About Me

I work especially on Aristotle’s ethics and philosophy of mind, but I have broad interests in other ancient traditions. I also enjoy exploring the relevance of ancient views for contemporary accounts.

I wrote my Phd under the supervision of Ursula Coope and Jessica Moss at the University of Oxford. In my thesis, Ethics for Rational Animals, I explore the links between Aristotle's cognitive theory and his ethics. Here is an abstract!

From July 2016 to June 2017, I will be a postdoc at THUMOS, the Genevan Research Group on Emotions, Values and Norms. From July 2017 to August 2018, I’ll be a Polonsky Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute . From September 2018, I will be a lecturer at the UCL Department of Greek and Latin.

Here is my CV

      Papers and Talks


"Harmonia, Melos and Rhythmos. Aristotle on Musical Education" in Ancient Philosophy 36 (2):409-424, 2016 (Published Version and Penultimate Draft)

Work in Progress

"Aristotle's Peculiarly Human Moral Psychology" in preparation for Aristotle’s Anthropology, ed. by G. Keil and N. Kreft, under contract with Cambridge University Press (Abstract)
Enmattered Virtues (Abstract)
The Physiology of the Rout Simile (Abstract)
Principles, Decisions and Irrational Action (Abstract)

For the sake of blind review, submitted papers are not listed here. For further details and full drafts, email me!

Recent and Upcoming Talks

22nd-23rd May 2017: UCL-Yale Workshop on Virtue and Value in Plato and Aristotle, London. Aristotle on Wishes, Decisions and the Fundamental Structure of Akratic Action (Invited)
11th-14th May 2017: 2017 Hylomorphism Conference, Banff Centre. Title: Enmattered Virtues (Refereed)
27th April 2017: Krino. Philosophische Gesellschaft, Bern. Practical Wisdom as a Persuasive Rational Excellence (Invited)
6th-7th April 2017: Workshop on Character and Responsibility, Erlangen. Comments on Susan Sauvé Meyer (Invited)
23rd March 2017: Thumos seminar, University of Geneva. Title: Akrasia as a Moral and Rational Failure (Invited)
9th-11th March 2017: Conference on Aristotle's Posterior Analytics, University of Geneva. Title: APo. I.31 (Invited)
24th-25th February 2017: 40th Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin. Title: Akrasia as a Moral and Rational Failure (Refereed)

      Teaching Materials

Philosophy of Mind (Oxford Tutorial Reading List)
Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind (Sample Syllabus)
Nicomachean Ethics (Sample Syllabus)
Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (Sample Syllabus)
Virtue Ethics (Sample Syllabus based on a course co-designed with Jason Carter)

For a brilliant syllabus and lecture notes on the Republic, see Damien Storey's teaching page!