The Guild has a long, albeit interrupted, history. Wherever there is danger and combat there will always be those who seek fame and glory by pitting themselves against seemingly unbeatable odds. Seen as perhaps unbalanced by some, these adventurers have naturally gravitated to the Walkers On The Edge. At some times the guild has been large and vibrant, at others it has been quiescent, with its only surviving members too infirm to seek combat. With the recent influx of new adventurers and fresh places being discovered where danger and excitement may be found the guild is once again becoming active.

The earliest tales of the Walkers are myths from the Time Of Thunder. A ferocious band of warriors fought demons in the first days, during the battle their standard fell and was only recovered by a near suicidal charge, it returned stained red by the blood of the warriors. Fragmentary tales of this band, who became known as the Red Walkers, tell of later fights against the demons and the last mention of the Red Walkers is a story that the Red Walkers attacked a large force of demons pursuing fleeing civilians. What happened to the Red Walkers was not reported by those few civilians who survived but as there were no further reports of the band they, and their standard, must have been lost.

After the Time of Thunder a few of the Red Walkers who been convalescing when the main band was destroyed, along with relatives and new recruits reformed to seek the lost standard, they took to wearing red armbands as a symbol of their loss and travelled the monster haunted wildernesses to fulfil their quest. Over the years that followed they became known as the Walkers At the Edge Of The Kingdom. When the Adventurerís Charter was created, the group formed The Walkers On The Edge as an Adventurerís Guild.

The records of the activities of the guild are recorded in the Guild Annalís, these were lost a decade ago when the last few active members of the Guild were travelling to Crownheart. As no witnesses survived to tell what occurred there is no information on the events which led to the death of the last Guild Leader, Driel Morragev, and his fellow Walkers. In the intervening years the Walkers On The Edge existed only as a name but Geddon, a cousin of Driel Morragev, has come of age and now spreads the word that the Walkerís will once again seek glory.