarium latino-gallicum, ad pleniorem planioremque scriptorum latinorum intelligentiam (Ed. nova, auctior & emendatior... ad usum serenissimi delphini, et serenissimorum principum; Amstelodami, 1711)                [157] 4º

DARWIN, ERASMUS, The botanic garden; a poem, in two parts. Part I. Containing the economy of vegetation. Part II. The loves of the plants. With philosophical notes. (London, 1791)              [151, 'with an Autograph letter from the late Countess Spencer, in green morocco, gilt leaves'] 4⁰

DAVILA, ARRIGO CATERINO, Histoire des guerres ciuiles de France: Contenant tout ce qui s'est passe de plus memorable, sous le regne de quatre rois, Francois II. Charles IX. Henry III. & Henry IV. Surnommé Le Grand. Iusques à la Paix de Veruins, inclusiuement, trans. (mise en François) par I. Baudoin, 2 vols. (Troisiesme ed., corrigee en diuers endroits.; Paris, 1657)           [158] 4º

---, The history of the civil wars of France, ed. Roger L'Estrange, trans. Charles Cotterell and William Aylesbury (The second impression, whereunto is added a table; London, 1678)   [218] 2⁰

---, Historia delle guerre civili di Francia di Henrico Caterino Davila: nella quale si contengono le operationi di quattro rè, Francesco II. Carlo IX. Henrico III. & Henrico IV, 2 vols. (Londra, 1755)          [159] 4º

DE LOLME, JEAN LOUIS, The constitution of England, or an account of the English government; in which it is compared with the republican form of government, and occasionally with the other monarchies in Europe (A new edition; London, 1777)               [105] 8º

DE PILES, ROGER, The art of painting, with the lives and characters of above 300 of the most eminent painters: containing a complete treatise of painting, designing, and the use of prints. With Reflexions on the Works of the most Celebrated Masters, and of the several Schools of Europe, as well ancient as modern... To which is added, an essay towards an English school. (London, 1744)     [103] 8º

DEFOE, DANIEL, The history of the union between England and Scotland, by Daniel De-Foe: with an appendix of original papers. To which is now added a life of the celebrated author (London, 1786)      [152] 4º

DELANEY, PATRICK, Revelation examined with candour. Or, a fair enquiry into the sense and use of the several revelations expresly declared, or sufficiently implied, To be given to Mankind from the Creation, as they are found in the Bible. By a professed friend to an honest freedom of thought in religious inquiries. Vol. I. Containing Dissertations on the following Subjects; viz. I. Of the Forbidden Fruit. II. Of the Knowledge of the Brute World conveyed to Adam. III. Of his Knowlege of Marriage. IV. Of the Skill of Language infused into Adam... Vii. Of Sacrifices... 14 [five in Burke's set] vols. (The fourth edition, corrected and enlarged.; London, 1745)           [95, 'vol. 1 to 4, and vol. 7'] 8º

DEMOSTHENES, Δημοσθενους λογοι, και ¼ροοιμια δημηγορικα, και ἐ¼ιστολαι, συν ταις ἐξηγησεσιν ὠφελιμωταταις, του Οὐλ¼ιανου ῥητορος, τῃ των ¼αλαιων αὐτογραφων βασιλικων ἐ¼ικουριᾳ αὐξηθεισαις και διορθωθεισαις, δια φιλο¼ονιας, και ἐ¼ιμελειας του Γουλιελμου Μορελιου, τυ¼ογραφου βασιλικου. Ἐκ βιβλιοθηκης βασιλικης, ed. Dionysius. Lambinus (Lutetiæ: Apud Ioannem Benenatum, 1570)         [217, 'with a few Ms. Notes, and the autographs of Harwood, and R. Burke'] 2⁰

---, The orations of Demosthenes, delivered on occasions of public deliberation. Together with the orations of Æschines and Demosthenes on the crown, trans. Thomas Leland (London, 1771)      [162] 4º

DENISART, JEAN-BAPTISTE, Collection de décisions nouvelles et de notions relatives a la jurisprudence actuelle, 4 vols. (7. ed. rev. et considérablemente augm.; Paris, 1771)         [150] 4º

DESAGULIERS, JOHN THEOPHILUS, A Course of Experimental Philosophy (London, 1734)  [157] 4º

DESCARTES, RENé, Renati Des-Cartes Opera philosophica. Editio quinta. Nunc demum hac editione diligenter recognita, & mendis expurgata. (Principia philosophiæ.-Specimina philosophiæ: seu Dissertatio de methodo.-Passiones animæ.). 3 vols. (Amstelodami: Apud Danielem Elzevirium, 1672)    [147] 4º

DESGODETS, ANTOINE BABUTY, Les édifices antiques de Rome, dessinés et mesurés très exactement (Paris: Chez Jean Baptiste Coignard, 1682)                  [222] 2⁰

DéZALLIER D'ARGENVILLE, ANTOINE-JOSEPH, Abregé de la vie des fameux peintres: avec leurs portraits gravés en taille-douce, les indications de leurs principaux ouvrages, quelques réflexions sur leurs caractéres, et la maniere de connoître les desseins des grands maîtres (Paris: De Bure l'aîné, 1745)                  [572, 'portraits'] 4º

DINNERUS, CONRAD, Epitheta ad facil. strictae orationis graecae scriptionem (Francoforti, 1589)           [226, 'and 4 more'] edition untraced

DOBBS, ARTHUR, An account of the countries adjoining to Hudson¹s Bay, in the north-west part of America:... With an abstract of Captain Middleton¹s Journal, and observations upon his behaviour (London, 1744) [154] 4º

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---, The history of the progress and termination of the Roman Republic, 3 vols. (Dublin, 1783)      [235] 8⁰

FERGUSON, JAMES, Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton¹s principles, and made easy to those who have not studied mathematics. To which are added, a plain method of finding the distances of the planets from the sun, by the Transit of Venus over the Sun¹s Disc, in the Year 1761 (Fourth edition, corrected; London, 1770)        [238] 8⁰

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---, The history of Tom Jones, a foundling, 4 vols. (Third edition; London, 1749)           [237] 12⁰

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FLORUS, LUCIUS ANNAEUS, L. Annaei Flori Epitome rerum Romanarum: cum notis integris Cl. Salmasii, & selectis variorum: accedunt Jo. Georgii Graevii annotationes longe auctiores & correctiores (Amstelaedami: Wetstenium, 1692)           [241] 8⁰

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FOSTER, JOHN, An essay on the different nature of accent and quantity with their use and application in the English, Latin, and Greek languages: containing Remarks on the Metre of the English; on the origin and Aeolism of the Roman; on the general History of the Greek, with an account of its Antient Tones, and a defence of their present accentual marks... Containing some additions from the papers of Dr. Taylor and Mr. Markland (Eton, 1763)          [240, 'best edition'] 8⁰

FOSTER, MICHAEL, SIR, An examination of the scheme of church-power, laid down in the Codex juris eccelsiastici [sic] Anglicani, &c. (London, 1735)             [513, bound with Hare's 'Difficulties', '2 vol. in 1'] 8⁰

FOX, CHARLES JAMES, Mr. Fox¹s reply to Mr. Pitt, upon reporting the fourth propostion of the Irish system; purporting that all laws for the regulation of trade and navigation shall have equal force in Ireland as in England. On Tuesday, May 31, 1785 (London, 1785)   [509, bound with O'Beirne's 'Letter', 'with a few MS. corrections, and 4 more'] 8⁰

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FREDERICK, KING OF PRUSSIA, Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de la maison de Brandebourg, précédés d'un discours préliminaire, & suivis de trois dissertations, sur la religion, les moeurs, le gouvernement du Brandebourg, & d'une quatrième sur les raisons d'établir ou d'abroger les loix (Nouv. ed., rev., corr. & augm.; Berlin: Neaulme, 1751)  [367] 4⁰

FREIND, JOHN, An account of the Earl of Peterborow's conduct in Spain, chiefly since the raising the siege of Barcelona, 1706. : To which is added the campagne of Valencia. With original papers (London, 1707)    [14] 8º

