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Tuesday, 03-June-2014 23:08:00 BST
Latest News:New Committee

Tuesday, 03-June-2014 23:08:00 BST

The committee for 2013-2014 was elected as follows:

  • President: James Lam
  • Secretary: Mark Condon
  • Treasurer: Giles Colclough
  • Meets #1: Dave Mackenzie
  • Meets #2: Matt Titterington
  • Gear/Courses #1: Jenny Southern
  • Gear/Courses #2: Tim Crothers
  • Social #1: Kerry Mellor
  • Social #2: Jacob Forshaw
  • Journal #1: Lina Arthur
  • Journal #2: Liam Garrison
  • Web: Dave Arthur

Many thanks to the previous committee for all their hard work.

Tuesday 7-Jan-2014 22:09:00 BST
Stash Re-Design Competition

We are looking to field a new design on the back of Club T-Shirts and Hoodies, and we are holding a competition to find it. Enter a design into the competition, and you could win some free stash!

Details were sent out to the mailing list, but full details can be obtained from the Webmaster. Deadline for entries is 29th Jan 2014.

Saturday, 18-May-2013 09:08:00 BST

The committee for 2013-2014 was elected as follows:

  • President: Steve Robinson
  • Secretary: Marion Wyllie
  • Treasurer: James Lam
  • Meets #1: Cameron Hall
  • Meets #2: Kerry Mellor
  • Gear Rep: position unfilled
  • Social #1: Jennifer Southern
  • Social #2: Jamie Wakeham
  • Journal #1: Xandra Burns
  • Journal #2: Niall Hedderley
  • Librarian: Will Benfold
  • Web: Dave Arthur

Thank you to the old committee for a good year, and welome to the new!

Wednesday, 16-May-2012 16:51:00 BST

The committee for 2012-2013 was elected as follows:

  • President: Michael Pearson
  • Secretary: Tom Codrington
  • Treasurer: Xandra Burns
  • Meets #1: Cameron Hall
  • Meets #2: Will Benfold
  • Gear Rep: Steve Robinson
  • Social #1: Beth Hodgett
  • Social #2: Jamie Wakeham
  • Journal #1: Dawn Hollis
  • Journal #2: Niall Hedderley
  • Librarian: Tim Culwick
  • Web: Iza Pstrucha

Well done everyone and thank you to the old committee

Tuesday, 21-September-2011 22:51:00 BST
Announcement: First On K2 Talks, 15 November

This illustrated lecture will celebrate some major triumphs on K2, and tell how the summit eluded some of the greatest British mountaineers of their generation.

The American mountaineer Jim Wickwire (USA) will talk about the third successful ascent of the mountain via the North East Ridge in 1978 and how he survived a long, cruel night below the summit. Fast forwarding to 1981 and the fifth ascent of K2, Nazir Sabir (Pakistan) will recount how he achieved his burning desire to climb K2 as part of the successful Japanese expedition via a new route on the West Ridge. Doug Scott will reflect on his four attempts to climb the Savage Mountain by challenging new routes, including the tragic British attempt on the West ridge and the gallant attempt on the South-South-East spur.

Professor Mike Searle will set the context with a geological overview of K2 and the Karakora. Julie Summers, the great niece of Sandy Irvine, will introduce the evening. The event is in aid of Community Action Nepal and Pakistan disaster appeals.

Tickets are 15, available from Blacks in Oxford (cash only) or by post. Please send a stamped addressed envelope stating how many tickets you need to Phil Powell, 43 Annesley Rd, Oxford, OX4 4JH, and make cheques payable to 'Community Action Nepal'. Please phone on 01865-778536 if you need more information or see this flyer.

Tuesday, 24-May-2011 16:51:00 BST

The committee for 2011-2012 was elected as follows:

  • President: Ian Faulkner
  • Secretary: Joe Kinsella
  • Treasurer: Andy Howell
  • Meets Secs: Tom Codrington and Steve Robinson
  • Gear Rep: Michael Pearson
  • Social Secs: Georgina Brooke and Jamie Wakeham
  • Librarian: Dawn Hollis
  • Journal Eds: Beth Hodgett and Niall Hedderley
  • Webmaster: Patrick Timoney

Congratulations on a successful year to the current committe and good wishes to the new!

Monday, 20-Sept-2010 22:36:12 BST
Announcement: _First On Everest_ Talks, 16 November

'First on Everest': with Peter Habeler, Tom Hornbein, Doug Scott CBE and Tut Braithwaite in Oxford November 16th

As part of a series of 'First on Everest' national events there will be a special fund raising event in Oxford to celebrate a number of groundbreaking ascents of the mountain. The event will raise funding for the charity 'Community Action Nepal'.

It will provide a fantastic opportunity to hear the American mountaineer Tom Hornbein talk about his first ascent in 1963 of the West Face and traverse of the mountain. He will be followed by Peter Habeler, who with Reinhold Messner undertook the remarkable first ascent of Everest without supplementary oxygen in 1978. Doug Scott and 'Tut' Braithwaite will then talk about the first ascent of Everest via the South West face (1975).

This will be a very memorable evening with some legendary mountaineers. It is on Tuesday 16th November 2010 at Oxford Town Hall, 7.30pm. Tickets are 12.50 and are available by phoning 01865-778536 or from Blacks in Oxford. Tickets can be sent by post, with cheques being made payable to 'Community Action Nepal'. You can also email himalaya@supanet.com

This illustrated lecture is a fundraising event for the charity Community Action Nepal, which was set up by Doug Scott. It seeks to improve literacy and numeracy among children and adults, extend health and dental care, reverse the depopulation of remote villages, develop women's groups and strengthen indigenous community-based culture. For further information about the charity please visit www.canepal.org.uk

Wednesday, 12-May-2010 23:05:44 BST

The committee for 2010-2011 was elected as follows:

  • President: Patrick Timoney
  • Secretary: Rosie Wilson
  • Treasurer: Anna Piotrowski
  • Meets Secs: Ian Faulkner and Jenni Stephens
  • Gear Rep: Tim Culwick
  • Social Secs: Emily Bailes and Barney Blackburn
  • Librarian: Dawn Hollis
  • Journal Eds: Mary Slingo and Cameron Hall
  • Webmaster: Niall Hedderley

Well done to the current committe and good luck to the new!

Thursday, 09-Oct-2008 15:19:42 BST

We present to you a spiffingly traditional Napes Needle ascent by OUMC!

OUMC Trailer
Edited by Steve Broadbent
Click on the control to the left to view the video trailer from the 2008 Introductory Slideshow.

You may also want to have a look at the 2007 Trailer.