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The committee, for 2013–2014, is as follows. If you have a specific question, that is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to contact the relevant committee member. E-mail addresses have not been explicitly given, but can be formed in the obvious way from the names and colleges, or using the university contact search, or if there is an exception to that rule, we've given you a separate clue.

Past committees.

PRESIDENT—Steve Robinson (St Edmund Hall)

The President is responsible for the overall running of the Club, acting as chairman at meetings, and directing the Club's Committee. Together with the Secretary, the President does the bulk of the day-to-day tasks such as answering letters and emails, and representing OUMC at Sports Federation meetings. The President also produces an annual report for the Sports Federation and membership.

Steve very much enjoys all aspects of climbing from bouldering to long mountain trad routes. Despite his well-renowned sense of direction, he usually seems to find his way to the crag (a useful feature for someone who also holds a minibus license). The committee will be looking to Steve to "steer" them in the right direction over the coming year.

SECRETARY—Marion Wyllie (Queens)

The Secretary works alongside the President and is responsible for correspondance, BMC membership issues, and maintaining minutes of Club meetings.

"Mad Maid" Marion earned her nickname by soloing "interesting" routes when she thought no-one else was looking... but don't let the walking stick fool you - that's just for keeping the committee in line... I've been forced into writing this bio, for making one too many comments that displeased her - PLEASE SEND HELP.

TREASURER—James Lam (Queens)

The Treasurer is responsible for the Club's finances—a job not to be taken lightly! As well as issuing payment for climbing and social events, it is the Treasurer's job to ensure that everyone pays their debts to the Club, and also to collect annual membership fees. At the end of the year, the Treasurer submits the Club's accounts to the Sports Federation.

James claims it was a love of spreadsheets and numbers that led him to become treasurer. We also happen to know that he quite likes climbing in its various forms too. All in all, we reckon he's in the right place, really.

MEETS SECRETARIES— Kerry Mellor (New) and Cameron Hall (Maths)

The Meets Secs are responsible for organizing and running the climbing meets, including booking minibuses and accommodation, and submitting attendance lists to the Sports Federation. Meets Secs will usually require plenty of experience of Club meets, and have the time to attend most of the trips.

Kerry is a humanities student who presumably got lost on her way to the history faculty and ended up surrounded by scientists in the OUMC, whereupon she was promptly elected to a position which she's not a hundred percent sure she actually volunteered for. When she's not enjoying the delights of spreadsheets and camp site bookings, she likes nothing more than perpetually subjecting herself to trad climbing epics when she really should be resting her [insert injury of the month here],or else sampling the extremes of British weather whilst insisting "it's the views we do it for!" in zero visibility. Kerry is best identified by her supposedly "broad shoulders" and somewhat diminutive stature, or by the string of extremely loud cursing that can be heard from miles around whenever she is forced to attempt an overhang.

Cameron is a confused antipodean mathematician who has foolishly volunteered for the job of Meets Secretary despite having done it twice before and therefore supposedly knowing what it involves. He apparently likes spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to camping sites in addition to the more usual pleasures of bimbling up trad routes, falling off boulder problems and saying that he needs to do more sport climbing. Cameron also supplies the annual OUMC crossword and (if roused) a torrent of random memorised material, and he is easily identified by the fact that he wears shorts all the time, but is taller than Will.

GEAR REP—Liam Garrison (Somerville)

The Gear Rep looks after the Club's stock of equipment, including ropes, rock shoes, harness, and winter gear (this usually takes up all the space under your bed). He is also responsible for ensuring the kit gets up to Brookes every week, and that it is maintained in a safe and servicable condition. If he's lucky (and the treasurer allows) he may get to purchase shiny new gear.

Liam is a relative newcomer to climbing and has progressed from knowing nothing about climbing last year to enjoying long trad routes in remote places, pottering about on sea cliffs in Dorset and hauling the club.s gear in and around Oxford. When he.s not climbing you can find him crossing continents on his bike, plotting out his next big adventure or maybe even studying some Chemistry.

LIBRARIAN—Will Benfold ("will AT benfold DOT com")

The Librarian looks after the Oxford Mountaineering Library, and is responsible for the general maintanence of the collection as well as any new purchases.

Will did a Maths degree and a PhD before arriving in Oxford, where he has a real job, although he tries not to let it interfere with climbing plans too much. He can regularly be seen climbing at Brookes (until closing time) or drinking at the pub (also until closing time). Will particularly enjoys getting outdoors on club meets: while he's probably a trad climber at heart, he also has a lot of fun with sport climbing and bouldering. He can be recognised by the fact that he wears shorts all year round and is slightly shorter than Cameron.

SOCIAL SECRETARIES—Jennifer Southern (Brasenose) and Jamie Wakeham ("firstnamelastname AT hotmail DOT com")

The Social Secs are responsible for making sure we all have a good time. Apparently this involves booking venues, and generally organizing parties in and around Oxford...

Jenny suffers from Short-Girl Syndrome. This gives her full rights to complain loudly about "reachy" moves in Brookes tower, which are actually perfectly in proportion for normal humans. When not arguing about whether the features are "in" for hands as well as feet, she can be found outside in the sun at whatever sport crag destination Dave Loh is currently obsessed with. If you need to find her in a busy bouldering room, look for the girl with the horrendously holey leggings.

Jamie is a freelance supply teacher, climbing instructor and photographer, though not always in that order. He's been a member of the club for years, and no-one has ever quite worked out how to make him go away. His stated aim as social secretary is to get the club as drunk as possible on the finest booze he can procure. His big hat and beard should make it quite clear which side of the trad vs. sport debate he comes down on.

OMJ EDITORS—Xandra Burns (Exeter) ("missxandrabee AT gmail DOT com") and Niall Hedderley (Admin)

The Journal Editors spend all year collecting articles, quotes, and reports for the annual Oxford Mountaineering Journal, and then two frantic months putting it all together and getting it printed. They are also responsible for arranging journal exchanges with other mountaineering clubs, as well as selling advertising space.

Xandra, serving also as Club Minstrel, is an American who snuck into Oxford for an English degree to prove the literary value of Harry Potter. OUMC introduced her to her true ambition in life, to be a shepherdess in the Peak District. Currently a Boston-based writer, she does occasionally apparate onto club meets. Her cross-training for climbing includes yoga and wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Niall came to climbing from hiking and, thus, is a trad climber at heart. He does, though, have a fondness for bouldering at Fontainbleau. He claims that his aversion to sport climbing is due to the lack of good pubs near sport crags (though much the same accusation can be levelled at Font) rather than his lack of skill and strength.

As Journal Editor, he's very keen to hear what climbing trips you've been on or are planning. And, also, to note down those careless, throwaway comments that, taken cruelly out of context, make the Quotes Page so much fun.

He can be easily be recognized on account of his understated (and entirely natural) hair colour.

WEBMASTER—Dave Arthur ("firstname AT localstorm DOT co DOT uk")

The Webmaster is responsible for the upkeep of this website.

Dave is a newcomer to climbing, but having got into it via fellwalking and wild-camping he is quickly learning to fall in love with the mountains in a new way. He is also a newcomer to Oxford, where he has a real job doing websitey things (technical term), a fact which makes him well-suited to his current role on the committee (which is lucky, because he would probably not be suited to anything else..)