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Q Can you recommend a bibliographic package which will work with Windows 95?

A I think EndNote Plus 2.05 may be what the sort of thing you are looking for. There is a 32bit version for Windows 95 (which will also run under Win 3.1 using the Win32s system). EndNote is very flexible in allowing you to define a) fields for individual records and b) export styles. I used the earlier DOS version to maintain and generate the bibliography for my thesis. EndNote comes with more than 200 pre-defined styles for different academic disciplines, journals etc.

Endnote is, however, more expensive than Papyrus, the full commercial price being £229 (they occasionally run educational discounts).

Further information and a demo can be obtained from http://www.niles.com/ (the publisher) or http://www.cherwell.com/cherwell/ProdHome/endnotehome.html (the UK distributor).

The Papyrus web page advertises a 'fix' for problems using Papyrus under Win95 with WordPerfect 7.0, "Using WordPerfect for Windows 7.0? If you currently have PAPYRUS Version 7.0.13 download our new patch to update to Version 7.0.14" (http://www.rsd.com/~rsd/).


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