Monika Solanki
Senior Researcher
Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

Contact: monika dot solanki at cs dot ox dot ac dot uk


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* LinkedEPCIS is a Java library and a reference implementation for capturing EPCIS events as linked data. The purpose of the API is to conveniently incorporate the EEM and CBVVocab ontological information models in EPCIS capture and query applications. The type hierarchy in LinkedEPCIS is based on the entities defined in EEM and CBVVocab ontologies.
* Linked Entities for Algal Plant Sites (LEAPS): A Semantic Web and Linked data framework for the Algal Biomass Domain

LEAPS won the IESD challenge 2014 held as part of the IESD workshop at ISWC2014

Article on LEAPS at