Committee for 2018-2019

The committee for 2018-2019 is as follows. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member.

Past Committees

PRESIDENT-Jola Mirecka (president AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Jola Mirecka

The President is responsible for the overall running of the Club, acting as chairman at meetings, and directing the Club's Committee. Together with the Secretary, the President does the bulk of the day-to-day tasks such as answering letters and emails, and representing OUMC at Sports Federation meetings. The President also produces an annual report for the Sports Federation and membership.

Full of controversial opinions such as "climbing is training for alpinism". Spent her childhood hopping around High Tatras. Having joined OUMC at the start of her PhD she has discovered the joy of 'trad' and British climbing ethics (in endless beverage-spiced GA arguments). With no particular talent, car or gear but only sheer enthusiasm, she spends ~70% of her weekends outdoors - PhD on the other hand... Can be found on a morning Brookes session or in North Wales seconding a big multi-pitch (because leading is hard...).

SECRETARY-George Draper-Barr (secretary AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
George Draper-Barr

The Secretary works alongside the President and is responsible for correspondence, BMC membership issues, and maintaining minutes of Club meetings

Dabbling in mountaineering even before the OUMC, George is still considered by some to be the resident fresher even though he's a fourth year biochemist. George has been rock climbing for three years with the OUMC after a sandbagging at a fresher meet showed him a new exciting way to get injured. Constantly irritated by those who think lack of technique can't be compensated for by height and ape index.

TREASURER-Eddy Yeo(treasurer AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Eddy Yeo

The Treasurer is responsible for the Club's finances - a job not to be taken lightly! As well as issuing payment for climbing and social events, it is the Treasurer's job to ensure that everyone pays their debts to the Club, and also to collect annual membership fees. At the end of the year, the Treasurer submits the Club's accounts to the Sports Federation.

Eddy is a Maths PhD student who joined the club in 2017. Eddy is most keen for well-bolted sport routes or any kind of bouldering. She enjoys deeply discovering those special climbing routes where being short and flexible is required. As the club treasurer she is fulfilling a life goal of becoming the personification of an Excel spreadsheet.

MEETS SECRETARIES-George Vere and George Atkinson (meets AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Meets Secs are responsible for organizing and running the climbing meets, including booking minibuses and accommodation, and submitting attendance lists to the Sports Federation. Meets Secs will usually require plenty of experience of Club meets, but don't necessarily have to attend all the trips.

George Vere

George enjoys one thing: suffering. He's no longer really sure if it's type-2 fun anymore. If it's raining, George is probably to be found lying in his bivvy bag. He brings this attitude with particular glee to the role of meet sec, but he promises that that he won't impose his ideas on other people and begrudgingly agrees that huts are probably more sensible than bivvy bags in North Wales. Besides bivvying, George loves hillwalking, trad climbing, and mountaineering, although he has a massive soft spot for Iffley.

George Atkinson

George joined the club last year and quickly got stuck in. He leans more towards mountaineering, though has been caught red handed taking a sport climbing holiday. He does his best to ensure that everyone knows he is the youngest Brit to have climbed Everest and has admitted to using this successfully in drunken courtship. He even has his own Wikipedia page.

Gear Secretary - Matthew Steggles (gear AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Gear Secs look after the Club's stock of equipment, including ropes, rock shoes, harness, and winter gear (this usually takes up all the space under your bed). They are also responsible for ensuring the kit gets up to Brookes every week, and that it is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition. If they're lucky (and the Treasurer allows) they may get to purchase shiny new gear.

Matthew Steggles

Matty is a first year DPhil student in physics, and as gear secretary you can contact him to borrow or ask questions about club equipment. He is a relatively new member of the club, and has been enjoying throwing himself into all sorts of climbs with OUMC, both indoor and out. He thinks moths can be just as pretty as butterflies.

Gear Secretary Wanted

The club is currently looking for a second gear secretary - if you would like to volunteer to enable new climbers to try out the sport, please get in touch!

Courses Secretary-Jamie Bickers (courses AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Jamie Bickers

The Courses Secretary is responsible for organising the training courses that the club offers throughout the year - including ropework, first aid, and advanced climbing skills training.

As a lifetime member, Jamie lives to climb. Jamie excels at all forms of climbing, whether it be Ice climbing in Scotland, trad in lakes or simply a gnarly 6a at the Iffley bouldering wall. If it's hard, Jamie will do anything to be on top of it. You'll often find Jamie at Iffley where his love for the wall has grown so deep, some surmise that Jamie's love for Iffley has become concerningly unorthodox. Why else would a route be called Jamie's date?

