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Q Where can I find further information about the TEI and its use? I am particularly interested in encoding manuscripts.

A The Text Encoding Initiative has a homepage at http://www-tei.uic.edu/orgs/tei/ which includes some tutorials and introductions to the Guidelines. There is also a TEI applications page at this site which gives annotated links to projects working with the TEI.

The following projects may be of interest to you:

Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project http://www.entmp.org/

The Leiden Armenian Database (no web page)

A program has been developed for the morphological analysis and lemmatization.

The Oxford Text Archive


(Includes TEI links, archive of TEI/SGML texts and information about navigating texts with SoftQuad Panorama)

Lou Burnard has an online article, "What is SGML and How Does It Help?" at http://sable.ox.ac.uk/ota/teiedw25/

You may also wish to consult the TEI Guideline's co-editor's homepage at http://www.uic.edu/~cmsmcq/cmsmcq.html which includes further online articles about using TEI (particularly in conjunction with the Web).

Other projects (not necessarily using TEI) include:

Papyrology Homepage at http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jmucci/papyrology/

Greek Paleography sites http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/byz/paleolinks.html (includes links to online ms projects)

The Aberdeen Bestiary Project http://www.clues.abdn.ac.uk:8080/besttest/firstpag.html (Digitized folios together with transcription, translation, and commentary)


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