No one could remember where she came from or who her parents were, but she had grown up in a rough pub in a local village outside Drax and had just appeared to always be around. She was a troubled child and always in trouble if not with the local farmers for gaining apples from the trees it was making pies and thing disappear from windows or clothes from washing lines.

The local rogue who had long since given up adventuring had seen some on what he was like as a young child and took it upon himself to train up young Gallotrix in the ways of the rogue.

As she grow older she grew tried of the same old worn out stories of gold as high as a wall and evil monster who could kill with one touch and drifted out into the wild world.

Whilst in a unknown town she was caught with a merchants gold pouch that had fallen into her keep and who she was looking for to return when the local militia started to pick a fight and thought she was easy pickings. Bobby Treaders a human ranger had been in the market at the time and had stepped in to save a young maiden in distress - how wrong he was - it just meant that she didn't have to go before the courts to explain why so many local militia were dead, she would have killed them if he had not stepped in.

Over a warm meal and a hot drink in a bar - they agreed to go into the local dungeon in Drax to try their luck and get some gold to get better equipment - and a rogue is always welcome top open chest and stuck doors as no door is ever locked to a rogue .

Whilst in Drax she learnt of the guild of the walkers on the edge and went to see what they offered and liking what she saw - she joined and put on with pride the walkers neckband and armband.

what adventure and danger lay ahead only the six gods knew...................................

Created by Charles OliverŪ 2002