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Can't find the information you are looking for? Perhaps one of the questions below matches your query. If you are still stuck, contact us.
I have never climbed before, can I try?
Of course! Have a read through the club overview.
How do I join?
Simply follow the short instructions on the membership page.
What are the membership fees?
The latest membership rates are on the membership page.
What happens on a typical meet?
The procedure for our weekend climbing trips has been refined to perfection.
What do I need to take with me on a club outing?
Have a look at the recommended kit list.
May I borrow equipment from the Club?
All members are welcome to borrow any of the Club's equipment.
I want to get my own equipment: any advice?
Equipment is a fairly individual affair, but some general principles apply to most decisions.
I am ready to get my own shoes and harness: is there anywhere in Oxford to buy these?
The range is not great, but there are a few places.
How can I receive important announcements by email?
Simply send a blank e-mail to climbers-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.
How can I stop receiving relentless messages from the Club's maillist?
Simply send a blank message to climbers-unsubscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.
This website is a bit of a maze. Is there an easy way of seeing what is here?
Have a look at the site map.
Do you run courses teaching people how to climb?
Sadly, we do not. We are not qualified or insured to do so. The local place for an organised, professionally instructed course is Brookes.
Does the Club do walking trips?
In short, no. On club trips we only go walking when it's raining and there is no climbing to be done, or to get to the beginning of some rock or ice. The OU Walking Club are probably who you're looking for. Many of our members are also keen walkers and may be interested in any trips you have in mind.
So what has OUMC done to push climbing in the last couple of years?
Check out our recent new routing and first ascent achievements.
Do you have a small but interesting bouldering wall perfect for building technique and finger strength?
Yes, we do!
Do you have a bolt gun like in Cliffhanger?