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Q Can you advise on freely available fonts for the occasional use of Hebrew (Win95)?

A You can obtain shareware/freeware Hebrew fonts suitable for your requirements (I think) from the following places:

http://www.silvermnt.com/ Silver Mountain Software, the publishers of Bible Windows, make available their Greek & Hebrew 'Silver Fonts' (http://www.silvermnt.com/fonts.html). These are shareware in the sense that you can download them, use them, and if you like them you are asked to send $20.00.

WinGreek fonts which include Hebrew as well as Greek available from http://www.io.org/~pjg/ or in the UK from http://info.ox.ac.uk/oucs/humanities/chcdown.html. There have been problems trying to use pointed Hebrew under Windows 95 but it might not be too much of a problem for odd words and phrases. These are also shareware (about £25.00 I think).

Scholars Press have made available a number of free Greek and Hebrew fonts. They can be downloaded from ftp://scholar.cc.emory.edu/pub/fonts/ See also their web page http://scholar.cc.emory.edu/

I do not know Hebrew so you will need to decide how suitable these fonts are when mixed with your preferred Roman font. I can also give you details of Linguist's Software fonts if you like. They are a commercial company whose fonts for Mac and Windows retail for around £69.00.


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