FREND, WILLIAM, The principles of algebra (London, 1796)   [238] 8⁰

FULGENZIO, MANFREDI, Confirmatione delle considerationi del P.M. Pavlo di Venetia contra le oppositioni del R.P.M. Gio. Antionio Bovio (Venetia: Appresso R. Meietti, 1606)    [132] 4º

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---, Aliquot opuscula nunc primum Venetorum opera inventa et excusa, ed. Konrad Gesner (Lugduni: Rovillium, 1550)                 [396] 2⁰

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GAZES, THEODOROS, Theodori Introductiuae gra[m]matices libri quatuor. Eiusdem de mensibus opusculum sanequa[m]pulchtu[m] [sic]. Apollonii gra[m]matici de constructione libri quatuor. Herodianus de numeris (Venice: Aldo Manuzio, 1495)             [175, 'Rt. Hon. C. J. Fox's copy'] 2⁰

GEDDES, MICHAEL, Miscellaneous tracts: Viz. I. The History of the Expulsion of the Moriscoes out of Spain, in the Reign of Philip III. II. The History of the Wars of the Commons of Castile, in the Beginning of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. III. A View of the Spanish Cortes, or Parliament. IV. An Account of the Manuscripts and Reliques found in the Mountains of Granada, 1588. V. A View of the Inquisition of Portugal; with a List of the Prisoners which came out of the Inquisition of Lisbon, in an Act of the Faith., Celebrated Anno 1682. VI. A Spanish Protestant Martyrology (London, 1702)                  [247] 8⁰

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GIBBS, JAMES, A book of architecture, containing designs of buildings and ornaments. (London, 1728)       [392, 'numerous plates, portrait inlaid'] 2⁰

GODWIN, FRANCIS, De praesulibus Angliae commentarius... Recognovit, plurimis in locis (adjectis annotationibus) ad veritatem reduxit, et... ad praesens usque saeculum continuavit Gul. Richardson, 2 vols. (Cantabrigiae, 1743)           [393, 'portrait by Vertue'] 2⁰

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GOGUET, ANTOINE-YVES and FUGèRE, ALEXANDRE CONRAD, De l'origine de loix, de arts, et des sciences; et leurs proges chez les anciens peuples, 6 vols. (Paris: Desaint et Sallant, 1759)          [311] 8⁰

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---, The grecian history, from the earliest state to the death of Alexander the Great, 2 vols. (London, 1774)   [243, [date misprinted as 1769]] 8⁰

GORDON, ALEXANDER, The lives of Pope Alexander VI. and his son Cæsar Borgia. Comprehending The Wars in the Reigns of Charles Viii. and Lewis XII. Kings of France; and the Chief Transactions and Revolutions in Italy, from the Year 1492 to the Year 1506 (Londoon, 1729)               [398, 'frontispiece'] 2⁰

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---, The antiquities of England and Wales, 8 vols. (New edition; London, 1787)             [333, 'with the Supplement'... 'in all 15 vol., numerous plates, uniformly bound' [with the other Grose volumes] ] 2⁰

---, A treatise on ancient armour and weapons, illustrated by plates taken from the original armour in the Tower of London, and other arsenals, museums, and cabinets (London, 1787)  [333, 'in all 15 vol., numerous plates, uniformly bound' [with the other Grose volumes] ] 4⁰

---, The antiquities of Scotland, 2 vols. (London, 1789)                 [333, 'in all 15 vol., numerous plates, uniformly bound' [with the other Grose volumes] ] 2⁰

---, The antiquities of Ireland, 2 vols. (London, 1791)  [333, 'in all 15 vol., numerous plates, uniformly bound' [with the other Grose volumes] ] 2⁰

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---, Florilegium ethico-politicum nunquam antehac editum: nec non P. Syri ac L. Senecæ sententiæ aureæ, 'in all' 9 vols. (Francofurti: Rhodii, 1610)      [249, MS: much damaged, imperfect] 8º

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---, The history of Italy: from the year 1490 to 1532, trans. Austin Parke Goddard, 10 vols. (Second edition; London, 1755)           [242, 'wanting vol. 7'] 8º

HABESCI, ELIAS [ALEXANDER GIKA], The present state of the Ottoman empire. Containing A More Accurate And Interesting Account Of The Religion, Government, Military Establishment. Manners, Customs, And Amusements, Of The Turks Than Any Yet Extant, Including A Particular Description Of The Court And Seraglio Of The Grand Signor. And Interspersed With Many Singular And Entertaining Anecdotes (London, 1784)        [267] 8⁰

HALES, WILLIAM, Sonorum doctrina rationalis et experimentalis. Ex Newtoni, optimorumque physicorum scriptis, methodo elementaria congesta. Cui præmittitur disquisitio de aere et modificationibus atmosphæræ (Dublinii, 1778)         [345] 4⁰

HALIFAX, CHARLES MONTAGU, EARL OF, The works and life of the Right Honourable Charles, late Earl of Halifax. Including the history of his lordship¹s times (London, 1715)   [272] 8⁰

HAMILTON, HUGH, A geometrical treatise of the conic sections, in which the properties of the sections are derived from the nature of the cone, in an easy manner, and by a new method (London, 1773)  [345] 4⁰

HAMPDEN, ROBERT HAMPDEN, VISCOUNT, Britannia, Lathmon, Villa Bromhamensis, ed. John Hampden-Trevor Hampden, Viscount, trans. L neo (Parmae: Bodonianis, 1792)  [645, 'some leaves stained'] 2º

HANWAY, JONAS, An historical account of the British trade over the Caspian Sea: with a journal of travels from London through Russia into Persia; and back again through Russia, Germany and Holland. To which are added, the revolutions of Persia during the present century, with the particular history of the great usurper Nadir Kouli, 4 (bound as 2) vols. (London, 1753)         [342] 4⁰

HARE, FRANCIS, The difficulties and discouragements which attend the study of the Scriptures in the way of private judgment. In order to show, That, since such a Study of the Scriptures is Mens indispensable Duty, it concerns all Christian Societies to remove (as much as possible) those Discouragements. In a letter to a young clergyman. By a Presbyter of the Church of England (London, 1714)                 [513, bound with Foster's 'Examination', '2 vol. in 1'] 8⁰

HARGRAVE, FRANCIS, A collection of tracts relative to the law of England, from manuscripts (London, 1787)           [268] 4⁰

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IMLAY, GEORGE, A topographical description of the western territory of North America: containing a succinct account of its soil, climate, natural history, population, agriculture, manners, and customs. With an ample description of the several divisions into which that country is partitioned; to which are added, The discovery, settlement, and present state of Kentucky, By John Filson. To which is added, I. The Adventure of Col. Daniel Boon Š II. The Minutes of the Piankashaw Council Š III. An Account of the Indian NationsŠ (Second edition, with considerable additions; London, 1793)         [277] 8º

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---, A dictionary of the English language: in which the words are deduced from their originals, and illustrated in their different significations by examples from the best writers : to which are prefixed, a history of the language, and an English grammar, 2 vols. (London, 1755)             [408, 'first edition'] 2⁰

---, A journey to the western islands of Scotland. (London, 1775)                  [280, 'with two MS corrections'] 8⁰

JOHNSTONE, CHARLES, Chrysal: or, the adventures of a guinea. Wherein are exhibited views of several striking scenes, With Curious and interesting Anecdotes of the most Noted Persons in every Rank of Life, whose Hands it passed through, in America, England, Holland, Germany, and Portugal. By an adept., 4 vols. (Fourth edition, greatly inlarged and corrected; London, 1764)   [281] 12⁰

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JONES, DAVID, The history of the most serene House of Brunswick-Lunenburgh, In all the Branches thereof: From its Origin to the Death of Queen Anne (London, 1715)  [266] 8⁰

JONES, EDWARD, Index to the records called, the Originalia and Memoranda on the lord treasurer's remembrancer's side of the Exchequer: extracted from the records, and from the manuscripts of Mr. Tayleure, Mr. Madox and Mr. Chapman; formerly officers in that office. Containing all the grants of abbey lands, and other property, granted by the crown, from the begining of the reign of Henry VIII. to the end of Queen Ann, 2 vols. (London, 1795)              [410] 2⁰

