Professor David Stuckler, MPH, PhD, Hon MFPH, FRSA
Professor of Political Economy and Sociology
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My research integrates political economy and public health. Currently I am focusing on three areas of population health and development: 1) Macro-social and -economic determinants of health, 2) Political economy of global health and development, and 3) Comparative social policy.

I use data and modelling to address complex questions including: Will the ongoing financial crisis make us sick? Is global health aid reaching the world's poorest and most vulnerable groups? Why did so many Russian men die during the transition to capitalism in the early 1990s? Does investing in social welfare improve health? Why are HIV and tuberculosis so difficult to stop in sub-Saharan Africa? How can health systems provide affordable care for everyone?

New book:
The Body Economic
photo "A powerful and important contribution to our future. Stuckler and Basu use statistics not to dehumanize people, but to bring them to life" -- Ha-Joon Chang, Author Of '23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism'

"This book you should read" -- Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet

"Explosive ... powerful. Backed by a decade of research, and based on reams of publicly available data... The Body Economic should come as a broadside, morally armour-plated and data-reinforced" -- Jon Henley, Guardian

"A powerful indictment of the unnecessary suffering and rising mortality rates associated with austerity policies unsoftened by remedial social programmes. I hope the finance ministers read it, and try mixing with the ordinary people, who are the only ones who can bring about economic recovery" -- Harry Eyres, Financial Times

"The Body Economic is a bold synthesis of quantitative data, historical cases, personal narratives, and sociological and clinically informed analyses about the effects of investing, or failing to invest, in public health safety nets...Their work is important not just for all those who deliver health care services, but also for anyone who might, just might, one day be a patient." -- Paul Farmer, Harvard Medical School, and Founding Director, Partners in Health
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Chronic Disease textbook:
Sick Societies, a comprehensive analysis of the global chronic disease epidemic, now published by Oxford University Press
"The book is a tour de force! Stuckler and Siegel's book expertly pulls together the essential data and ideas needed to combat chronic diseases. It will be a mandatory reader for courses in global health. It is the book Geoffrey Rose would have written if he were still around."
-- Professor Shah Ebrahim, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Book review in International Journal of Epidemiology
Book review in Occupational Medicine
Book review in Journal of Public Health

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