Indoor Climbing Captain - Nadav Gropper (indoor DOT captain AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Nadav Gropper

The Indoor Climbing Captain runs the club's regular training sessions, and organises the competitions that the club attends.

Nadav is a PhD student in Number Theory. His main focus is competitive climbing, and he has participated in several international competitions. Although he has being climbing since he was 7, the amount of times he climbed outdoors can probably be counted on one hand. He hopes to make the climbing team even stronger and to have OUMC win as many comps as possible.

SOCIAL SECRETARIES-Barbora Sojkova and Sam Johansen (socials AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Social Secs are responsible for making sure we all have a good time. Apparently this involves booking venues, and generally organizing parties in and around Oxford...

Barbora Sojkova

Being a Sanskritist, Barbora is one of the rare cases of a Humanities-oriented OUMC member. She originally comes from the Czech Republic and constantly tries to persuade everybody in the club that the best crags and beer are to be found in the Central Europe. Even though her heart belongs to sketchy runout slabs, she enjoys all climbing disciplines, in particular long (not only) trad multi-pitch routes. When not climbing, she can be usually found trail running with the so called "grumpy old ladies".

Sam Johansen

Sam loves slabs, and rates bouldering above everything else except wild swimming. He is always keen to do anything that allows him to get outside and running, walking, climbing or swimming through the landscape. His love of the outdoors led him to do an undergrad in archaeology, so he is one of those rare climbers that hasn't given themselves over to science. Instead he now works digging holes and wandering around the Chilterns.

LIBRARIANS and OMJ EDITORS- Dan Wilcox and Kodi Beveridge-Smith (journal AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)

The Librarians and Journal Editors spend most of they year collecting articles, quotes, and reports for the annual Oxford Mountaineering Journal, and then two frantic months putting it all together and getting it printed. They are also responsible for arranging journal exchanges with other mountaineering clubs, as well as selling advertising space.

They also look after the Oxford Mountaineering Library, and are responsible for the general maintenance of the collection as well as any new purchases.

Dan Wilcox

Dan grew up climbing in North Wales, where many rainy days spent reading guidebooks provided excellent training for the role of librarian. He enjoys all kinds of big mountain days, from multi-pitch trad to scrambling and Alpine routes.

Kodi Beveridge-Smith

I'''m an undergraduate historian at Worcester, which makes me rare in the club for being both an undergrad and a humanities degree. I started climbing during my first year of sixth form in Canada, which was a long way from the Birmingham I was born in. My main passion is mountaineering, and I'''ve climbed in the Himalayas, the Rockies and of course many national parks in the UK. However, I didn'''t learn to lead climb until I joined the club as a fresher and I haven'''t looked back since '' well not until I'''ve had to shout down from the crux for some beta!

WEBMASTER-Joshua Dawes (webmaster AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Joshua Dawes

The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep of this website.

Josh grew up in the land of the hobbit, and has only recently made his way to the UK and started trad climbing with the OUMC. He's particularly keen on day trips to the Peak District, and spotting a new dyno at Brookes always puts a smile on his face.

Josh's main goal for this year is to climb some proper multi-pitch before winter rolls around. As appealing as Tryfan is, he'd rather have feeling in his fingers when he climbs it.

WELFARE REPRESENTATIVES - Barbora Sojkova and Sam Johansen(welfare AT oumc DOT co DOT uk)
Barbora and Sam

The welfare representative's role is to ensure that members of the club have someone to turn to in confidence for matters ranging from anxiety and health (mental or physical) to anonymous feedback on the club or its members. They can be contacted directly by email or social media, or anonymously via a form (found on the website). They serve the individual first, and act as an interface with the committee.

As welfare reps, our aim for the year is to make sure that everyone, no matter their level or intrerest in climbing can feel involved and included in the club. Climbing is as much about social and mental wellbeing as it is about holding onto rock and plastic, and so we hope that as a club we can help everyone progress upwards in all aspects they hope to.

We have both been involved in the club for a couple of years, and while we love climbing, we also enjoy other activities like wild-swimming, running and cycling. As social secs on the side, we will be running a series of fun events throughout the year, but these are not the only way you have to talk to us! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything you want to chat about.