I'm the Group Head for Global Health Informatics at the Centre for Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford.

I research the use of Open Source Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, online learning and mobile technology to improve healthcare delivery in low-resource settings.

In my spare time, I also run the Health Informatics Forum, an online community for Health Informatics Researchers.


  • Kenyan EHR Survey: We are conducting a survey of EHR systems in use in Kenya
  • Open Source Health IT Simulation: We are conducting a simulation of Health IT infrastructure using Open Source Systems and Cloud Servers
  • HELP: The Health Emergency Learning Platform is a mobile game for training healthcare professionals to deal with emergencies.


You can view and download my publications at ResearchGate.net

Upcoming Talks

I will post details of upcoming talks here.


Address: NDM Research Building, Old Road Campus, University of Oxford

Email: chris.paton@ndm.ox.ac.uk

Twitter: @DrChrisPaton