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Mountford Group 2016-2017

Back row: Nick Rees | Ben Clough | Martin Slusarczyk | Harrison Barrett | Rhys King | Wilfred Diment | Andrey Protchenko | Archie McNeillis | Adán Reyes-Sanchez. Front row: Ross Green | Kento Kawakita | Bowen Xie | Nichabhat Diteepeng | Philip Mountford | Karen Gamero-Vega | Insun Yu | Theresa Scharbert | Natalia Vieira Reis

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Harrison Barrett is a final year student (Part II) studying for an masters (MChem) degree at University College. For his Part II he is investigatingthe  synthesis and reactivity of new titanium borylimido complexes, in particular their role in small molecule activation reactions.

Ben Clough, a final year  DPhil in the group, is a graduate of the University of Oxford and a member of St Edmund Hall. He carried out his Part II research project in the group of Dr Jose Goicoechea, working on the transition metal-mediated activation of group 15 Zintl ions. In his DPhil studies he is developing the synthesis and reactivity of titanium alkoxyimido and related compounds.

Wilf Diment is a Masters (Part II) student in the groups and a member of St Catherine's College. He is working on synthesising a series of titanium guanidinate compounds for the catalytic polymerisation of olefins.

Nichabhat Diteepeng is a graduate of Mahidol University in Thailand and a member of St Edmund Hall. She carried out her Master's project on developing the magnesium catalysts for the ring-opening polymerisation of lactide with Dr.Khamphee Phomphrai. In her DPhil studies she is now working on the ring-opening polymerisation catalysis using alkaline earth catalysts, which are funded by the Royal Thai Government.

Karen Gamero-Vega is a third year DPhil in the group from the Autonomous University of Coahuila where she carried out her thesis research project in collaboration with The Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV) - Saltillo under the supervision of Dr. Antonia Martinez and Dr. Esther Sanchez. She is a member of St Edmund Hall and currently she is working on the synthesis and reactivity of transition metal alkoxyimido and hydrazido compounds and their reactivity with small molecules as part of his DPhil studies, which are funded by CONACYT and FIDERH.

Ross Green is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh (MChem) where he worked with Dr. Jason Love on the chelation and reactivity of the uranyl cation. He is working towards a DPhil investigating metal-metal bonds between alkaline earth and transition metal elements. He is a member of St. Edmund Hall.

Kento Kawakita is a visiting student in the Mountford group from the research group of Prof. Kazushi Mashima, Osaka University, Japan. He is working on aspects of the reactions of metal-ligand multiply-bonded compounds.

Rhys King is a 4th year Masters (Part II) student, and is a member of Pembroke college. He is working on developing bifunctional ion-paired organocatalysts for stereocontrolled activated monomer ring opening polymerisation of lactides.

Archie McNeillis a graduate of Josephine Butler College, Durham University (MChem), is a first year DPhil in the group and a member of St Edmund Hall. He carried out his master’s project on catalytic nucleophilic aromatic substitution with Ru(II) complexes under the supervision of Dr James Walton. Archie’s DPhil project currently involves the synthesis and reactivity of zirconium and hafnium hydrazides

Simona Mellino [not pictured this year - see previously] is a member of Jesus College and holds a University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship. Simona graduated from the University of Trieste and spent six months in Montpellier for her masters thesis project in the group of Dr. Eric Clot, working on copper-catalyzed direct synthesis of amides. She is carrying out a joint experimental and DFT project in the group under to joint supervision of Eric Clot and Philip Mountford in the area of small molecule activation chemistry.

Philip Mountford is Professor of Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis and Head of Inorganic Chemistry. His research interests centre around studies of the synthesis, structure, bonding and reactivity of organometallic compounds of the transition metals and lanthanides. For further details follow the link at the top of the page.

Nick Rees  is NMR manager for Inorganic Chemistry and an associate member of the group. Without Nick and his repertoire of very clever NMR experiments - not to mention keeping the two 400 MHz and the 500 MHz Inorganic NMR spectrometers going - we wouldn't be able to characterise and study most of the more exotic compounds we make.

Adán Reyes-Sanchez is a graduate of the National Autonomous University of Mexico where he did a Master’s project on the nickel-catalysed hydroamination of organic unsaturations under the supervision of Prof. Juventino García. He is a member of St Edmund Hall and currently he is working on the synthesis of organolanthanide complexes for the activation of small molecules as part of his DPhil studies, which are funded by CONACYT MX, the Mexican Bureau of Education, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Oxford and St Edmund Hall.

Theresa Scharbert is a second year DPhil in the group originally from Frankfurt, Germany and a member of St Edmund Hall. She completed her MChem at the University of St Andrews, and after a year in industry, completed her final year project with Dr. Matt Clarke. There she worked on the depolymerisation of PET using ruthenium-based catalysts. She is currently working on synthesising new amidinato titanium complexes for olefin polymerisation catalysis in collaboration with LANXESS Elastomers B.V

Martin Slusarczyk is a second year graduate student originally from the ETH Zurich (Bsc & MSc Chemistry). During his undergraduate studies he carried out a research project on two-dimensional polymers in the group of Dieter Schlüter, and subsequently on heterogeneous tungsten metathesis catalysts in the group of Christophe Copéret. For his master's thesis he joined the lab of Greg Fu at Caltech in order to work on nickel-catalyzed Negishi cross-couplings. Martin is now working on his DPhil in small molecule activation studies with a focus on titanium borylimido complexes. He is supported by the Clarendon Fund and member of Wolfson college

Natalia Vieira Reis is a second year DPhil in the group orignally from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG-Brazil) where she concluded her Bachelor studies in Chemistry. After that, she carried on her Masters degree in Inorganic Chemistry focused on Supramolecular Chemistry and Molecular Magnetism. She is a member of The Queen’s College.

Bowen Xie is a graduate of the University of St Andrews (MChem) where he worked with Dr. Matt Clarke on the mechanistic study and optimisation of asymmetric methoxycarbonylation. He is working towards a DPhil investigating the synthesis and reactivity of Zirconium and Hafnium borylimido compounds.

Dr Insun Yu completed her Ph.D. degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC) under the supervision of Prof. Mehrkhodavandi in November 2012. Her graduate studies focused mainly on the study of catalysts for the ring opening polymerization of cyclic esters and the synthesis and reactivity of late transition metal carbene compounds. In particular, Insun investigated the mechanism of living ring opening polymerization of lactide catalyzed by chiral dinuclear indium(III) complexes and the development of new indium(III) complexes for copolymerization of cyclic ether and ester. She stayed at UBC as a joint postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Pierre Kennepohl to learn DFT computational skills with Orca software until April 2014.

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