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Calculus I

Course Information
640:135 (Calculus I) Autumn 2010
Lecturer: Various
Supplemental Instructor: Michael A. Boemo
Required Text: Calculus and Its Applications by Strauss, Bradley, and Smith
Lecture Time/Location: Various
Recitation Time/Location: Beck Hall ODASIS Center, M 9:00-11:00 AM

Exam warning!  As your final exam approaches, we will have one last cumulative review session.  E-mail me with any questions, and make an appointment to meet with me if anything isn't clear. (added 12/10/10)

Resources for Students
- Quiz 1
- Quiz 2
- Quiz 3
- Quiz 4
- Quiz 5
- Quiz 6
- Quiz 7
- Quiz 8
- Vertex Form
- Limit Factorizations