JONES, JOHN, Free and candid disquisitions relating to the Church of England, and the means of advancing religion therein. Addressed to the governing powers in church and state; and more immediately directed to the two Houses of Convocation (Second edition, revised and improved; London, 1750)                [238] 8⁰

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---, An introduction to the true astronomy: or, astronomical lectures read in the astronomical school of the University of Oxford (Sixth edition, corrected; London, 1769)       [285] 8⁰

KEMP, JOHN, Monvmenta vetustatis Kempiana, ex vetustis scriptoribus illustrata, eosque vicissim illustrantia; in duas partes divisa, ed. Robert Ainsworth (London, 1720)   [283] 8⁰

KENNETT, BASIL, Romæ antiquæ notitia: or, the antiquities of Rome. In two parts. I. A Short History of the Rise, Progress, and Decay of the Commonwealth. II. A Description of the City: An Account of the Religion, Civil Government, and Art of War; with the Remarkable Customs and Ceremonies, Publick and Private. With Copper Cuts of the Principal Buildings, &c. To which are prefixed Two Essays, concerning the Roman Learning, and the Roman Education (Seventeenth edition, corrected and improved.; London, 1797)     [282] 8⁰

KENT, NATHANIEL, Hints to gentlemen of landed property (London, 1775)             [285] 8⁰

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KIRCHER, ATHANASIUS, Prodromvs coptvs sive ægyptiacvs... in quo cùm linguæ coptæ, siue aegyptiacæ, quondam pharaonicæ, origo, ætas, vicissitudo, inclinatio (Romae: Cong, 1736)           [352] 4⁰

KNIGHT, SAMUEL, The life of Erasmus, more particularly that part of it, which he spent in England; Wherein an Account is given of his Learned Friends, And the State of Religion and Learning At that Time in both our Universities. With an appendix containing several original papers (Cambridge, 1726)              [284] 8⁰

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LABACCO, ANTONIO, Libro d'Antonio Labacco appartenente a l'architettura: nel qual si figvrano alcune notabili antiquita di Roma (Rome, --)         [422, 'plates'] 2⁰

LAHONTAN, LOUIS ARMAND DE LOM D¹ARCE, BARON DE, New voyages to North-America. Containing An Account of the several Nations of that vast Continent; their Customs, Commerce, and Way of Navigation upon the Lakes and Rivers; the several Attempts of the English and French to disposses one another; with the Reasons of the Miscarriage of the former; and the various Adventures between the French, and the Iroquese Confederates of England, from 1683 to 1694 (London, 1703)                [291, 'and 5 more'] 8⁰

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LAS CASES, EMMANUEL-AUGUSTE-DIEUDONNé, COMTE DE, The geography of history, or the relative situation of all the powers of Europe, from the Christian Æra, to the present time. By Mr. Le Sage (London, --)       [423] 2⁰

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LE COMPTE, LOUIS, Memoirs and observations topographical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical. Made in a late journey through the empire of China, and published in several letters. Particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing; the silk and other manufactures; the pearl fishing; the history of plants and animals (London, 1697)         [291] 8⁰

LE SAGE, ALAIN RENé, The adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane. A new translation, by the author of Roderick Random. Adorned with thirty-three cuts, neatly engraved, trans. Tobias George Smollett, 4 vols. (London, 1750)   [293, 'cuts'] 12⁰

---, Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane, 4 vols. (Nouvelle édition, revue & corrigée; Paris, 1771)   [292] 12º

LEACH, THOMAS, Cases in crown law, determined by the twelve judges; by the Court of King¹s Bench; and by Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer, and general gaol delivery; from the fourth year of George the Second to the thirty-second year of George the Third (Second edition, with corrections; London, 1792)                  [294] 8⁰

LECIESTER, ROBERT DUDLEY, EARL OF, Secret memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, prime minister and favourite of Queen Elizabeth. Containing an instructive account of his ambition, designs, intrigues, excessive power; his engrossing the Queen, with the dangerous consequence of that practice, &c. Written during his life, and now published from an old manuscript never printed. To which is added a preface by Dr. Drake (London, 1706)               [104] 8º

LEE, NATHANIEL, The works of Mr. Nathaniel Lee, 3 vols. (London, 1784)               [293] 12⁰

LEIGHTON, ROBERT, Select works of Archbishop Leighton, with some letters never before printed. To which is prefixed an account of the author¹s life and character (London, 1758)                  [295, 'portrait'] 8⁰

LELAND, THOMAS, The history of Ireland from the invasion of Henry II. With a preliminary discourse on the antient state of that Kingdom, 3 vols. (London, 1773)             [355] 4⁰

---, The history of the life and reign of Philip King of Macedon; the father of Alexander, 2 vols. (London, 1775)             [289] 8⁰

LENGLET DU FRESNOY, PIERRE NICOLAS, ABBé, Memoires de Messire Philippe de Commines... enrichie de portraits... & augmentée de l¹Histoire de Louis XI. connue sous le nom de Chronique scandaleuse (par Jean de Troyes), ed. Denis Godfroy, 4 vols. (Londres; et se trouve à Paris, 1747)  [136, 'portraits'] 4º

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LEWIS, THOMAS, Origines hebrææ: the antiquities of the Hebrew republick. In four books... Design¹d as an explanation of every branch of the Levitical law, and of all the ceremonies and usages of the Hebrews, both civil and sacred, 4 vols. (London, 1724)                  [290] 8⁰

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LINDENBROG, FRIEDRICH, Codex legum antiquarum... Quibus accedunt formulæ solennes priscæ publicorum privatorumque negotiorum, nunc primum editæ: et glossarium sive interpretatio rerum vocumque difficilium et obscuriorum (Francofurti, 1613)  [199] 2⁰

LITTLETON, ADAM, Linguæ latinæ liber dictionarius quadripartitus. Dr. Adam Littleton¹s Latin dictionary, in four parts: I. An English-Latin. II. A Latin-Classical. III. A Latin-proper. IV. A Latin-barbarous... Improved from the several works of Stephens, Cooper, Holyoke, and a large MS. in three volumes of John Milton, &c. (Fifth edition; London, 1723)      [359] 4⁰

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---, An essay concerning human understanding. In four books, 2 vols. (14th; London, 1753)          [294] 8⁰

---, Two treatises of government by Iohn Locke, ed. Thomas Hollis (London, 1764)      [294] 8⁰

---, Letters concerning toleration by Iohn Locke (London, 1765)                  [357] 4⁰

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LONGINUS, Dionysiou Longinou peri hypsous hypomnēma: Dionysii Longini de sublimitate commentarius, ed. Zachary Pearce (Editio tertia; London, 1743)      [302] 8⁰

---, Dionysiou Longinou peri hypsous hypomnēma: Dionysii Longini de sublimitate commentarius, ed. Zachary Pearce (London, 1773)         [301] 8⁰

LUC, JEAN ANDRÉ DE, THE ELDER, De Lüc in Windsor an Zimmermann in Hannover. Aus dem Französischen übersetzet, ed. Leopold Alois  Hoffmann (Leipzig, 1792)                [225, 'a presentation copy to Burke, in blue morocco, gilt leaves'] 8º

LUCAN, Lucan¹s Pharsalia. Translated into English verse by Nicholas Rowe, Esq; Servant to His Majesty (London, 1718)            [416] 2⁰

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LUCIAN, OF SAMOSATA, A dialogue betwene Lucian and Diogenes of the life harde and sharpe, and of the lyfe tendre and delicate, trans. Sir Thomas Elyot (Londini, 1532?)           [515 'Curious Old Tracts', [rare]] 8⁰

LUCRETIUS CARUS, TITUS, T. Lucretii Cari de rerum natura libri sex, ad postremam O. Gifanii... emendationem accuratissme restituti, etc. Vita Lucretii Epitome... Epicuri de rerum natura... Thucydidis verba e libro II. historiarum, ed. Obertus Giphanius (Lugduni Batavorum, 1595)          [301, "and 6 more"] 8⁰

