Research Interests

University of Oxford, Cancer Epidemiology Unit

In August of 2008 I joined the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford as a Research Scientist in Physical Activity Epidemiology. My research at the CEU is currently focused on how physical activity influences health outcomes in the Million Women Study (MWS) cohort. Recently I have considered the different effects of age, adiposity and physical activity on the risk of fractures at different sites in postmenopausal women. I am currently considering the associations between physical activities and various vascular diseases.

University of Cape Town, UCT/MRC Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

I read for a PhD in Exercise Physiology at the University of Cape Town with Mike Lambert and Vicki Lambert on Youth fitness testing in South African primary school children. This project focused on the development of national normative data for physical fitness and nutritional status of South African children (6-13 years) and considered the effects of socioeconomic status on these factors. It also involved the development of the the South African "Health of the Nation" software (version 1.0) aimed at standardising and streamlining the collection, analysis and reporting of the health-related fitness of children according to South African normative data.