Pretty Print Web Prover

The Glue Logic theorem prover was written by Gianluca Giorgolo, with the support of a Province of Ontario Early Researcher Award and NSERC Individual Discovery Grant #371969, both to Ash Asudeh. The prover prints pretty PDF output.

Prolog Prover

The Instant Glue prover for Glue Semantics was written by Miltiadis Kokkonidis, with the support of SSHRC SRG #410-2006-1650 to Ash Asudeh. The prover requires Prolog to run; SWI Prolog is freely available here.

The prover supports two linear logic connectives: implication (represented as '->' in the code) and multiplicative conjunction (represented as '*' in the code). An example is provided in the code.

Please refer to the licence agreement and the disclaimer in the code.

Instant Glue Prover: Prolog code