LUDERS, ALEXANDER, Reports of the proceedings in committees of the House of Commons, upon controverted elections, heard and determined during the present Parliament. Vol. I. Containing the Proceedings on Petitions in the first Session of this Parliament, in the Cases of Pontefract, Ipswich, Mitchell, Downton, Bedfordshire, Colchester, And Ilchester, 3 vols. (London, 1785)  [288] 8⁰

LUDLOW, EDMUND, Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, Esq; Lieutenant-General of Horse, Commander in Chief of the forces in Ireland, one of the Council of State, and a Member of the Parliament which began on November 3. 1640. With a collection of original papers, Serving To Confirm and illustrate many important Passages contained in the Memoirs. To which is now added, the case of King Charles the First [by John Cook] (London, 1751)    [415, 'portrait'] 2⁰

M'CORMICK, CHARLES, Memoirs of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke; or, an impartial review of his private life, his public conduct, his speeches in Parliament, and the different productions of his pen, whether political or literary. Interspersed with A Variety of Curious Anecdotes, and Extracts from his Secret Correspondence with Some of the Most Distinguished Characters in Europe (Second edition; London, 1798)                  [371] 4⁰

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MACINTOSH, WILLIAM, Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa; describing characters, customs, manners, laws, and productions of nature and art: containing various remarks on the political and commercial interests of Great Britain: and delineating, in particular, a new system... in the East Indies begun in... 1777, and finished in 1781, ed. William Thompson, 2 vols. (London, 1782)  [502] 8⁰

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---, The history of Great Britain, from the restoration, to the accession of the House of Hannover, 2 vols. (Dublin, 1775)                 [323, 'and Various Odd Volumes'] 8⁰

---, The history and management of the East-India Company, from its origin in 1600 to the present times. Volume the first. Containing the Affairs of the Carnatic; in which the Rights of the Nabob are explained, and the Injustice of the Company proved. The whole compiled from authentic records (London, 1779)     [369] 4⁰

MADOX, THOMAS, Firma burgi, or an historical essay concerning the cities towns and buroughs of England. Taken from records (London, 1726)      [430, 'LARGE PAPER, Manuscript Notes'] 2⁰

MAITLAND, WILLIAM, The history of London, from its foundation by the Romans, to the present time. Containing A Faithful Relation of the Publick Transactions of the Citizens; Accounts of the several Parishes; Parallels between London and other Great Cities (London, 1739)    [427, 'plates'] 2⁰

MALLET, PAUL-HENRI, Northern antiquities: or, a description of the manners, customs, religion and laws of the ancient Danes, and other northern nations; including those of our own Saxon ancestors, trans. Thomas Percy, 2 vols. (London, 1770)                  [313, 'best edition'] 8⁰

MALONE, EDMOND, An inquiry into the authenticity of certain miscellaneous papers and legal instruments, published Dec. 24, MDCCXCV. And attributed to Shakspeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry, Earl of Southampton: illustrated by fac-similes of the genuine hand-writing of that Nobleman, and of her Majesty; a new fac-simile of the hand-writing of shakspeare, never before exhibited; and other authentick documents: in a letter addressed to the right Hon. James, Earl of Charlemont (London, 1796)      [478, 'fine paper, with an Autograph Dedication by Malone to Burke'] 8⁰

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MARINO, GIAMBATTISTA, Lettere del cavalier Gio. Battista Marino: graui argute, e familiari. Facete, e piaceuoli. Dedicatorie: aggiunteui alcune poesie, che nell'altre sue rime non sono stampate, 4 in 2 vols. (Venetia: Baba, 1673)   [319] 8º

---, L'Adone; poema (Venetia: Sarzina, --)                  [364, 'stained'] 4º

MARIVAUX, PIERRE CARLET DE CHAMBLAIN DE, La vie de Marianne, ou, Les avantures de Madame la comtesse de ***, 4 vols. (Paris: Prault, 1755)       [306] 12⁰

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MARSHALL, JOSEPH, Travels through Holland, Flanders, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lapland, Russia, the Ukraine, and Poland, in the years 1768, 1769, and 1770. In which is particularly minuted, the present state of those countries, respecting their agriculture, population, manufactures, commerce, the arts, and useful undertakings, 3 vols. (London, 1772)          [312] 8⁰

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MARTIN, MARTIN, A voyage to St. Kilda. The remotest of all the Hebrides, or Western Isles of Scotland: Giving An Account of the very remarkable Inhabitants of that Place, their Beauty and singular Chastity (fornication and Adultery being unknown among them); their Genius for Poetry, Music, Dancing; To which is added, An account of Roderick, the late impostor there, pretending to be sent by St. John Baptist with new revelations and discoveries; his Diabolical Inventions, Attempts upon the Women, &c. (Fourth edition, corrected; London, 1753)    [317, 'and other tracts'] 8⁰

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MAY, THOMAS, The history of the Parliament of England: which began November the third, M.DC.XL. With a short and necessary vievv of some precedent yeares (London, 1647)   [428] 2⁰

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MIDDDLETON, CONYERS, The miscellaneous works of the late reverend and learned Conyers Middleton, D. D. Principal Librarian of the University of Cambridge. Containing all his writings, except the life of Cicero: Many of which were never before Published. In four volumes. With a complete Index to the whole., 4 vols. (London, 1752)          [360] 4⁰

MIDDLETON, CONYERS, A letter from Rome, shewing an exact conformity between popery and paganism: or, the religion of the present Romans, derived from that of their heathen ancestors. To which are added, I. A prefatory discourse, containing an answer to all the Objections of the Writer of a Popish Book, intituled, The Catholic Christian instructed, &c. with many new Facts and Testimonies, in farther confirmation of the general Argument of the Letter. And II. A postscript, in which Mr. Warburton¹s Opinion concerning the Paganism of Rome is particularly considered (Fourth edition; London, 1741)        [318] 8⁰

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---, Il Paradiso perduto poema inglese, trans. Paolo Rolli, 2 vols. (Parigi: Tumermani, 1740)         [319] 8º

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---, Paradise lost. A poem, in twelve books, ed. Thomas Newton, 2 vols. (Dublin, 1751)                [320] 8⁰

---, The works of John Milton, historical, political, and miscellaneous. ... To which is prefixed, An account of his life and writings, ed. Thomas Birch, 2 vols. (London, 1753)    [361] 4⁰

---, Paradise lost. A poem, in twelve books. The author John Milton, ed. Thomas Newton, 2 in 3 vols. (Third edition; London, 1754)               [361, 'portrait and plates'] 4⁰

---, Eikonoklastes̄. In answer to a book intitled, Eikon̄ Basilike,̄ the portraiture of his sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings, ed. Richard Baron (London, 1756)   [363] 4⁰

---, Milton¹s Paradise lost illustrated with texts of scripture, by John Gillies, D. D. One Of The Ministers In Glasgow (London, 1793)              [319] 12⁰

MOIVRE, ABRAHAM DE, The doctrine of chances: or, a method of calculating the probability of events in play (London, 1711)                 [160] 4º

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MONRO, DONALD, An account of the diseases which were most frequent in the British military hospitals in Germany, from January 1761 to the return of the troops to England in March 1763. To which is added, An essay on the Means of Preserving the Health of Soldiers, and conducting Military Hospitals (London, 1764)                  [321, 'and 5 more'] 8⁰

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---, Essays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne. In three books with marginal notes and quotations. And an account of the author¹s life, 3 vols. ( The fourth edition, with the addition of a compleat table to each volume, and a full defence of the author; London, 1711)         [310] 8⁰

---, Essais de Michel Seigneur de Montaigne, ed. Pierre Coste, 6 vols. (London: Nourse, 1739)    ] 12⁰

---, Montaigne¹s essays in three books. With notes and quotations. And an account of the author¹s life. With a short Character of the Author and Translator, by the late Marquiss of Hallifax, trans. Charles Cotton, 3 vols. (London, 1743)        [309] 8⁰

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MOORE, JOHN, Medical Sketches: in two parts (London, 1786)                 [321] 8⁰

