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Philosophy papers

Radical Externalism”: [draft -- comments welcome but please don’t cite without permission]

The Aptness of Anger”: forthcoming in the Journal of Political Philosophy

No Platforming”: (with Robert Simpson) forthcoming in Academic Freedom (J. Lackey, ed. OUP)

The Ineffable and the Ethical”: forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (on Judith Butler’s Senses of the Subject)

How to do things with Philosophy”: forthcoming in European Journal of Philosophy (on Nancy Bauer’s How to Do Things with Pornography)

The Political Limits of Compassion”: forthcoming in Political Emotions: Towards a Decent Political Sphere, Palgrave MacMillan (on Martha Nussbaum’s Political Emotions)

Feminism and Metaethics”: forthcoming in the Routledge Handbook of Metaethics

Philosophy and Ideology”: (2016) Theoria (on Jason Stanley’s How Propaganda Works)

The Archimedean Urge”: (2015), Philosophical Perspectives

Normativity without Cartesian privilege” (2015) Philosophical Issues [uncorrected proof - published version here]

Are We Luminous?” (2015) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2015) [uncorrected proof -- for the published version, click here]

Disagreement without Transparency: Some Bleak Thoughts” (with John Hawthorne), in Jennifer Lackey and David Christensen (eds.), The Epistemology of Disagreement: New Essays (OUP, 2013) [uncorrected proof]

Philosophy talks

Comments on Jason Stanley’s How Propaganda Works (Author-meets-critics, Central APA, Chicago, March 2016)

Comments on Nancy Bauer’s How to Do Things With Pornography (Author-meets-critics, Eastern APA, Washington DC, January 2016)

Comments on Martha Nussbaum’s Political Emotions (given at Why Love Matters for Justice: Workshop on Nussbaum’s Political Emotions, UCL Institute for Human Rights, 31 May 2014)

“Does feminist philosophy rest on a mistake? (Keynote given at the Kings College London MAP conference, July 2015)

General audience philosophy things

The Sucker, The Sucker!” (review of Peter Godfrey-Smith’s Other Minds: The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life), London Review of Books, 7 September 20017

Remembering Derek Parfit, London Review of Books blog (6 January 2017)

Philosophy bites podcast on ‘what is a woman?’, (1 January 2017)

A Righteous Fury” (review of Martha Nussbaum’s Anger and Forgiveness, The Nation, 30 November 2016)

Stranger in a Strange Land” (sermon delivered at the University Church, Oxford, 21 February 2015)

This Won’t Hurt” (review of Simon Critchley’s Notes on Suicide, Times Literary Supplement, 19 February 2016)

Contingency, Reason and Tradition” (sermon delivered at All Souls College chapel, 8 November 2015)

Stop the Robot Apocalypse: the New Utilitarians” (review of William MacAskill’s Doing Good Better), London Review of Books (24 September 2015)

All The Same” (review of L.A. Paul’s Transformative Experience), Times Literary Supplement (10 June 2015)

After the Meteor Strike: Death” (review of Scheffler’s Death and the Afterlife) London Review of Books (25 September 2014)

In Defence of Anger, BBC Radio 4, 27 August, 2014. (Transcript here.)

Philosophy bites podcast on genealogy, August 02, 2014.

Dependents of the State”, The Stone, The New York Times (26 February 2013); reprinted in Social Journal Europe (2 April 2013).

In The Long Cool Hour: Pragmatic Naturalism” (review of Philip Kitcher’s The Ethical Project), London Review of Books (6 December 2012)

Laboratory v Armchair” (review of Tamar Gendler’s Intuition, Imagination and Philosophical Methodology), London Review of Books (22 September 2011)

Other general audience things

That Thing’s Coming Down Today” (on Calhoun’s legacy at Yale), London Review of Books Blog (21 July 2016)

Under Rhodes” (on Rhodes Must Fall), London Review of Books (Vol 38, 7, 31 March 2016)

How to Reach Your Full Potential” (on Mark Zuckerberg), London Review of Books Blog (2 December 2015)

Psychopathic Dog Haters” (on Crufts), London Review of Books Blog (12 March 2015)

Extremist Ideas” (on counterterrorism), London Review of Books Blog (2 February 2015)

Damn the Dishes” (on the Serial podcast), London Review of Books Blog (10 December 2014)

Armed and Ludicrous” (on North Korea), TANK Magazine, Vol. 7, issue 8.

At 195 Mare Street”, (on squatting) London Review of Books Blog (19 August 2013)