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The Walkers on the Edge exist to help their members seek danger and glory among the monster haunted areas of the world. The Guild does not seek wealth or power, instead it seeks for stronger foes to defeat and greater quests to fulfil, for the fame of the Guild, its members and the Kingdom.

Oath of Loyalty:

All Walkers must swear absolute loyalty to the Crown and the Guild.

The Guild Council:

The Guildmaster:- The Guildmaster heads the Guild and represents it in official matters.
The Deputy Guildmaster:- The deputy Guildmaster takes on such tasks as they wish from the Guildmaster.
The Senior Walkerís (1 from each Ward, 1 Daemonrift, 1 Savage Frontier)
The Senior Walkers co-ordinate the actions of those Walkers within their area.

Guild Principles:

  • Any person holding an Adventurerís license may be a member of the Guild..
  • A Walker may not be a member of another guild.
  • Any Walker outlawed by the crown will be stripped of their membership and hunted down.
  • A Walker must be loyal to the Crown.