Kettricken Farseer

Kettricken Farseer is the rebellious, youngest daughter, of minor noble parentage, from Hasjan. While her parents always wanted her to be respectable and act "appropriately" with a view to finding a suitable husband, Kettricken frustrated them by being continually involved in some prank or another, often ending up in fights.

Though she enjoyed the weapons training she was given, Kettricken never seemed to have it in her to become the swordswoman she aspired to be. Frustrated with her own ineptitude and intrigued by the stories she heard; unbeknown to her family, Kettricken began to investigate the ways of the mage. All of these studies were purely theoretical, until Kettricken and her friends encountered a shabby, drunken old man outside a backstreet tavern.

As Kettricken's "friends" taunted the old drunk, they got more than they bargained for as a jet of flame suddenly shot into the air from his hands. Kettricken's friends ran, but recognising this as some form of sorcery Kettricken, more fascinated than scared, held her nerve and followed the man to his home. Even the impetuous Kettricken was wise enough not to trouble a man of such power in his drunken state, but she returned some days later (and on many occasions thereafter), befriending the old mage and gaining some insight into the basic skills of the enchanter in the process.

For once Kettricken had found a focus, something that could hold her interest and at which she considered herself sufficiently skilled; though unaware of the reasons her parents were relieved that their wayward daughter seemed to be settling down.

However the peace didn't last (as all Walkers know, peace is just the quiet time where you prepare for the next battle), Kettricken's mentor eventually succeeded in drinking himself to death.

A distraught Kettricken fled Hasjan itself and finding herself in the nearby caverns, began a life of adventuring. The excitement and the opportunity to advance her mystical skills fulfilled her 2 great passions, this was the life for her!

An entertaining (but rather unstable) dwarf Kettricken encountered on her travels (by the name of Krazdan), convinced her that she was Walkers material - live fast die young and leave a beautiful corpse, and all that - thus Kettricken Farseer enrolled in the guild known as the Walkers on the Edge. Sometime later having the necessary social and organisational skills to fulfil such a role (and as Krazdan volunteered her and there were so few other candidates), Kettricken Farseer became a Senior Walker. To date Kettricken hasn't got herself killed, but given time........ you never know she may make it to 25!

Created by Charles OliverŪ 2002