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I am an applied mathematician interested in how natural phenomena can be thought of as computations.  The topic of my current work is developing programmable computing systems that are constructed entirely out of DNA and capable of self-assembly.   Another topic of interest is using systems of partial differential equations to model ways in which the body's immune system can assist in transporting drugs into tumours.  

Currently, I am a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher and EscoDNA Fellow at Christ Church, University of Oxford where I am working toward my PhD under the direction of Professor Andrew Turberfield (University of Oxford) and Professor Luca Cardelli (University of Oxford, Microsoft Research Cambridge).

In addition to research, I organise the Oxford Biophysics Seminar Series. If you have questions pertaining to these seminars, please feel free to get in touch via Email.

My studentship is funded by a grant from the European Commission.

Michael A. Boemo
PhD Student in Condensed Matter Physics
Christ Church, University of Oxford

E-mail: michael dot boemo at physics dot ox dot ac dot uk