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Computer-Assisted Film and Drama Studies

St Anne's College, Oxford University, 17 March 1997

Will it ever be as easy to download digitized film as it is to download electronic texts? How can multimedia help in the study of performance? Who and what is presently available to assist those who wish to use computers for the analysis of film and drama? This one-day conference is designed to introduce a range of available resources and current projects relevant to the use of computers in the teaching and research of film studies and dramatic performance. The speakers have been deliberately drawn from both film and drama studies. There will also be the opportunity during the day to view a selection of digital resources and to chat informally with the speakers.


9.15-9.30 Registration
9.45-10.30Old Films, New Media?
Ian Christie, University of Oxford
10.30-11.15 The Performing Arts Data Service, AHDS
Celia Duffy, University of Glasgow
11.45-12.30The BFI's Digital Vision
Richard Paterson, British Film Institute
12.30-2.00 Lunch and Showcase of Digital Resources
2.00-2.45 Textual History meets Performance History: Shakespeare Studies in the Multimedia Age
Dr Christie Carson, Royal Holloway & Bedford New College
2.45-3.30Multimedia Shakespeare in Performance: Text, Image, Interpretation
Dr Lizbeth Goodman, Open University
3.45-4.30Panel Discussion

A summary report of this conference is planned for Computers & Texts. We hope to publish the proceedings in both print and online formats.

This document last modified: 19 March 1997