Computer Assisted Assessment
Handout by Pauline McCormack, University of Newcastle
Teaching the Arts & Humanities with C&IT workshop, University of Durham, 14/7/99

Teaching Examples

French -- basic quiz

Maths in Economics -- provides feedback

Life and death in barbarian Europe -- uses images

Leicester grammar project -- assessment attached to a tutorial

Virus replication tutorial -- uses Javascript

Question Generators

CASTLE -- create your own test

Question Generator -- create your own test

Medweb -- example of a question bank (try search term 'cell')

Web Test -- tests created each time the page is loaded (on the 'fly')

WebCT -- allows free text responses

General Guidance

National CAA Centre

CAA survey -- comparison of free and commercial MCQ products

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Pauline McCormack
LT@N, Learning Technology at Newcastle
University of Newcastle