Evaluating Web Resources

General Bibliography

  • Auer, Nicole. Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 13 April 1999).
    Cites a large range of publications both online and print concerned with the selection and evaluation of Web resources from about 1995 to the present. Material mainly published in the US with significant proportions dedicated to both student/teacher-evaluation of resources and to library-evaluated resources.
  • Smith, Alastair. "Evaluation of Information Sources" in Information Quality WWW Virtual Library (The World-Wide Web Virtual Library, 8 July 1999).
    This set of lightly annotated links is intended for librarians and others who have the responsibility of putting together resource guides. Includes a section pointing to selection criteria published by existing libraries, gateways, and guides.
  • Hofman, Paul & Emma Worsfold. Selection Criteria for Quality Controlled Information Gateways. (DESIRE Project, May 1997).
    Aimed mainly at information professionals this is a detailed report published by the DESIRE Project which describes the methods and tools used within subject-based information gateways to maintain quality control. Examples are drawn mainly from the eLib-funded subject gateways (e.g. ADAM, SOSIG) together with a few other European gateways. Other examples include commercial Internet services.

Example sets of criteria

  • Quality Selection Criteria for Subject Gateways. (DESIRE Project, 1998).
    The EU-funded DESIRE Project has published a report and comprehensive list of selection criteria for evaluating Web resources for inclusion in a subject-based information gateway. The selection criteria is long and is divided into five sections including criteria for evaluating content, medium and the system supporting the resource. It is worth having a look at the criteria for evaluating the content and reflecting on the differences between the criteria suggested here and the criteria you might use for evaluating the content of a printed resource.
  • "Selection of Library Resources" in Collection Development Training for Arizona Public Libraries (Arizona Department of Library, Archives and Public Records, 1997).
    Despite its apparent local angle this site provides a useful guide to developing a library. In particular, the page referenced here provides a comparison of and commentary on a wide range of criteria for evaluating different types of resources - books, audiovisual, electronic and internet.

Tutorials and supporting material

  • Internet Detectve: an interactive tutorial on evaluating the quality of Internet resources. (Desire Project, 1998)
    The Internet Detective has been produced as part of the EU-funded DESIRE Project. The tutorial might be suitable for use as part of a general undergrauate course on finding and evaluating Internet resources for academic study. Users need to register to use this tutorial (registration is free).
  • Alexander, Jan and Marsha Ann Tate. Evaluating Web Resources. (Widener University: Wolfgram Memorial Library, 24 June 1999).
    One of many library-based modules for assisting students with the evaluation of Web resources. This particular site is of interest because the authors have recently published a related book, Web Wisdom: How to Evaluate and Create Information Quality on the Web (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999). The site includes PowerPoint presentations and Web-based examples.

University of Durham, 14 July 1999