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Q Can you advise me on HTML editors/convertors I might use for preparing course notes on the Web? I use Word.

A You don't say which version of Word you are using but if you're using Word 6.0 then you may wish to download a copy of Microsoft's Internet Assistant available at http://www.microsoft.com/msword/Internet/IA/default.htm (haven't found a UK mirror for this, best time to download is Sunday morning...)

As one perhaps expects, Microsoft's IA has been known to put less than HTML-conformant tags into a converted document. I have found SoftQuad's HotMetal to be invaluable for correcting, revising, and creating WWW pages (and I used to do all my HTML by hand). A free 'light' version can be obtained from: http://www.softquad.co.uk/products/hotmetal/hm-feat.htm

Also for Word 6.0 you might want to have a look at Grahame Cooper's HTML Author at http://www.salford.ac.uk/iti/gsc/htmlauth/summary.html

For Word 2.0 there is a Word template, CU_HTML.DOT available from http://www.cuhk.hk/csc/cu_html/cu_html.htm This has not, however, been updated since March 1995.

I don't know much about it but you may wish to take a look at Web Publisher (http://www.skisoft.com/) which offers an evaluation copy to convert between multiple file formats.

There are also packages to convert between RTF and HTML though this, of course, merely inserts an extra step into the process. The most popular was (is) rtftohtml from http://www.sunpack.com/RTF/rtftohtml_overview.html

There are a number of guides to Web tools. One which gives annotated links to the tools is at http://www.webwork.co.uk/webwork/resource/index.html


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