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It may be a symptom of the current employment culture that, since December 1994, each Computers & Texts editorial has included news of staff changes at the Centre. On the other hand it is gratifying to note that staff have invariably ascended to higher places. It is, therefore, with some pleasure that we can inform readers that Michael Popham, Centre Manager since October 1994, will be Head of the Oxford Text Archive from August 1st. Michael's combination of management skills and infectious enthusiasm for electronic text creation and analysis will serve the Oxford Text Archive and the Arts & Humanities Data Service as well as it did the CTI Centre. Perhaps curiously (though undoubtedly another symptom) Michael will be officially on a one year secondment to the Oxford Text Archive from the CTI Centre. During this period Michael Fraser will be Acting Centre Manager. As we go to press we are about to interview candidates for the post of CTI Research Officer.

July 31st marks the end of one era for the OHC, and the start of a new one. On that date it will move from Oxford, where it has had a very happy home for many years, to King's College London. The OHC will be run in collaboration by King's and De Montfort University. Harold Short is to be the new Director, with Marilyn Deegan maintaining her links with OHC as Director of Publications. Willard McCarty, who has recently taken up an appointment at King's College, will become Director of Information. Christine Mullings will also continue to be involved in the OHC's projects and publications. Further information about the OHC in its new guise will be published in the near future. Meanwhile information can be obtained from Harold Short, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London. Tel: 0171 873 2739 Email: Harold.Short@kcl.ac.uk

This issue has a particular emphasis on using computers to enhance one of the core activities in the humanities. Talking about the subject. Electronic discussion groups and virtual seminars are relatively simple to create and often provide the best application of computers in particular subject areas. The very activity of electronic communication across networks and the creation of virtual places in which to talk has, perhaps inevitably, led to talking about talking and the defining of cyberculture-a phenomenon which can either define or be defined in terms of that other late twentieth century phenomenon postmodernism.

Finally, readers' attention is drawn to the proposed Open Day to be held at the Centre on 28th October on the subject of 'Tools to Aid Text Analysis'.

Editorial Postscript Articles, reviews, and reports for the next issue of Computers & Texts should arrive at CTI Textual Studies by 18th October 1996. Please submit a printed version and an electronic version. The electronic version should either be on a 3.5" disk or sent by email to mike.fraser@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

Computers & Texts 12 (1996), 1. Not to be republished in any form without the permission of CTI Textual Studies.

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Document Created: 22 August 1996
Document Modified: 3 March 1999

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