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Verb-initial grammars: A multilingual/parallel perspective

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Morphological Analyser

The Malagasy morphological analyser is implemented using the Xerox finite-state tools LEXC and XFST. Our treatment of affixal verbal morphology and genitive compounding consists of a lexicon written in LEXC and more general orthographic rules written in XFST.

For downloads and information on LEXC and XFST, please see http://www.fsmbook.com.

Final Version: tar file or zip file

These files have been tested on a pc but should also work on unix systems. The final version has a larger lexicon than previous versions, and handles reduplication.

The latest version includes a README and the following files:

LEXC Files

  • malagasy-lexc.txt
  • malagasy-verbs.txt
  • malagasy-nouns.txt
  • malagasy-obliques.txt

XFST Files

  • malfilter.regex
  • malirregular.regex
  • malagasy-rul.script
  • malwords.script
  • mallex.script
  • malredup.script
  • maltok.script

Scripts and Test Files

  • compile-all.bat
  • checkall.bat
  • checkall.script
  • checksingle.bat
  • checksingle.script
  • singleword.script
  • testlex.bat
  • testlex2.bat
  • testtok.bat
  • testtok2.bat