MORéRI, LOUIS, The great historical, geographical, genealogical and poetical dictionary; being a curious miscellany of sacred and prophane history... Collected from the best historians, chronologers, and lexicographers... especially out of Lewis Morery, ed. Jeremy Collier, 2 vols. (Second edition, revised, with the supplement; London, 1701)        [196] 2⁰

---, Le grand dictionnaire historique, ou Le mêlange curieux de l'histoire sacrée et profane, qui contient en abrégé... les vies et les actions remarquables... la description des empirés, royaumes, républiques, provinces, villes, isles, montagnes, 4 vols. (Nouv. éd. où l'on a mis le Supplément dans le même ordre alphabetique corrigé les fautes-cenfurées dans le Dictionaire Critique de Mr. Bayle; Amsterdam La Haye: Aux Dépens de la Compagnie, 1702)              [425] 2⁰

---, Le grand dictionnaire historique; ou, Le mélange curieux de l'histoire sacrée et profane, qui contient en abregé l'histoire fabuleuse des dieux & des heroes de l'antiquité payenne, 10 vols. (Nouv. et derniere éd. rev., cor. et augm; Paris: Coignard, 1725-1749)             [424] 2⁰

MORTIMER, JOHN, The whole art of husbandry: or, the way of managing and improving of land. Being a full collection of what hath been writ, either by ancient or modern authors, 2 vols. (London, 1721) [312] 8⁰

MOTTEVILLE, FRANCOISE BERTAUT DE, Memoires pour servir a l'histoire d'Anne d'Autriche épouse de Louis XIII. roi de France., 6 vols. (Amsterdam: Chez François Changuion)             [306] 8⁰

MURATORI, LODOVICO ANTONIO, Della perfetta poesia Italiana, 2 vols. (Modena: Soliani, 1706)        [365] 4⁰

NANI MIRABELLI, DOMENICO, Polyanthea: hoc est, Opvs svavissimis floribvs celebriorvm sententiarvm tam Graecarvm qvam Latinarvm, exornatvm (Coloniae: Apud Maternum Cholinum, 1585)       [200, 'Cholini Polyanthea'] 2⁰

NARDINI, FAMIANO, Roma antica (Ed. seconda; Roma: Zenobi, 1704)   [377] 4⁰

NATTER, LORENZ, A treatise on the ancient method of engraving on precious stones, compared with the modern. Illustrated with copper-plates, 2 vols. (London, 1754)     [586, 'plates'] 2º

NAVY, CHAPLAIN OF THE, Letters to a friend, on the test laws, containing reasons for not repealing them... also, strictures on Mr. Paine¹s Rights of Man (London, 1791) [296] 8⁰

NEAL, DANIEL, The history of the Puritans or Protestant non-conformists, 2 vols. (London, 1754)              [375] 4⁰

NEWBURGH, WILLIAM OF, Guillelmi Neubrigensis Angli, canonici ad Regulam S. Augustini, De rebus Anglicis suis temporis, libri quinque. Nunc primum auctiores xi. Capitulis hactenus desideratis, & notis Ioannis Picardi Bellouacensi æquè canonici S. Victoris Parisiensis (Parisiis: Sevestre, 1610)  [250, 'and various others'] 8º

NEWMAN, SAMUEL, A large and compleat concordance to the Bible in English, according to the last translation (London, 1658)               [587] 2º

NEWTON, ISAAC, SIR, Opticks: or, a treatise of the reflections, refractions, inflections and colours of light (The fourth edition, corrected; London, 1730)           [325] 8⁰

NORDEN, FREDERIK LUDVIG, Travels in Egypt and Nubia. By Frederick Lewis Norden, F.R.S.... Translated from the original published by command of his Majesty the King of Denmark. And enlarged with observations... by Dr. Peter Templeman, 2 vols. (London, 1757)            [585, 'plates'] 2º

NORTH, ROGER, Examen: or, an enquiry into the credit and veracity of a pretended complete history; shewing the perverse and wicked design of it, and the many falsities and abuses of truth contained in it. Together with some memoirs ... All tending to vindicate the honour of the late King Charles the Second (London, 1740)                  [376] 4⁰

NUGENT, CHRISTOPHER, An essay on the hydrophobia: To which is prefixed The case of a Person who was bit by a Mad Dog; Had the Hydrophobia; and was happily cured (London, 1753)   [325, 'and various others'] 8⁰

---, Dr. Nugent's Treatise on Digestion, with his Miscellaneous Papers relative to it (--)                 [584, 'in 3 bundles, manuscript'] 2º

NUGENT, THOMAS, The history of Vandalia. Containing the ancient and present state of the country of Mecklenburg; Its Revolutions under The Vandals, the Venedi, and the Saxons; with the Succession and Memorable Actions of its Sovereigns, 3 in 2 vols. (London, 1766)           [1766] 4⁰

O'FLAHERTY, RODERIC, Ogygia: seu, Rerum Hibernicarum chronologia. Ex pervetustis monumentis fideliter inter se collatis eruta, atque è sacris ac prophanis literis primarum orbis gentium tam genealogicis, quam chronologicis susflaminata præsidiis (Londini, 1685)                [382] 4⁰

O'HALLORAN, SYLVESTER, A general history of Ireland, from the earliest accounts to the close of the twelfth century, collected from the most Authentic Records. In which New and interesting Lights are thrown on the remote Histories of other Nations as well as of both Britains, 2 vols. (London, 1778)                [381] 4⁰

O¹BEIRNE, THOMAS LEWIS, A letter from an Irish gentleman in London, to his friend, in Dublin, on the proposed system of commerce. (London, 1785)            bound with Fox's 'Reply', '2 vol. in 1, with a few MS. corrections, a 4 more'] 8⁰

O¹BRIEN, JOHN, Focalóir gaoidhilge-sax-bhéarla or an Irish-English dictionary. Whereof the Irish part hath been compiled not only from various Irish vocabularies, particularly that of Mr. Edward Lhuyd; but also from a great variety of the best Irish manuscripts now extant; especially those that have been composed from the 9th & 10th centuries, down to the 16th: besides those of the lives of St. Patrick & St. Brigit, written in the 6th & 7th centuries. (Paris, 1768)                [156, 'with a few MS notes'] 4º

OLDHAM, JOHN, The works of Mr. John Oldham, together with his Remains (London, 1686)     [326] 8⁰

OLDMIXON, JOHN, Clarendon and Whitlock compar¹d. To which is occasionally added, a comparison between the History of the rebellion, and other histories of the Civil War. Proving very plainly, that the editors of the Lord Clarendon¹s history, have hardly left one fact, or one character on the Parliament side, fairly represented (London, 1727)       [468, 'Ralph's Clarendon and Whitlock Compared'] 8⁰

---, The history of England, during the reigns of the Royal House of Stuart. Wherein the errors of late histories are discover¹d and corrected [Part 2, 1730]... The history of England, during the reigns of King William and Queen Mary, Queen Anne King George I [Part 3, 1735]... The history of England during the reigns of Henry Viii. Edward VI. Queen Mary. Queen Elizabeth [Part 1, 1739], 3 vols. (London, 1730-1739)              [589] 2º

ORLANDI, PELLEGRINO ANTONIO, L'abecedario pittorico, ed. Niccolo Parrino (Napoli, 1733)             [542] 4⁰

ORME, ROBERT, A history of the military transactions of the British nation in Indostan, from the year MDCCXLV. To which is prefixed A dissertation on the establishments made by Mahomedan conquerors in Indostan. From the year MDCCXLV. To which is Prefixed a Dissertation on the Establishments made by Mahomedan Conquerors in Indostan, 2 vols. (London, 1763)           [383, 'some passages marked by Mr. Burke'] 4⁰

OVID, Le metamorfosi, ed. Giovanni Andrea dell' Anquillara (Vinegia: Giunti, 1584) [386] 4⁰

---, Publii Ovidii Nasonis Opera omnia, ed. Gregor Bersmann (Londini, 1656)             [44, Date: '1658'; 'and 2 more'] 8º

