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My current research interests are primarily in cardiovascular epidemiology, and on statistical methods for large-scale epidemiological studies.

This page provides a summary of my research interests and current work with links to relevant publications. You can also view the full list of my publications.

Nuffield Department of Population Health, Oxford.  [top]

In July 2008 I moved to the Cancer Epidemiology Unit (CEU) at the University of Oxford, now a part of the Nuffield Department of Population Health. My work in CEU has been largely based on the Million Women Study, a cohort of 1.3 million UK women in middle age. My current research is in cardiovascular epidemiology and aortic valve stenosis in particular, and broadly otherwise in epidemiology of chronic diseases and methods for large-scale cohort studies. This work is based in the Million Women Study and other cohorts linked to routinely collected healthcare data. I am currently funded by an intermediate-level fellowship from the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence, Oxford.

I am a member of the steering group for the OxVALVE study. My recent external collaborations include the Global BMI Mortality Collaboration, a validation study with the MRC National Survey of Health and Development at UCL, and involvment in the UK Dietary Cohort Consortium, based at the Centre for Nutritional Epidemiology in Cancer Prevention and Survival at Cambridge.

Studies and earlier work.  [top]

After undergraduate degrees in statistics and philosophy, I studied for a PhD at the University of Queensland on Markov chains with application to the modelling of ecological populations (among other things). My first postdoctoral position was investigating mathematical models for populations of bacteria and of their viruses at the University of Bristol, collaborating with the University of Nottingham.

Heart anterior view; image by Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator (patricklynch.net) and C. Carl Jaffe, MD, cardiologist
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