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Q I am having problems using Tact 2.1 without a manual. Can you help?

A A copy of the "Using TACT with Electronic Texts" guide which was (endlessly) forthcoming has just arrived on my desk. It provides a guide to preparing texts for Tact 2.1, a guide to the markup schemes, a guide to actually using Tact, and also comes with a CD-ROM containing TACT 2.1 and a fairly extensive range of TACT databases.

The full details are:

Ian Lancashire, Using TACT with Electronic Texts: A Guide to Text-Analysis Computing Tools Version 2.1 for MS-DOS and PC DOS. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 1996. ISBN 0-87352-569-8 (paperback). Price is $50 plus $9 p&p.


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