---, P. Ovidii Nasonis Fastorum libri VI. Cum notis selectissimis variorum., ed. Cornelis Schrevel (Londini, 1699)          [444] 8º

---, Publii Ovidii Nasonis Opera omnia IV. voluminibus comprehensa, ed. Pieter Burman, 4 vols. (Amstelodami: Wetstenios, 1727)                [385] 4⁰

---, Heroidum epistolae, libri III Amorum, libri III De arte amandi, libri II De remedio amoris. His accesserunt De nuce, De medicamine faciei, De pulice, De philomela, Fragmentum, sive Somnium, Epigrammata (Londini, 1735)           [444, Date: '1734'] 8º

PALLADIO, ANDREA, The four books of Andrea Palladio¹s architecture: wherein, after a short treatise of the five orders, those observations that are most necessary in building, private houses, streets, bridges, piazzas, xisti, and temples are treated of, trans. Isaac Ware (London)                 [602, 'plates'] 2º

PANCRAZI, GIUSEPPE MARIA, Antichità siciliane spiegate, colle notizie generali di questo regno cui si comprende la storia particolare di quelle città, delle quali se ne riportano, 2 vols. (Napoli: Pellecchia, 1751)  [592, 'numerous plates'] 2º

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PECHEL, SAMUEL, An historical account of the settlement and possession of Bombay, by the English East India Company, and of the rise and progress of the war with the Mahratta nation. (privately printed; London, 1781)       [267] 8⁰

PEREZIUS, ANTONIUS, Institutiones Imperiales, Erotematibus Distinctae, atque ex ipsis principiis regulisque juris, passim insertis, explicatae (Ninth edition; Amstelodami: Elzevir, 1662)          [460] 8°

PERRIER, FRANçOIS, CALLED LE BOURGUIGNON, Cent statues, dessinées et gravées a Rome en 1638, (Paris: Morel, 1638)                [596, 'Perrier's Designs from Ancient Statues, laid down in 1 vol.'] 2º

PERRY, CHARLES, A view of the Levant: particularly of Constantinople, Syria, Egypt, and Greece. In which their antiquities, government, politics... are attempted to be described and treated on (London, 1743)        [604, 'plates'] 2º

PERUCCI, ORATIO, Porte d'architettura rustica (Reggio, 1634)                 [601, 'plates'] 2º

PéTIS DE LA CROIX, FRANçOIS, The history of Genghizcan the Great, first emperor of the antient Moguls and Tartars; in four books: Containing His Life, Advancement and Conquests; with a short History of his Successors to the present Time; the Manners, Customs and Laws of the Antient Moguls and Tartars; and the Geography of the vast Countries of Mogolistan, Turquestan, Capschac, Yugurestan, and the Eastern and Western Tartary, trans. P Aubin (London, 1722)                [299] 8⁰

PETRARCA, FRANCESCO, Il Petrarca, ed. Alessandro Vellutello (Vinegia: Giolito de Ferrari, 1558)         [543] 4⁰

---, Le rime di Francesco Petrarca: riscontrate co i testi a penna della Libreria Estense, e co i fragmenti dell' originale d'esso poeta ed. Lodovico Antonio Muratori (2. ed., accresciuta nel fine d'una giunta d'alcune composizioni del medesimo Petrarca e altri autori; Venezia: Viezzeri, 1741)                 [544] 4⁰

PETRONIUS, ARBITER, Titi Petronii Arbitri Satyricôn quae supersunt cum integris doctorum virorum commentariis; & notis, ed. Pieter Burman (Trajecti ad Rhenum: vander Water, 1709)        [540, '2 vol. old red morocco, gilt leaves'] 4⁰

PETTY, SIR WILLIAM, Observations upon the Dublin-bills of mortality, MDCLXXXI. and the state of that city [bound in one volume with] Another essay in political arithmetick, concerning the growth of the city of London: with the measures, periods, causes, and consequences thereof. 1682 (London, 1683)        [455, 'Petty's Tracts, in 1 vol.'] 8⁰

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---, Les oeuures morales de Plutarque: trans-latees de grec en françois, reveves et corrigees en plusieurs passages par le translateur, comprises en deux tomes, & enrichies en ceste derniere edition de prefaces generales, d'amples sommaires au commencement d'vn chacun des traittez, & d'annotations en marge, reueuës, & de nouueau augmentees, de moitié, lesquelles monstrent l'artifice & la suite des discours de l'auteur, ed. Jacques Amyot (Paris: Le Bouc, 1597)            [460] 4⁰

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---, Plutarch¹s Lives, in six volumes: translated from the Greek. With notes, explanatory and critical, from Dacier and others. To which is prefix¹d the Life of Plutarch, written by Dryden, ed. John Dryden, 6 vols. (London, 1758)                 [447, 'wanting vol. 5, heads'] 8⁰

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POSTLETHWAYTE, MALACHY, Britain¹s commercial interest explained and improved; in a series of dissertations on several important branches of her trade and police: Containing A Candid Enquiry into the secret Causes of the present Misfortunes of the Nation. With Proposals for their Remedy. Also The great Advantages which would accrue to this Kingdom from an Union with Ireland, 2 vols. (London, 1757)             [451] 8⁰

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PRICE, RICHARD, Observations on reversionary payments; on schemes for providing annuities for widows, and for persons in old age; on The Method of Calculating the Values of Assurances on Lives; and on The National Debt. To which are added, four essays On different Subjects in the Doctrine of Life-Annuities and Political Arithmetick (Third edition, much enlarged; London, 1773)             [456] 8⁰

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---, The old and New Testament connected in the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations, from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the Time of Christ, 2 vols. (Fifth Edition; London, 1718)         [597] 2º

PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH, The history and present state of discoveries relating to vision, light, and colours, 2 vols. (London, 1772)    [547] 4⁰

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---, The law of nature and nations: or, a general system of the most important principles of morality, jurisprudence, and politics. In eight books. To which is prefix¹d, M. Barbeyrac¹s prefatory discourse, containing An Historical and Critical Account of the Science of Morality, and the Progress it has made in the World, from the earliest Times down to the Publication of this Work. Done into English by Mr. Carew, of Lincoln¹s-Inn, trans. Basil Kennet (Fifth edition, carefully corrected; London, 1749)                  [603] 2º

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RALPH, JAMES, The history of England: during the reigns of K. William, Q. Anne, and K. George I. With an introductory review of the reigns of the royal brothers, Charles and James; in which are to be found the seeds of the Revolution. By a lover of truth and liberty, 2 vols. (London, 1744)                  [610, 'UNCUT'] 2º

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RANDALL, JOHN, The semi-Virgilian husbandry, deduced from various experiments: or, an essay towards a new course of national farming, formed from The Defects, Losses, and Disappointments, of the Old and New Husbandry, and put on the true Biass of Nature, in the Production of Vegetables, and in the Power of every Ploughman, with his own Ploughs, &c. to execute. With the philosophy of agriculture (London, 1764)            [469] 8⁰

RAPIN DE THOYRAS, M. (PAUL), The history of England, as well ecclesiastical as civil [together with] The continuation of Mr Rapin de Thoyras¹s History of England, from the revolution to the accession of King George II. By N. Tindal, trans. Nicholas Tindal, 28 vols. (London, 1728)        [464, 'portraits, wanting vol. 8 of Tindal'] 8⁰

RAYNAL, ABBé, A philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies, trans. J. O. Justamond, 8 vols. (London, 1788)             [465, 'wanting vol. 3'] 8⁰

RENNELL, JAMES, A bengal atlas: containing maps of the theatre of war and commerce on that side of Hindoostan. Compiled from the original surveys; and published by order of the Honourable the Court of Directors for the Affairs of the East India-Company (London, 1781)      [611, 'a presentation copy to Burke, gilt leaves'] 1º

RETZ, JEAN FRANÇOIS PAUL DE GONDI, CARDINAL DE, Memoires de Monsieur le Cardinal de Retz. (Amsterdam: Nancy, 1717)    [306] 12º

RICHARDS, GEORGE, The aboriginal Britons, a prize poem, spoken in the Theatre at Oxford, July Viii. MDCCXCI (Oxford, 1791)             [553, 'Richards's Poems'] 4⁰

