Selected Media

We are told Generation Y is hard-hearted, but it's a lie, Guardian, 30/07/2013, Data Sources

The trust cost of austerity, Al Jazeera, 01/05/2013

US, European leaders in denial about health effects of austerity, RT, 30/04/2013

Austerity kills, economists warn, Guardian, 29/04/2013

Cost of austerity measures is poor health, The Telegraph, 29/04/2013

Food companies and our health, Guardian, 02/07/2012

Food industry is focus of science magazine series, LA Times, 20/06/2012

Increasingly in Europe, Suicides ‘by Economic Crisis’, New York Times, 15/04/2012

Greeks pay for economic crisis with their health, Guardian,10/10/2011

Rigorous studies of IMF policy effects,Guardian, 07/02/2011

Poor countries with IMF loans 'divert aid from public health',Guardian, 17/01/2011

Welfare cuts put added health strain on population, BBC, 25/06/2010

Budget cuts will affect death rate, says report, Guardian, 25/01/2010

Painful cuts and trade-offs in prospect, Financial Times, 30/09/2009

More Unemployment, More Murders and Suicides, The Takeaway, 08/07/2009

Murder and suicides climb during recessions, New Scientist, 08/07/2009

Governments 'must prevent suicides during recession', Guardian, 08/07/2009

EU suicide rates surged after 2008 crisis, Financial Times, 08/07/2009

Post-Soviet death rates, BBC, 02/02/2009

Study Looks at Mortality in Post-Soviet Era, New York Times, 16/01/2009

Public health suffers as former Soviet states cope with change, New York Times, 15/01/2009

Privatisation 'raised death rate', BBC, 15/01/2009

Soviet sell-offs led to deaths, says study, Financial Times, 15/01/2009

Mass murder and the market, Economist, 22/01/2009

Could IMF Loans Be Causing TB Deaths?, Scientific American, 24/07/2008

IMF loans 'lead to TB deaths', New Scientist, 23/07/2008

Rise in TB Is Linked to Loans From I.M.F., New York Times, 22/07/2008

Bank crises 'increase rate of heart attacks', Guardian, 26/02/2008

Heart Attacks to Rise? [video] CNBC, 26/02/2008

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