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  • OUMC Procedures

    Details of club procedures and best practice. It is expected that all members have read and understood this document.
  • Kit List

    A tick list of the things that should be taken on any outdoor trip.
  • Membership Form

    Together with a cheque, a completed membership form is all that is needed to join the Club!
  • Code of Conduct

    Requirements on the conduct of the Club and its members.
  • Risk Assessment

    A comprehensive assessment of the risks that could arise in the course of the Club's activities.
  • BMC Insurance Information

    OUMC has Civil Liability Protection for all its members from the BMC. To learn more, see the Civil Liability section in this document.
  • Constitution

    The rules by which the Club operates.
  • Sign-up Sheet

    The sign-up sheet for all OUMC meets. The completed sheet must be displayed in the main transport vehicle.
  • Meet Contacts Sheet

    The list of contacts to be used in the case of an accident. This should be printed out and displayed in the main transport vehicle next to the sign-up sheet.