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The Brookes Centre for Sport has a climbing section (called Rock Solid) with both a bouldering area and a modest lead tower (ropes are not provided).

The Brookes sports centre is located at the top of Headington Hill: Bear left at Magdalen Roundabout and go straight up the hill (with the big park on your right and then another on your left) to a footbridge over the road (see image below). Cross over this bridge to reach the sports centre.

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During term time the Club visits Brookes at least once a week. For the first few weeks of Michaelmas term some of our members will meet outside Queens College and walk up to the wall—a handy introduction if you're not sure about finding your way!

The Gear Rep will usually take the Club's harnesses and rock shoes to the wall for the official club sessions, so if you don't have your own harness or shoes then this is the best time to go.

As for clothing you just need to know that climbing is about flexibility as well as strength and so wearing clothes that allow you to move easily and stretch is a good plan. For your feet, bring footwear that has either stiff soles, is tight fitting, or both, just in case we can't sort you out. Comfy shoes, like trainers, are sadly rubbish for climbing. Also, bring a jumper because it can get cold if you haven't been climbing for a few minutes.

For more information, you can visit the official webpage.

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Bridge to Brookes