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Multimedia Shakespeare to Teach Performance and Interpretation

A Half-Day Workshop
organised by The Open University/BBC Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project and CTI Textual Studies

Oxford University Computing Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford
Monday 30th March 1998

The Open University/BBC Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project is developing interactive educational tools about Shakespeare in performance. This half day workshop, run in conjunction with the CTI Centre for Textual Studies, will introduce participants to the work of the Project and in particular demonstrate the pilot CD-ROM 'King Lear in Performance'. Participants will have the opportunity to see how new technologies can enable students to bring together text, image, and idea to present their own interpretation of Shakespeare's plays. Sessions will include discussion of: mediating performance, packaging expert opinion, imaginative resolution of copyright problems, how Shakespeare can subsidize the arts, and a glimpse at future prospects.


Provisional Programme
1.30- 2.00

Arrival and Registration

  • Introduction to Shakespeare Studies & Distance Learning at the Open University
  • The Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project
  • King Lear on CD-ROM

Tea & Opportunity for Hands-On

  • Panel session and opportunity for discussion. Issues can include:
    • copyright
    • integration into learning
    • evaluation
    • future prospects

Booking Form:
[Bookings must be received by Wednesday 25th March].

For further details please contact:

Michael Fraser or Abigail Cooke,

CTI Centre for Textual Studies, Humanities Computing Unit, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN.

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