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Winter 1998

ALT-C 1999

The Learning Technology Life-Cycle

21-23 September 1999

University of Bristol

Conference Programme

ALT-C 99 will examine the entire life-cycle of learning technology, from initial design through to implementation and outcome evaluation. Effective use of learning technology depends upon integration within traditional academic and curricular frameworks, and ALT-C 99 will focus on discipline-base implementation and address associated issues of policy and staff development. Each day of the conference will address one of the three themes of Design, Practice and Outcomes.

Day two of the conference will study the implementation of technology from a practitioner's perspective, and discipline-specific sessions will be run in conjunction with the CTI in collaboration with other higher education projects and programmes.

Conference Themes

Each day of the conference will be based upon one of the three themes of Design, Practice and Outcomes. Within that framework a number of sub-themes will be addressed including:

Each theme is described in more detail at the conference Web site:

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