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Q Can I get hold of the works of Eusebius in Greek on the Internet?

The best source, and really the only source, for the electronic version of the Greek works of Eusebius is the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae on CD-ROM. If your institution does not have a copy (whether in the library, Classics Department or Theology Department) then you may wish to look at making use of it at a neighbouring institution. The electronic texts are based on the GCS, Sources Chrétiennes, and other fairly modern editions of Eusebius' works.

The Oxford Text Archive holds Commentarii in Psalmos: selections which has been transcribed from Migne's edition. The text is not available online. You will need to complete an order form to obtain it. To search the Oxford Text Archive catalogue go to http://firth.natcorp.ox.ac.uk/ota/public/catalogue/catalogue.shtml where the order form is also available.

Finally, it is possible that someone may have a private copy of some or all of Eusebius' works in Greek. A request to the electronic mail discussion list, Elenchus, (for the discussion of early Christianity) might help. To join the list send the following command to listserv@listserv.uottawa.ca
subscribe elenchus Your Name
Other email discussion lists may be found in Diane Kovacs' extensive and searchable database of academic discussion lists at http://www.n2h2.com/KOVACS/.


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