David Stuckler, MPH, PhD, Hon MFPH, FRSA
Professor of Political Economy and Sociology
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My research integrates political economy and public health:
1) Macro-social and -economic determinants of health,
2) Political economy of global health and development,
3) Comparative social policy

I use large datasets and statistical modelling to understand the root causes of epidemics. Recent examples include:
-Will the ongoing financial crisis make us sick?
-Has austerity damaged the Greek health system?
-Why did so many Russian men disappear in the early 1990s?
-Did IMF lending programmes worsen the Ebola outbreak?
-Does mineral mining spread TB in sub-Saharan Africa?

Here's what I have been thinking about lately:
The Body Economic
photo "This book you should read"
-- Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet

"Outstanding its results should be widely read, and contemplated.
-- Noam Chomsky

"Far too many books are described as seminal, but The Body Economic really could be.
-- Amol Rajan, Editor of The Independent

The Guardian Feature   New York Times Op-ed   Lancet Review   BMJ Review
Sick Societies
"This book is a tour de force! It will be a mandatory reader for courses in global health."
-- Shah Ebrahim, Editor of the International Journal of Epidemiology

Review in Occupational Medicine
Review in International Journal of Epidemiology
Review in Journal of Public Health
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