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Philosophy papers

Radical Externalism”: [draft -- comments welcome but please don’t cite without permission]

The Aptness of Anger”: forthcoming in the Journal of Political Philosophy

No Platforming”: (with Robert Simpson) forthcoming in Academic Freedom (J. Lackey, ed. OUP)

The Ineffable and the Ethical”: forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (on Judith Butler’s Senses of the Subject)

How to do things with Philosophy”: forthcoming in European Journal of Philosophy (on Nancy Bauer’s How to Do Things with Pornography)

The Political Limits of Compassion”: forthcoming in Political Emotions: Towards a Decent Political Sphere, Palgrave MacMillan (on Martha Nussbaum’s Political Emotions)

Feminism and Metaethics”: forthcoming in the Routledge Handbook of Metaethics

Philosophy and Ideology”: (2016) Theoria (on Jason Stanley’s How Propaganda Works)

The Archimedean Urge”: (2015), Philosophical Perspectives

Normativity without Cartesian privilege” (2015) Philosophical Issues [uncorrected proof - published version here]

Are We Luminous?” (2015) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2015) [uncorrected proof -- for the published version, click here]

Disagreement without Transparency: Some Bleak Thoughts” (with John Hawthorne), in Jennifer Lackey and David Christensen (eds.), The Epistemology of Disagreement: New Essays (OUP, 2013) [uncorrected proof]

Some philosophy talks

Comments on Jason Stanley’s How Propaganda Works (Author-meets-critics, Central APA, Chicago, March 2016)

Comments on Nancy Bauer’s How to Do Things With Pornography (Author-meets-critics, Eastern APA, Washington DC, January 2016)

Comments on Martha Nussbaum’s Political Emotions (given at Why Love Matters for Justice: Workshop on Nussbaum’s Political Emotions, UCL Institute for Human Rights, 31 May 2014)

Does feminist philosophy rest on a mistake? (Keynote given at the Kings College London MAP conference, July 2015)

General audience philosophy things

The Sucker, The Sucker! review of Peter Godfrey-Smith’s Other Minds: The Octopus and The Evolution of Intelligent Life, London Review of Books (7 September 20017)

Remembering Derek Parfit, London Review of Books blog (6 January 2017)

What is a Woman? Philosophy Bites podcast (1 January 2017)

A Righteous Fury: review of Martha Nussbaum’s Anger and Forgiveness, The Nation (30 November 2016)

The Distinction Between an Argument and its Likely Effects: on disability and Peter Singer, London Review of Books Blog (16 August 2017)

Stranger in a Strange Land: sermon delivered at the University Church, Oxford (21 February 2015)

This Won’t Hurt: review of Simon Critchley’s Notes on Suicide, Times Literary Supplement (19 February 2016)

Contingency, Reason and Tradition: sermon delivered at All Souls College chapel, Oxford (8 November 2015)

Stop the Robot Apocalypse: the New Utilitarians: review of William MacAskill’s Doing Good Better, London Review of Books (24 September 2015)

All The Same: review of L.A. Paul’s Transformative Experience, Times Literary Supplement (10 June 2015)

After the Meteor Strike: Death: review of Scheffler’s Death and the Afterlife, London Review of Books (25 September 2014)

In Defence of Anger, BBC Radio 4 (27 August, 2014). Transcript here.

Genealogy, Philosophy Bites podcast (August 02, 2014).

Dependents of the State, The Stone, The New York Times (26 February 2013).

In The Long Cool Hour: Pragmatic Naturalism: review of Philip Kitcher’s The Ethical Project, London Review of Books (6 December 2012)

Laboratory v Armchair: review of Tamar Gendler’s Intuition, Imagination and Philosophical Methodology, London Review of Books (22 September 2011)

Other general audience things

That Thing’s Coming Down Today: on the legacy of slavery at Yale, London Review of Books Blog (21 July 2016)

Under Rhodes: on Rhodes Must Fall, London Review of Books (Vol 38, 7, 31 March 2016)

How to Reach Your Full Potential: on Mark Zuckerberg, London Review of Books Blog (2 December 2015)

Psychopathic Dog Haters: on Crufts, London Review of Books Blog (12 March 2015)

Extremist Ideas: on counterterrorism, London Review of Books Blog (2 February 2015)

Damn the Dishes: on the Serial podcast, London Review of Books Blog (10 December 2014)

Armed and Ludicrous: on North Korea, TANK Magazine, Vol. 7, issue 8.

At 195 Mare Street: on squatting London Review of Books Blog (19 August 2013)