The Walkers on the Edge exist to help their members seek danger and glory among the monster haunted areas of the world. The Guild does not seek wealth or power, instead it seeks for stronger foes to defeat and greater quests to fulfil, for the fame of the Guild, its members and the Kingdom.

To join the guild, you need to contact the guild leader, which can be done in one of the following ways (though email is generally the best way!):

  • Via the turn's "messages" section.
  • Via email (send to )
  • Postal (UK and European): Mike Lay, 8 Begbroke Lane, Begbroke, Oxford, OX5 1RN, UK
  • Postal (US): See postal (UK) - though this is something I'm trying to resolve.
  • A web based method will also be available at some point.

You need to include the following information (the GM's rules, not mine):

  • Character Name.
  • Character ID.
  • Player Name.
  • Player ID (of the position containing the character).

As well as some idea of the character's current location.


  • The guild is crown loyal (which means your character has to conduct himself according to Berenian law). Any guild member outlawed by the crown will be exceptionally unpopular...
  • The guild is exclusive (which means that your character cannot join any other crown sanctioned guild - the army does not count).
  • You will need one spare backpack slot for the guild armband.
  • Data protection note: European (and possibly US!) players should note that I hold certain items of information required to run the guild on computer. These are limited to contact information and character/in game information, and will never be used for puroses other than game related. A membership application is presumed to be an acceptance of this fact!