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Since 1979, the University Sports Centre on Iffley Road has been home to the Club's very own bouldering wall. It's an unusual place that some people never understand, whilst others become obsessed. Iffley bouldering is about two things: pushing yourself and each other on very technical problems, and spontaneous pub crawls and parties!

The wall is free to members of OUMC, but you'll need a Bod card or Sports Centre card to get in through the turnstile. Steve Broadbent has produced an excellent guidebook, available on his Iffley website blog.

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We tend to congregrate at Iffley on Monday evenings, but it's the kind of place that people just pop in for an hour or so whenever they feel like it. Many visits are organised on the Chat Page. If you've never been before then we recommend you go along with other people—Iffley is all about sociable bouldering, and it can be pretty dull on your own! There are problems of all grades at Iffley, but it's not a great place for people who have never climbed before. Climbing shoes are definitely required (you are welcome to borrow some from the Club, but this must be arranged individually with the Gear Rep). While we can recommend this fanastic venue, for those starting out, it is probably best to go to Brookes first.

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The entrance.

Back entrance.