RIDOLFI, LUCA ANTONIO and HERBERé, CLAUDE DE, Ragionamento havuto in Lione, da Claudio de Herberè gentil'huomo franzese, & da Alessandro degli Uberti gentil'humo fiorentino, sopra alcuni luoghi del Cento novelle del Boccaccio (Lione: G. Rovillio, 1557)            [132] 4º

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, An historical disquisition concerning the knowledge which the ancients had of India; and the progress of trade with that country prior to the discovery of the passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. With an appendix, containing observations on the Civil Policy, The Laws and Judicial Proceedings, The Arts, The Sciences, And Religious Institutions, of the Indians (London, 1791)          [468] 4⁰

ROISECCA, GREGORIO, Roma antica, e moderna: o sia Nuova descrizione di tutti gl'edificj antichi, e moderni, tanto sagri, quanto profani della città di Roma, 3 vols. (Roma: Roisecco, 1750)    [470] 8⁰

ROSINUS, JOHANNES, Johannis Rosini Antiquitatum romanarum corpus absolutissimum... I. De priscis rom. gentib. ac familiis. II. De tribubus rom. xxxv. rusticis atque urbanis. III. De ludis festisque rom. ex kalendario vetere (Editio postrema, ab innumerabilibus erroribus repurgata; Trajecti ad Rhenum: vande Water, 1701)        [551] 4⁰

ROSSI, DOMENICO DE, Stvdio d'architettvra civile sopra gil ornamenti di porte e finestre tratti da alcune fabbriche insigni di Roma, con le misure, piante, modini, e profili; opera, 2 vols. (Roma, 1702)     [613, 'numerous plates'] 2º

ROSSI, DOMENICO DE and MAFFEI, PAOLO ALESSANDRO, Raccolta di statue antiche e modern data in luce sotto i gloriosi auspici della Santita di N.S. Papa Clemente XI (Roma: Stamperia alla Pace, 1704)     [615, 'numerous plates, with a few Ms. corrections by Sig. Tiqueroni'] 2º

ROSSI, GIOVANNI GIACOMO DE, Libro De Catafalchi, Tabernacoli: con varii disegni die porte, fenestre e altri ornamenti di architettura, 2 vols. (Roma, --)   [614, 'numerous plates'] 2º

ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES, Émile, ou De l'éducation (Amsterdam, 1762)             [469] 8⁰

---, Emilius; or, An essay on education., trans. Thomas Nugent, 2 vols. (London, 1763)                 [469] 8⁰

RULAND, MARTIN, Synonymia Latinograeca D. Martini Rvlandi: in duas partes coniunctas distincta. Olim ab illo congeri coepta; nunc passim emendata, & magna tam vocum quàm phrasium accessione locupletata, ed. David Hoeschel (Editio postrema emendatior; Genevae: Stoer, 1646)                [470, 'and various others'] 8⁰

RUSHWORTH, JOHN, Historical collections of private passages of state... Digested in order of time, 7 vols. (London, 1659-1701)                [609, '8 vol.'] 2º

RUSSELL, RACHEL, LADY, Letters of Lady Rachel Russell; From The Manuscript in the Library at Woburn Abbey. To which is prefixed, an introduction, vindicating the character of Lord Russell against Sir John Dalrymple, &c., ed. Thomas Sellwood (1773)                [553] 4⁰

RUTHERFORTH, THOMAS, A system of natural philosophy, being a course of lectures in mechanics, optics, hydrostatics, and astronomy; Which are read in St Johns College Cambridge, 2 vols. (Cambridge, 1748)  [550] 4⁰

SAINT-ÉVREMOND, CHARLES DE, OEuvres de Monsieur de Saint-Evremond, publiées sur les manuscrits de l¹auteur, ed. Pierre des Maizeaux, 7 vols. (Nouvelle édition reveûë, corrigée & augmentée de la vie de l¹auteur; Londres, 1725)        [471] 12⁰

SAINT-SIMON, LOUIS DE ROUVROY, DUC DE,, Mémoires de Monsieur le Duc de S. Simon, ou l¹observateur véridique, sur le règne de Louis XIV, & sur les premières époques des règnes suivans, ed. Giraud Soulavie, 7 vols. (Londres, 1788) [324, 'wanting vol. 4'] 8⁰

SALLUST, C. Crispi Sallustii Opera omnia quae extant (Amstelodami: Boom, 1690)    [496] 8⁰

---, C. Sallustii Crispi opera omnia quæ extant, interpretatione et notis illustravit Daniel Crispinus, in usum serenissimi Delphini, ed. Daniel Crespin (Londini, 1715)                [497] 8⁰

---, The works of Sallust, translated into English. With political discourses upon that author. To which is added, a translation of Cicero¹s four orations against Catiline, trans. Thomas Gordon (London, 1744)   [563] 4º

SALMON, NATHANIEL, A new survey of England. Wherein the defects of Camden are supplied, and the errors of his followers remarked: The Opinions of our Antiquaries compared: The Roman Military Ways traced; And, The Stations settled according to the Itinerary, without altering the Figures. With some Natural History of each County, 2 vols. (London, 1731)           [489] 8⁰

SALMON, THOMAS, A new abridgement and critical review of the state trials. Wherein are inserted, several trials not in any other collection (London, 1737)     [623] 2º

---, The chronological historian: containing a regular account of all material transactions and occurrences, ecclesiastical, civil, and military, relating to the English affairs, From the Invasion of the Romans, to the Fourteenth Year of King George II, 2 vols. (Third edition, with large additions; London, 1747)           [473] 8⁰

SALVIATI, ALAMANNO, CARDINAL, Vocabolario degli accademici della Crusca, 4 vols. (Fourth edition; Firenze: Manni, 1729)           [656, 'best edition, stained'] 2º

SANCHONIATHON, Sanchoniatho¹s Phonician history, translated from the first book of Eusebius De præparatione evangelica. With a continuation of Sanchoniatho¹s History by Eratosthenes Cyrenæus¹s Canon, which Dicaearchus connects with the First Olympiad. These Authors are illustrated with many Historical and Chronological Remarks, proving them to contain a Series of Phoenician and Egyptian Chronology, from the first Man to the first Olympiad, agreeable to the Scripture Accounts, trans. Richard Cumberland (London, 1720)           [72] 8º

SANTI BARTOLI, PIETRO, Colonna Traiana eretta dal Senato, e Popolo Romano all¹Imperatore Traiano ... Scolpita con l¹historie della Guerra Dacica, la prima e la seconda expeditione e vittoria contro il re Decebalo (Roma: Gio. Giacomo de Rossi, –)      [180, [undated in catalogue]] 2º

SANTI BARTOLI, PIETRO and BELLORI, GIOVANNI PIETRO, Le antiche lucerne sepolcrali figurate, raccolte dalle caue sotteranee (Roma: G.F. Buagni, 1691)           [184] 2º

SANTI BARTOLI, PIETRO and BELLORI, GIOVANNI PIETRO Admiranda Romanorum antiquitatum ac veteris sculpturae vestigia (Roma, 1693)   [183] 2º

SANTI BARTOLI, PIETRO and GALEOTTI, NICCOLÓ. Museum Odescalchum, sive Thesaurus antiquarum gemmarum ... quæ a Christina Suecorum regina collectæ in Museo Odescalcho adversantur, et a P. Sancto Bartolo quondam incisæ, nunc primum in lucem proferuntur, 2 vols. (Romae, 1751)                 [181] 2º

SANTI BARTOLI, PIETRO and RAPHAEL, Leonis X admirandae uirtutis imagines, ab Hetruriae legatione ad Pontificatum a Raphaeli Vrbinata ad uiuum, et ad miraculum expressas, in Aulaeis Vaticanis, textili monocromate elaboratas (Romae: I.I. de Rubeis,, [1500s])                [182] 2º

