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Theatre 2.1

Description: This is a database management system which allows analysis of a reader's response to dramatic texts. Using an analytical grid, it facilitates a two-fold model of analysis: a model based on an examination of the dramatic conflicts of the spheres of action within which the different characters confront each other; and the study of the theatrical, non-verbal elements.

Frequency charts of all the spheres of action, plus connotations and convergences of the meaning of the theatrical items, are automatically generated. The program requires the user to focus on one scene at a time, to write down their explanations of segments of a play and then to base their interpretations on the data that has been accumulated and stored.

Requirements: IBM-compatible PC; written with Turbo Pascal.

Further information: Nardocchio, E., 1992.

Distributor: Elaine F. Nardocchio, Department of French, Togo Salmon Hall, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Email: nardo@chass.utoronto.ca

Price: Contact the distributor.

Version available at CTI Centre: Theatre 2.1

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