Guild Benefits

The guild can offer its members assistance in several fashions:

  • The guild item is the Walker's Armband, which equips to the right arm. It grants +1 damage and +5 attack - always useful in a fight.
  • The guild houses, found in the courtyards, offer free healing to members only.
  • The Walker's Neckband is also available at guild houses. It is an enchanted, upgradeable item. The first one is free to members, further levels cost an increasing amount of gold. Lower levels of the neckband grant increased movement and attack, allowing walkers to get to the fight faster and be more effective. For more details on this item, join the guild and find out!
  • Walkers Hiking Boots are the ultimate in combat foot wear. Drop into a combat stance with these on and you will be an immovable, dangerous fighting machine! For more details, join the guild and find out.