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Title: Sudden increases in listeriosis rates in England and Wales, 2001 and 2003

Authors: B.J. Cairns and R.J.H. Payne.

Reference: Emerging Infectious Diseases 15(3): 465-468.

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The monthly incidence of listeriosis infections in England and Wales had 2 sudden increases during April 2001 (41%) and March 2003 (48%). Although no causative association is demonstrated, these increases correspond to key dates relating to the onset and aftermath of the 2001 foot and mouth disease outbreak in the United Kingdom.

Keywords. Listeria, foot and mouth disease, seasonality, temperature, England, Wales.

Acknowledgement. We thank the UK Health Protection Agency and the UK Met Office for sharing the data used in this study. We are grateful for discussions with Vincent Jansen, Victoria Cairns, and the following members of the Health Protection Agency, London: Iain Gillespie, Kathie Grant, Christopher Lane, Christine Little and Jim McLauchlin. We thank the anonymous referees for valuable comments. This work was supported by a grant from the BBSRC and UK Food Standards Agency (grant no. BB/C504578/1).

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