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Register / Update User Details

Your details are stored against your username. For this reason, only one person can use each username. If you name is already in use then you'll have to think of a variation. It is case sensitive - which might help. The screen name, which is what gets appended to each post, doesn't have to be unique.

Username     This must be unique, alphanumeric only (no spaces/punctuation). Short, lowercase is easiest to use.
Screen Name  This is the name appended to your posts. It can contain spaces and punctuation, and can be changed later.
Password     You will need this to changed settings and to modify your posts.

Font Colour and Style

Or select your own colour using Red, Green, Blue values (6 character hexcode, eg ff00ff for green).

Choose whether you have the posts listed in the (a) old style, (b) newest posts at the top. This setting is recalled when you post as a regsitered user, you are forwarded to the correct listing style.
Posts go Top to Bottom
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