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Welcome to the OUBS website. Whether you are a fresher or a veteran, an undergrad, a fellow, or anything in-between, we hope you will find enough information here to further your links with the Brazilian academic community in Oxford -- or simply to get in touch with our people of unparalleled warmth and cultural effervescence!

The OUBS has some formal objectives, as stated in its Constitution.

First, we aim at promoting debate about the Brazilian reality related with social, economic, political and cultural aspects.

Second, we seek to improve the relationship among the Brazilian community itself and among the Brazilian community, the British society and other overseas communities.

Third, we purpose to promote the articulation of the interests of Brazilian postgraduate students and researchers residing in Oxfordshire through association to adequate organisms.

Meetings and Events 

The OUBS hosts regular meetings and always has a bustling schedule of events. Latin people generally do it nice. But Brazilian people bring the Samba, Choro, and Bossa Nova. Case to rest: we are fun!

Who can join?

Everyone. We are as multi-cultural as our country is. We are also always in touch and organizing joint events with other student societies in Oxford -- our links with the Portuguese Society are particularly strong, and celebrate our cultural and historical ancestry. We are pleased to welcome people from the most diverse traditions and origins, and will do our best to ensure you will feel home -- amidst this rainy weather of England it will seem as if you were in Ipanema. :)

Though Members of the society hold privileged access to all of our meetings and events, many of our events are open to the Oxford community at large.


Membership to OUBS is free and open to all members of Oxford University -- regardless of whether you are already a member of other student society. Click here to apply.

We can also admit non-Oxford University members, up to the limit of 1/5 of our total membership, and will do so at the discretion of the Committee, in particular when there is an evidenced academic connection with either of the universities of Oxford.

Brookes University

Members of Brookes University play an important role in our community, and are particularly encouraged to apply!