This is the personal web page of Diggory Gray.

I work for the Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies as an IT Support Officer.


Open BibleDove with olive branch

The open bible group is a collection of university staff, who meet twice a month, to study the bible or pray.

Bible Study & Prayer

We meet on the 1st Thursday of each month for a bible study and the 3rd Thursday of each month for prayer.

We currently meet at the Ioannou Centre (Faculty of Classics).Ioannou Centre

The meetings start at 12:30 and last a maximum of 50 minutes (you're welcome to bring your lunch with you).

Up coming meetings (and other details/changes) are adverstised on the open-bible mailing list (see below on how to subscribe).

Contacting us

Open Bible is currently organised by Diggory Gray & Jemima Spare. You can contact either of us at:


You can subscribe to the open-bible mailing list by sending a blank email to from your Oxford email account.

Hope to see you there!

Useful client software

CactiCacti cactus

What is does: PHP/SQL driven graphing server for monitoring network switch traffic etc.

What you can do with it: Keep historic graphs for network throughput. It's also extendabel, you can add templates to montor server capacity and even printer toner levels.

What it doesn't do: It's not a replacement for something which monitors your network and sends alerts (like Nagios).

osTicketosTicket logo

What it does: PHP/SQL driven helpdesk software.

Does what it says on the tin and is easy to use.

rEFItrEFIt logo

What it does: Adds a customisable boot loader for you mac.

What can you do with it: Make a nice looking boot menu screen for users to choose what OS to run when a Mac starts up.