Committee for 2017-2018

The committee for 2017-2018 is as follows. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member.

Past Committees

PRESIDENT-Michael Adamer (president AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Michael Adamer

The President is responsible for the overall running of the Club, acting as chairman at meetings, and directing the Club's Committee. Together with the Secretary, the President does the bulk of the day-to-day tasks such as answering letters and emails, and representing OUMC at Sports Federation meetings. The President also produces an annual report for the Sports Federation and membership.

Michael came to Oxford as a sport climber and it took him a while to discover the beauty of a well placed nut. These days he is up for almost anything vertical involving lots of gear, rocks and being somewhere in the mountains. Doing long mulit-pitch climbs is his concept of an ideal day off. When not doing maths he loves the freedom of a good trad route in solid gritstone and even the masochistic Dartmoor granite. On holidays mountaineering, alpine climbing and anything else vertical in his natural habitat, the Alps (and beyond) are the treats of his choice.

SECRETARY-Michael Coughlan (secretary AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Michael Coughlan

The Secretary works alongside the President and is responsible for correspondence, BMC membership issues, and maintaining minutes of Club meetings

Michael hails from the wet and windy south of Ireland and came to Oxford for a PhD in mathematical geoscience. Originally a kayaker, once he found himself in the comparatively calm and arid England had to find a less damp sport and has since been hooked by climbing. Impatient by nature he prefers to use a long reach instead of any kind of technical ability. He still doesn't understand why people prefer trad to sport climbing, and doesn't seem to mind wet rock. The club is working on it.

TREASURER-Alasdair Ross (treasurer AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Alasdair Ross

The Treasurer is responsible for the Club's finances - a job not to be taken lightly! As well as issuing payment for climbing and social events, it is the Treasurer's job to ensure that everyone pays their debts to the Club, and also to collect annual membership fees. At the end of the year, the Treasurer submits the Club's accounts to the Sports Federation.

Alasdair joined the club about 2 years ago when he started studying physics (physics and climbing/mountaineering being his main reasons to come to Oxford). He's keen to continue trad leading and to try some more multipitch routes. Once it gets cold again, he would like to try some more winter routes.

MEETS SECRETARIES-Andrew Tyler and Ben Jones (meets AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Meets Secs are responsible for organizing and running the climbing meets, including booking minibuses and accommodation, and submitting attendance lists to the Sports Federation. Meets Secs will usually require plenty of experience of Club meets, but don't necessarily have to attend all the trips.

Andrew Tyler

Andy has been climbing for a number of years, only relatively recently heading out doors and realising that trad climbing is the best thing ever. Though he might not use the word 'psyched' as many times as his fellow meets sec, he's always excited for the next meet / evening in the Gardners Arms.

Ben Jones

Ben joined OUMC one year ago when he moved to Oxford to begin a DPhil in Chemistry. Having had a lot of experience persuading friends to drive him to crags, meets secretary seemed like an obvious fit. He enjoys a steep boulder problem and has developed a taste for crack climbing and awkward caving routes; much to the displeasure of his climbing partners.

Gear Secretaries-Alex Richards and Anne Schumacher (gear AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Gear Secs look after the Club's stock of equipment, including ropes, rock shoes, harness, and winter gear (this usually takes up all the space under your bed). They are also responsible for ensuring the kit gets up to Brookes every week, and that it is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition. If they're lucky (and the Treasurer allows) they may get to purchase shiny new gear.

Alex Richards

Alex is a PhD student working in biomedical engineering. He has been climbing indoors for some time, but with the help of the club has begun to venture outside, particularly enjoying bouldering and scrambling. He brings enthusiasm, a good bike, and an empty garage to the role of gear sec.

Anne Schumacher

Anne started climbing when she joined the club last year. She quickly became addicted to Iffley but enjoyed trad even more once she tried it, and is keen to climb and generally spend time outdoors over the summer. She's also hoping to try winter sometime.

Courses and Competitions Secretary-Matthew Reid (courses DOT comps AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Matthew Reid

The Courses and Competitions Secretary is responsible for organising the training courses that the club offers throughout the year as well getting people psyched for regional and national climbing.

Matthew is a DPhil student specialising in Clinical Neurosciences. After growing up on the outskirts of the Peak District and spending four years in Sheffield, Matthew decided that perhaps this climbing stuff wasn't for him after all and banished himself to three years in Oxford

SOCIAL SECRETARIES-George Draper-Barr and Katherine Summers (socials AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Social Secs are responsible for making sure we all have a good time. Apparently this involves booking venues, and generally organizing parties in and around Oxford...

George Draper-Barr

George came to the OUMC having never climbed before but a keen mountaineer after spending five months trekking round New Zealand and being chased by a black bear in the US. It was the 'sandbagging' at Stanage on a freshers meet that really hooked him onto hurling himself around bouldering problems and constantly injuring himself. At one time he could be summoned by simply shouting "fresher" at Brookes. When not climbing George can be found on the hockey pitch adding to his injuries or in a miscellaneous pub with a pint.

Katherine Summers

Katherine hasn't written her profile yet, but she promises it'll be worth the wait!

LIBRARIANS and OMJ EDITORS-Lina Arthur and Tim Crothers(journal AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Librarians and Journal Editors spend most of they year collecting articles, quotes, and reports for the annual Oxford Mountaineering Journal, and then two frantic months putting it all together and getting it printed. They are also responsible for arranging journal exchanges with other mountaineering clubs, as well as selling advertising space.

They also look after the Oxford Mountaineering Library, and are responsible for the general maintenance of the collection as well as any new purchases.

Lina Arthur

Lina is a Slab Demon at heart, but will occasionally admit to climbing Other Things Beginning With S, such as snow, slate, Scotland, but not sport. She is also exceedingly brightly coloured.

She claims to have cured her escalating guidebook-buying habit by becoming an OUMC Librarian, which has given her an unlimited scope to expand her guidebook empire (albeit answerable to The Treasurer).

She has also resolved her tendency to make quotable remarks by becoming Journal Editor, which allows her to assiduously note down other people's quotes in preference to her own.

Tim Crothers

Tim started climbing 4 years ago at OUMC as a complete novice and was swiftly hooked. The potential for faffing around on some trad routes, or sitting on an Iffley bouldering mat staring wistfully into the void of hold three have since maintained his attention. This year he hopes, as every year, to get some real climbing done, but we will have to wait and see if this actually happens. On outdoor trips beware his driving and dubious taste in 'music'...

WEBMASTER-Josh Dawes (webmaster AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Josh Dawes

The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep of this website.

Josh grew up in the land of the hobbit, and has only recently made his way to the UK and started trad climbing with the OUMC. He's particularly keen on day trips to the Peak District, and spotting a new dyno at Brookes always puts a smile on his face.

Josh's main goal for this year is to climb some proper multi-pitch before winter rolls around. As appealing as Tryfan is, he'd rather have feeling in his fingers when he climbs it.