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Q What is your recommendation for a Biblical study product including Greek and Hebrew texts plus some English translations? It needs to be cost-effective. I was contemplating Bibleworks?

A The BibleWorks web site is at http://www.bibleworks.com/. I couldn't find any price details. there but one of the UK distributors, at http://www.morphalex.com/, retails BibleWorks for 230 pounds.

It might be worth exploring Bible Windows. I don't think there is a UK distributor but the US$ price, according to their web site, is $195.00. There didn't used to be much of a difference between the range of texts provided though I am not in a position to compare quality. There are differences between the user-interfaces which might be worth bearing in mind if you wish to use it with students. Anyway, you can download a demo version from the Silver Mountain site at http://www.silvermnt.com/.

The other option is from Logos Research Systems. Apart from supplying a particularly expensive 'all-in-one' product they also allow you to build your own electronic library. The Logos Library System can be downloaded for free (from http://www.logos.com/products/upgrade/newuserupdate.htm). Further books such as the Greek, Hebrew, and various translations can be paid for individually (though the abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon is available for free). However, looking at their site (http://www.logos.com/books/default.asp), this could work out more expensive than buying Bible Windows.

These three products are the most credible, I think, of the academic Bible packages currently available for the PC (and easier to use than trying to build your own from free texts on the Internet). Are you hoping to purchase a multi-user licence or is it mainly for personal/single-machine use?

Reviews of Biblical packages (not always the latest versions) are available at the Chorus page on Bible Analysis (http://www-writing.berkeley.edu/chorus/bible/index.html).


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