SARPI, PAOLO, The historie of the Councel of Trent. Conteining eight bookes. In which (besides the ordinarie actes of the Councell) are declared many notable occurrences, which happened in Christendome, during the space of fourtie yeeres and more. And, particularly, the practises of the Court of Rome, to hinder the reformation of their errors, and to maintaine their greatnesse, trans. Nathanael Brent (1620)        [621] 2º

SAVARY DES BRûLONS, JACQUES, The universal dictionary of trade and commerce, translated from the French... with large additions and improvements, ed. Malachy Postlethwayt, 2 vols. (Second edition; London, 1757)   [593] 2º

SCAPULA, JOHANN, Lexicon Graecolatinum novum: in quo ex primitivorum & simplicium fontibus derivata atque composita ordine non minus naturali, quàm alphabetico, breviter & dilucidè deducuntur (Editio ultima, priori locupletior & correctior; Basileae: Henricpetri, 1594)                  [640, 'wants the title'] 2º

SCHENKIUS A GRAFENBERG, JOANNES, Jo. Schenkii a Grafenberg observationum medicarum rariorum libri 7. Opus a Jo. Geo. Schenkio fil. tertium illustratum ante annos vero 20 ab innumeris praecedentium editionum mendis Car. Sponii opera vindicatum et nunc passim novis recentiorum autorum observationibus autem a Laurentio Straussio, ed. Car. Sponius (Francofurti Beyer, 1665)      [638] 2º

SCOTT, DAVID, The history of Scotland. Containing all the historical transactions of that nation, from the year of the world 3619. to the year of Christ 1726. Impartially collected and digested into a regular method (Westminster, 1728)     [620] 2º

SECRETAN, PHILIPPE, Reflexions sur les governemens, pour servir de suite a l'ouvrage de Mr Burke sur la Revolution en France, et celui de Mr Paine sur les droits de l'homme (Londres, 1792)              [53] 8º

SEDLEY, CHARLES, SIR, The works of the Honourable Sir Charles Sedley, Bart in prose and verse... With memoirs of the author¹s life, writ by an eminent hand, ed. William Ayloff, 2 vols. (London, 1722)                 [490] 12⁰

SENECA, LUCIUS ANNAEUS, L. Annæi Senecæ philosophi opera omnia, eds Justus  Lipsius and Joannes Fredericus Gronovius, 3 vols. (Lugdunum Batavorum: Elzevir, 1649)           [495] 8⁰

---, L. Annaei Senecae opera quae exstant, eds Justus Lipsius and Joannes Fredericus Gronovius (Amstelodami: Elsevir, 1673)    [498, 'scarce'] 8⁰

SHAFTESBURY, ANTHONY ASHLEY COOPER, EARL OF, Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, times, 3 vols. (Fourth edition; London, 1727)              [438] 8⁰

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, The works of Shakespeare: in eight volumes. Collated with the oldest copies, and corrected, ed. Lewis Theobald, 8 vols. (London, 1740)         [500, 'wanting vol. 3 and 6, portrait, and cuts by Gravelot'] 12⁰

---, The plays of William Shakespeare, in eight volumes, with the corrections and illustrations of various commentators, ed. Samuel Johnson, 8 vols. (London, 1765)                [476] 8⁰

---, The plays and poems of William Shakspeare, in ten volumes; collated verbatim with the most authentick copies, and revised: with the corrections and illustrations of various commentators; to which are added, an essay on the chronological order of his plays; an essay relative to Shakspeare and Jonson; a dissertation ON The Three Parts Of King Henry VI.; an historical account Of The English Stage; And Notes, ed. Edmond Malone, 10 in 11 vols. (London, 1790)             [477, 'fine paper'] 8⁰

SHAW, PETER, Chemical lectures, Publickly Read at London, in the years 1731, and 1732; and since at Scarborough, in 1733; for the improvement of arts, trades, and natural philosophy (London, 1733)  [489] 8⁰

SHEFFIELD, JOHN HOLROYD, EARL OF, Observations on the manufactures, trade, and present state of Ireland (London, 1785)              [474] 8⁰

---, Observations on the manufactures, trade, and present state of Ireland (London, 1785)            [488] 8⁰

SHENSTONE, WILLIAM, The works in verse and prose, of William Shenstone, Esq; most of which were never before printed, 2 vols. (London: Dodsley, 1764)   [485] 8⁰

SHERWIN, HENRY, Sherwin¹s mathematical tables, contrived in an easy and comprehensive manner, containing Dr. Wallis¹s account of logarithms, and various methods of compating them, according to the latest Improvement, , ed. Samuel Clark (London, 1772)         [474] 8⁰

SHUCKFORD, SAMUEL, The sacred and prophane history of the world connected, from the creation of the world to the dissolution of the Assyrian Empire, 3 vols. (London, 1743)       [486] 8⁰

SIDNEY, ALGERNON, Discourses concerning government. By Algernon Sidney, Esq; to which are added, memoirs of his life, and an apology for himself, both now first published, and the latter from his original manuscript (Third edition; London, 1751)         [619, 'LARGE PAPER, 1 leaf small paper, portrait'] 2º

SIDNEY, PHILIP, SIR, The works of the Honourable Sr. Philip Sidney, Kt. In prose and verse. In three volumes. Containing, I. The Countess of Pembroke¹s Arcadia. II. The Defense of Poesy. III. Astrophel and Stella. IV. The Remedy of Love; Sonnets, &c. V. The Lady of May. A Masque. VI. The Life of the Author, 3 vols. (Fourteenth edition; London, 1725)             [484, 'scarce, with a few leaves stained'] 8⁰

SIGONIO, CARLO, Caroli Sigonii de antiquo jure civium Romanorum libri duo, 2 vols. (Venetiis: Zilettus, 1560)         [565] 4º

SIGONIUS, CAROLUS, Caroli Sigonii de antiqvo ivre popvli Romani libri vndecim (Bononiae: Societatem Typographiae Bononien, 1574)  [642] 2º

SIMPSON, THOMAS, The doctrine and application of fluxions. Containing (besides what is common on the subject) a number of new improvements in the theory. and The Solution of a Variety of New, and very Interesting, Problems in different Branches of the Mathematicks (Second edition, revised and carefully corrected; London, 1776)           [489] 8⁰

SIMSON, ROBERT, The elements of Euclid, viz. the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth. The Errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago Vitiated these Books, are Corrected, And some of Euclid¹s Demonstrations are Restored (Edinburgh, 1772)    [231, 'and varous others'] 8⁰

SKINNER, WILLIAM, The life of General Monk: Duke of Albemarle, Containing, I. A faithful Account of his unparallel¹d Conduct, surprizing Actions, and Providential Success in accomplishing the Restoration of Monarchy. II. A particular Relation of that most memorable March from Coldstream to London; the Preparations for it in Scotland, and the Happy Consequences of it in England. III. Many Mistakes committed by our Historians, (particularly the Earl of Clarendon) concerning the General¹s Administration, rectified, ed. William Webster (Second edition; London, 1724)      [488] 12⁰

SLOANE, HANS, SIR, A voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, with the natural history ... of the last of those islands; to which is prefix¹d an introduction, wherein is an account of the inhabitants, air, waters, diseases, trade, &c... Illustrated wit the figures of the things describ¹d, 2 vols. (London, 1707)          [622, 'numerous plates'] 2º

SMITH, ROBERT, A compleat system of opticks in four books, viz. A popular, a mathematical, a mechanical, and a philosophical treatise. To which are added remarks upon the whole (Cambridge, 1738)    [560] 4º

SMOLLETT, TOBIAS GEORGE, The history and adventures of an atom, 2 vols. (London, 1749)                 [6] 12º

SMYTH, JAMES CARMICHAEL, A description of the jail distemper, as it appeared amongst the Spanish prisoners, At Winchester, in the Year 1780; with an account of the means employed for curing that fever, and for destroying the contagion, which gave rise to it (London, 1795)                [493] 8⁰

SOPHOCLES, Henrici Stephani Annotationes in Sophoclem & Euripidem: quibus variae lectiones examinãtur, & pro mendosis emendatae substituuntur. Eiusdem Tractatus de orthographia quorundam vocabulorum Sophocli cum caeteris tragicis communium. Eiu