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April 1997

AHDS Mailbase List

Astrid Wissenburg
King's College London

AHDS/OTA LogoA new Mailbase list, AHDS-ALL has been set-up. This list is a moderated list, providing you with information about the activities of the Arts and Humanities Data Service. Everyone involved, or potentially involved in the creation or use of electronic resources is invited to become a member.

The Arts and Humanities Data Service has been established by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the UK's Higher Education Funding bodies to collect, catalogue, preserve, and encourage re-use of digital resources which result from or supports research in the arts and humanities. The AHDS is a distributed service comprising a managing Executive and a number of Service Providers devoted to archaeology, history, textual studies, the visual and performing arts. Through AHDS-ALL we will:

keep you informed about our collections, services, publications, training, and events;

seek your input into our work thereby ensuring that we offer you the best possible and most relevant services;

keep you abreast of information about the creation, management, availability, and use of humanities digital resources.

To join AHDS-ALL send the following one-line message to

join AHDS-ALL Your Name

(e.g. join AHDS-ALL Astrid Wissenburg).

Further information about the AHDS can found at

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