Computers & Texts No. 13
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December 1996

Writing and Computers Association

The Writing and Computers Association was formed in March 1991 at the Computers and Writing conference at Sussex University. The Association aims to promote communication between individuals and groups with an interest in the writing process and in computer support for writing.

The Association has continued to support an annual international conference; a successful 9th conference took place in Barcelona in October. Association members are entitled to reduced conference rates.

The Association also supports an active electronic mail conference list called WRICOM. This is an open list for the discussion of a wide range of issues associated with using computers for writing, writing instruction, and social and cognitive factors affecting the writing process. Joining instructions are included. You may be interested to know that the Association has a web page at Check this page for the latest news and information in the field of writing and computers.

Members also receive copies of a regular newsletter containing short articles, conference reports and announcements, product information, book reviews and gossip, rumour and trivia from the world of writing and computers. The Association also publishes a membership directory of research interests, and is currently compiling an extensive bibliography, available free to members.

Annual subscription is £12.00 (£4.00 for students). Further information and an application form can be obtained by contacting:

Ken Thomson
The Writing and Computers Association
Department of Education
Taylor Building, King's College
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, AB9 2UB.

If you are interested in receiving copies of Writing and Computers alone contact Roy Johnson (

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