Computers & Texts No. 13
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December 1996

From the Archives...

On the founding of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing Andrew Q. Morton wrote the following in the second issue of the Associations's Bulletin (1973),

" It was Oscar Wilde's advice to the rising politician to think with the Radicals but to dine with the Tories. The Association must think with the Literate but beg from the numerate. . .To convince Mrs Thatcher and her successors that the use of computers takes literary studies from the pencil and paper scale to the chrystallographic scale of funds would, by itself, justify the Association. . .In the last century medicine has been transformed. The main agents of change have been discoveries in chemistry and physics. It was not possible to carry on traditional habits and use the new tools. Just so will the use of M[achine] R[eadable] texts transform literary studies."

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